Monday, August 19, 2013

Bring on the Sickness!

Well, weeks six, seven, eight and nine greeted me with morning/all-day sickness. Let me tell you something: I haven't puked since FIFTH grade. That was a long time ago! I dreaded the day that this came with little baby Edmonds. Well... it is here. I am either sick, sleeping, or trying to sleep. Many of you know that I am a nanny in the summer (and throughout the year, but the number of kids drops because of school). So... I have four kids and my niece this summer. FIVE kids and I feel awful. All I want to do is sleep. Well, needless to say, they aren't tired. So.. I sucked it up and I am trying to do things that are easy to entertain. They will understand at some point. They don't know that I am pregnant yet. I have gagged a few times on my toothbrush and proceeded to the porcelain throne to empty my stomach contents. I immediately looked on pinterest (pretty much my new search engine--who needs google or yahoo when you have pinterest?) for nausea remedies. Many are not very helpful. The one thing that I found to be helpful in alleviating some of the sickness is ginger ale. I thought I would hate it, and it is officially, my new best friend! Saltines made me gag, water made me gag, food was not a priority. Nothing was really sounding good because I was just feeling awful. It wasn't a constant vomiting like some women have the pleasure of dealing with, but it was the feeling that it could happen at any time that haunted me day and night. Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup was a staple at lunch. Whew! I could at least keep it down. 

Once I could gather some energy and not feel too terrible, I tried some things with the kids. I should probably be nanny of the year! They LOVED yoga! I never thought that a child, let alone 4 ranging from 9-1.5 could/would sit and do a yoga we found on netflix! They did the whole thing and it really helped me relax that day. It hasn't been shown since, but they liked it and I loved that half hour!
 -Yoga Poses-

I was having a hard time falling asleep at night because of my nausea. It didn't feel good to lie down, sit up, stand, or just be awake. BUT, sleeping helped so much! Well, I used my Pandora and this was a beautiful song... so relaxing! This helped. 
 Stella and I were both not feeling well these few weeks. The kids were wound up, but wanted to play with each other. Stella was a loner. It was just me and her. She could tell I wasn't feeling well, so we both snuggled. She was asleep about 3 minutes after this picture was taken.
I am looking forward to a date with the doctor.  I meet with the nurse Tuesday, and then the doctor on Wednesday! I hope to get this nausea thing under control so I can pull my life together. There are so many chores that need done, but sleeping sounds so much better!

Just a side note: I read that making a baby in the first trimester is equivalent to running a HALF MARATHON! 13.1 people... I don't run... so... I officially know why I am tired all the time.


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