Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Doctor Appointment- LITTLE BABY EDMONDS

Well... bring on the blood! I am ready!!!

Alexis. When they say your name and you know that they are going to verify your growing a baby in your stomach in about 10 minutes, it is a crazy crazy feeling. Luckily, John joined me for this appointment. Whew! He got to come back immediately.

So, we are sitting in the room, I am putting on my (useless) paper wardrobe as he giggles. In comes the doctor. They meet. And it starts! This is it! As I am sitting there, John chuckles a bit that there are socks on the stirrups. FOCUS! The doctor is excited for us and I am so glad we were able to get pregnant without any intervention from her. My doctor is so amazing. She remembers things I tell her, invests in what I have to say, and genuinely cares. She is just awesome! So... she wastes no time and decides to get started. Well... I knew that I was going to have a regular exam as well (I was about due for my yearly) and she proceeds to tell me to scoot to the edge. At this point John joins me by my head while she just keeps talking and examining me. He was a bit surprised. And to think.... we do this YEARLY! Anyway, she is digging around like normal, and says, "Yup, feels pregnant!" SAY WHAT?! You can feel that? Moving on...

She said because I am only 9 weeks along, we will be doing an internal ultrasound. Good thing I did my research. I had a feeling this would happen and asked others about it. It was not bad at all... I was expecting worse. So she powers up the machine and we are in business. Immediately, we see little baby Edmonds! It is such a surreal moment. You are so focused on what you see, I didn't say a word. John says, "Oh my gosh..." We aren't really criers, we were more in shock of actually seeing it! And it was moving around!!

Here are some pictures of the moment!
LOOK AT THAT! (for those who see nothing, don't fret. The head is on the right of the screen and the body is on the left. The baby only had nubs for arms and legs so they look like little circles in the correct spots)

They assure me the head will even out... I am skeptical with the size of heads that I have seen born in our family! (hehe)
Funny story about this picture: So, John is taking pictures and I say, "Was I in that?" because I know that I am not going to look at all flattering, and my Vargo chins are going to be showing... John's response "Yea, you and your four chins are in the picture!" To which the doctor responded with a gasp. To anyone who doesn't know us... this is our relationship. That is no way offended me. I thought it was funny. We love each other and are sarcastic with each other all the time. It is just who we are. It did make for a hilarious picture and doctor reaction! 

As we were looking at little baby Edmonds, I remembered seeing something on Pinterest about finding out the sex of the baby at the first ultrasound. So... we look to see what side the placenta is on and it is by the baby's head in the ultrasound (the only reason she knew that was because the umbilical cord was headed that way). So... according to this Pinterest find and study, all roads point to a girl! (well 97% accuracy) This may be devastating news to John's grandparents.... I will keep you posted!

Here is a video of little baby Edmonds... if you listen close, you can hear the heart beat a little bit at the end. If you can see close enough, you can see the heart flickering too! Little Baby Edmonds is right on track according to the doctor!

Next Appointment: August 20th. 


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