Monday, August 19, 2013

...OBGYN delay...

Well, when you are newly pregnant, you assume that you will call your OBGYN and they will be just as excited as you! WRONG! I was so excited to get in their, confirm my pregnancy, and get the whole thing started! Well.. they could see me in FOUR weeks. UGH! No one wants to wait that long, let alone a NEWLY pregnant momma. So... I decided it was ok, and dealt with it. Then... I started asking questions. I am blessed to have an iPhone that is full of resources for newly pregnant women and I could follow the current state of my baby. Five weeks doesn't seem so eventful when you realize your baby is the size of an apple seed! I mean... that is freaking small.

Back to my OBGYN drama. Well it was drama to me. I decided to call and ask a few questions. I talked to the nurse and she was very helpful. (I am glad that the nurse and doctor are so excited and kind and caring... office staff, not always) She quickly calmed my nerves and answered my question about my inhaler, severe back pain and chiropractic care options, etc. I was feeling GREAT!

That weekend, even though no one knew yet, I attended my best friend's twin's first birthday party! It was so hard not telling her, but we decided before we even got pregnant that we would wait until we knew things were pretty in the clear to be on the safe side. It was a HOT birthday party, but full of fun, presents, food, and TWINS! It was an amazing experience being there when she gave birth and getting to hold the twins, and then see them at one year old.
 -Twin Overload 2012-

                              Alexis and Zoey                                              Alexis and Luke

PS-keeping it a secret from your best friend is a LOT harder than you would think! 

After the twins birthday, we were pretty close to an Ikea, and decided to check it out! Check out the next post about our Ikea adventures, the nursery, and why you shouldn't wear heels to Ikea.


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