Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I Spoke/Typed Too Soon!

Well... I was feeling GREAT!

On Thursday I fell asleep at 7pm. When I woke up to go upstairs, my routine is take my medicine and pre-natal and then head straight to bed. Well because I had been feeling great, I didn't take my nausea medicine. Simple suggestion: DON'T SKIP IT!

The next morning I woke up not feeling too great so I took my morning pill and headed to nanny. I drank my Sunny D on the way to work, and still didn't feel great. The feeling lingered ALL day. No vomit, but yuck. It is such a hard feeling to describe and I feel bad that I can't because John is usually sympathetic, but he can't understand how I feel. It is a big bummer on both ends. He wants to help... and I want help. So... still feeling sick, John came to work after school and just ate the chili that Karmon had been cooking all day. I took one bite. It was good... but my stomach was not having it!

We came home, John promptly fell asleep on the couch and I was awake trying to figure out my stomach. 

I decided to try and go sleep it off. I head upstairs, TAKE all my medicine and pre-natal, and I can't leave the sink. My body wouldn't let me. 


And so it begins... 

I just start puking all over the sink. That one bite of chili really screwed me. When I puke... I puke. My eyes are watering, face red, out of breath... hot mess. The whole time.. John is still snoozing about 3 feet away. How does one clean puke from a sink? I asked John and he mumbled something and fell back asleep. I decided I would cover my face, not breathe, and spray scrubbing bubbles. I run out of the bathroom, wait for a few minutes, head back in and pray that it just rinses away... If only life were that easy. It didn't just rinse away... So... in my hour (seconds) of need, I decided just wipe it out and go to bed. Exhausted had hit. I just told John, "Don't use the blue towel," and went to sleep. He gets up before me and he didn't use the towel. WHEW! 

Disclaimer: He apologized and I am in no way upset with him about sleeping. He was tired. I did the same thing the night before. I can't expect him to clean my vomit out of the sink. He is going to be a great daddy... sleep through it all... I in turn will be the same mother.. maybe our kid is doomed?


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