Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Nurse Appointment and Michelle

Well I am a ball of nerves walking in the OBGYN's office today, and just sitting and waiting in the waiting room... and waiting... and waiting. What is taking so long? After I have waited 30 minutes, I kindly go to the lady at the desk and she says, "Oh, let me check on that!" Then two minutes later I was being called back! Whew.

So... I meet the nurse in a small little office with a desk and she is armed with a computer. There is a wall of brochures (should I have grabbed those?) and she starts. She is very kind and a warm woman to talk to. Then she starts with the barrage of questions. I mean, I went in knowing this was going to happen (after my research online) but some of the questions truly stumped me. I am not positive of WHY or HOW every single family member of mine that has left us, passed. I was giving her educated guesses. I got through it pretty well I thought!

Then she asks me how I have been feeling. Well, that I could accurately answer! I was feeling awful! I have had a lump in the back of my throat, feel like I am going to puke at all times, and have only puked one time. She said, well we have a new medicine that you can try. It is a level A. (Cue the question marks surrounding my expression) That just means that is it very low in toxicity and safe for baby too! I am game for anything that can help! I filled that RX immediately. This is the medicine... to all those vomiting mommas out there... try it out!

After the barrage of questions, my sweet nurse says, "OK, let's go give them your blood samples." Ummmmmm..... I am not a big fan of giving blood. AT ALL. So, walk into the lab and I see the woman who is about to be a vampire.

Michelle. Her name is Michelle. I told her that my best friend's name is Michelle and she can't ruin that for me. She just smiled and kept talking to me to keep me focused on everything but the needle she was putting in my arm. I think I did well... I didn't cry, flinch, just sat still. Go Me! Then, she says after the first tube, "Hmmm, it just keeps stopping and starting." In my head (and maybe out loud) I say, WHAT? How can it STOP? She decides she needs to try the other arm. Oh joy. After another failed attempt in arm two, she decides she needs a butterfly needle. Well... wouldn't you know, they don't have any in the lab. I quickly tell her I am going to be here tomorrow and she can try again. (I just wanted OUT!) She says she will try to get one and I am about to leave when I see, with my own two eyes, MICHELLE throw my blood away! WHAT?? Was that necessary? (I will deal with her later!)

So... I prep myself all night and the next day for the blood I am about to lose. I am prepared. I can do this! (Plus, my arms make me look as though I am addicted to injecting drugs with the bruises that have formed...)

Until tomorrow's lab with Michelle...


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