Monday, August 19, 2013

-Our Story-

Well... it is OFFICIAL! We are pregnant and expecting a little baby Edmonds in February of 2014! We have been super busy and have gotten a few things done already... I feel somewhat accomplished.

So, here is the quick story. (I will spare any major details)

John and I met in college at Ohio Dominican University in 2005. We 'dated' (long debate) for a while, and then made it official in August at a Rascal Flatts Concert... and history was made. We got married in 2008 (8.9.08) at the Franklin Park Conservatory surrounded by family and friends. At our wedding, my father-in-law prayed that we would have a strong and manly child.
-John and Alexis-

Well... we were on a 5 year plan! I must say, I am proud of us for sticking to it to enjoy being married and figure that out first. We accomplished so many things in these past five years. We have two happy puppies (Adi and Aspen), we bought a house that is big enough to grow in, I got to decorate and host many a party/celebrations, found a new church and became more involved, and we continued to grow closer together! We decided a few months into year #4 that we should start the process of trying. We weren't as hard core as some people we know. We stopped birth control, we tracked ovulation, and we did the deed. (haha)  After nine months of trying, one day (two days late) I decided to take a pregnancy test while John was at work. (June 21, 2013 to be exact) Check out the next post to see how the newest daddy in Delaware found out!


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