Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Crazy Dreams and Nightmares

Well week thirteen brought a few strange dreams and a few nightmares. I had a dream that I was Ludacris's driver... really... Ludacris?! Where does that come from. Michelle was there too. She was actually driving and got us lost in Martins Ferry. We ended up in Wheeling and someone pulled a knife on Ludacris (I was with him, Michelle was somewhere looking for an ATM) and he pulled a bigger knife and made fun of the guy for being a wanna-be! HAHA Then I woke up.

The next night was not a good night. I woke up to a nightmare of a man first trying to rip me off at a gas station (thanks Facebook for all your scary posts) and then I told him to stop or I will get my gun (that was in my glove compartment) <on a side note... I do not own a gun>. I went to the Dorsey's house after getting my gas because he left me alone... and walking passed the security camera's, I saw his car drive in the driveway, and I couldn't find him. Good thing Alex was home, he got his gun. He took care of it. All I could think about was where should I hide?!  The next day, I asked Karmon where I could hide in her house in case of emergency. I have it all cleared up and squared away. No fear!

Regardless, these were the two that I really remember. There have definitely been more. I have no idea what the deal is, but pregnancy dreams I hear are crazy. I can't imagine them getting worse. Until I like spit out my baby or something along those lines. I have a few more weeks to go... I am not looking forward to the craziness!

And then... we all know that these crazy dreams and the constant peeing is only prepping me for the joy that is to come of my new baby waking me up every couple hours... I am nervous about my ability to maintain my composure. Good thing John is good at being kind with little sleep... me, it is a work in progress!

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