Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Spilling the BEANS!

Well, now that we have official proof, we felt comfortable to spread the news to family and close friends. Not facebook official yet.

So here is a quick run down of how we told the family... There are a lot, so bear with me!

Well... Karmon is the mother of the family that I nanny. We are friends too. I am so glad that they are part of my life. Well... after three and a half years of working with the family, she was on to me. She knew that I was pregnant when she texted and I was napping... two days in a row. Alex was beyond excited and pumped too!

Well... Jamie and I talk on a regular basis. She is a friend who I have grown very close to in the past two years. (Oh baseball.. thank you for a friend) I decided I had to tell her! She was my only hope at getting the nursery done because I knew she would want to help... AND it is impossible to try to talk to her and not say anything... So... she came over one night and I showed her the nursery with the crib and dresser. She was at first confused (because she knows I could have easily just bought it to have... hahaha I am so predictable) She said... "Really?" I said YUP! and the excitement ensued. Then I put her to work! She was just glad that I had been avoiding her because I didn't want to spill the beans and not because I was maybe mad at her. Whew!

I moved my doctor's appointment up because I wanted to have pictures for when my cousin Alissa came to visit that weekend (we went to Duck Dynasty--Jase was speaking, it was awesome) and I wanted to tell her by showing her the nursery. I was so excited to have the nursery all put together and looking like a nursery (not completed... a completed tour of pictures will happen later). Well... Alissa wanted to meet at Polaris (the mall) and shop before we went to the show. I have given up trying to talk her into driving to our house first, so I just met her at Hobby Lobby. I did have to buy a frame for my mom (for the ultrasound picture we would give her) so I figured I could tell Alissa then... Well, I was in a grumpy mood and annoyed with how it didn't turn out how I planned, so as soon as Alissa walked into the Hobby Lobby entrance, I laid it on her..."Alissa, I am pregnant.. We need to find a frame for my mom tomorrow." SHE WAS SHOCKED! I feel bad, looking back, about how I told her but I can officially blame it on my nausea and pregnancy. We walked around Hobby Lobby for about an hour and she was still in shock! It was kind of funny and exciting to see how excited she was for me.

(We randomly told Clayton in Limited... I thought John would have told him, but he didn't. He was just as happy for us.)

Wendy is my sister. She is the middle sister and lives closer to me. She was coming to my house that night to stay so she could drive home with us to visit mom. She had no idea that I was pregnant and going home to tell mom at that time... When she came in the house, I told her she has to see what we did upstairs. We updated the back room. When she saw the nursery, she was SO happy! Then, she told Kerrigan (my niece) and we were all excited and talked about it for a while!

Mom (Carol) and Dale:
Well, we decided since school was just around the corner we needed to make a trip home to tell mom and some other people. So... we got up SUPER early... I may not have been functioning at this point, and John drove us all home in time to meet at mom's house and have breakfast! Yum! When we got there, mom was busy cooking so I had John hand her the picture. She saw it and started crying. She is so excited and happy for us! Grandbaby number 4 is on the way! We then headed to church (I did not spill the beans even though I wanted too! I knew that if someone at church heard and somehow told my dad first, I would be upset. So I held it in!)

Tiffany and Tara:
Tiffany and Tara have been my friends for a REALLY long time. We are like sisters. I decided to tell them at lunch at the go to spot, Wen Wu. (Naturally... you go to a hole in the wall Chinese buffet!) Shannon (our other friend) headed to the beach and couldn't join... bummer. So... we were all sitting there eating our plates full of food and I said John, show them that video you have on your phone! He proceeded to show them the ultrasound video! They were speechless. That is saying a LOT! Tara shed a tear and Tiff had no words. I knew they were excited! I am so glad I told them and they got to hear little baby Edmonds' heartbeat!

Dad (Alex) and Barb:
This was tricky and I will come back to them later in the post because I am trying to do this is order so my brain can re-cap! I talked to dad one night about cutting grass at PaPa's (my grandpa) house and asked him if he could do Facetime on their new iPad. My dad lives in Allentown, PA, and I wanted to see his reaction... not just hear it. His response, "I don't do THE FACEBOOK". I had a lot of work to do... I will try again later.

John's ENTIRE family: (That is 4 couples, and 10 nieces and nephews!)
Well, we decided to have a family cookout at our house. We usually host the Baseball All-Star Game, but again, pregnancy strikes, illness ensues and I have no energy to pull it together. SO, I play it off like we want to have everyone over for a Back to School Cookout before everyone heads back to teaching and learning. I don't know how convincing I really am, and I am sure they were on to me... but hey, it was all I had left.  John's family is notorious for telling the family in unique ways! It is a lot of pressure! We have always had the idea to get a ruler that is 24 inches long and write on it that "Our family is growing by two feet!" So, we had them set out and as the troops arrived, they noticed and were immediately excited! Whew! Some had an inkling... but I like to tell myself that we had them fooled!

Dad (Alex) and Barb:
Attempt number two was more successful. Barb was awake and could show my dad how to use the iPad. I Facetimed them and BAM! There they were! They were really excited about the new technology, I was excited to see how they would respond to the news! So, after talking for a while, I decided to show them a picture of the ultrasound. Barb immediately got it. Dad, not so much. He responds, "Sorry, I don't look at ultrasounds very often!" He was a bit choked up, and that just warmed my heart. He then said, do you want to tell Papa or me? I think you should tell Papa.. So that is just what I did. I called Papa after hanging up with dad and that is another story in itself. Dad and Barb are excited and ready to help spoil little baby Edmonds!

Papa (Alex Sr.- My grandfather):
Papa (puh-puh) is not a man many words. He doesn't even say goodbye when hanging up the phone. No time for that! So let me just type out the conversation (it is too good not too)

A:Hi Papa, it is Alexis. What are you doing?
P: Talking to you.
A: Right... Well I wanted to tell you something..
P: Well? What is it?
A: Papa, John and I are going to have a baby!
P: Yea?
A: Yup.. the baby is due in February.
P: February is a good month. (He says that because there are NINE birthdays, including little baby Edmonds, in our family in February alone).
A:Yea... we need to add to the birthday list.
P: March would be better.
(long pause)
A: Ok Papa, well I am going to go... I just thought I should let you know! I love you!
P: You take care of yourself. Take care!
((end call))
Oh he is a great man. He just is so sweet and funny. I wish Baba was here to meet little baby Edmonds and cook for us! She is watching down... on all of us!

Last but not least...
GG and GP: (John's grandparents)
So... John's grandparents are 95 and 96 years old. They are blessed with 14 great grandchildren and little Edmonds will be number 15! Well... we headed to visit them and arrived to just GG (grandma) and GP (grandpa) had been taken to the doctor for a continuous bloody nose. We decided to wait it out and just hang out with GG until GP came home. After a little while, he came home, all fixed up and we were ready to spread the news. John and I have big dreams of having a boy so that GG and GP can have their last name continue on. It is up to John or his brother Peter. Peter has two girls... we are looking like the best bet right now. So... after we tell GG and GP and they are so excited we decided to share with them that we are hopeful that it is a boy (they agree) and we told them we will try to let them down easy if it is a girl. We have always known that if it is a boy, the middle name will be named after GP. So.... we decided to ask him which of his names he would like us to use. He didn't give us an answer. So, it will be Charles or Robert. The verdict isn't in yet. I will keep you posted.

I told my friends by sending them a text including the video. I am so glad they all got to hear the heartbeat and enjoy the cute wiggles of little baby Edmonds.

I hope that I didn't miss anyone. There are so many people that are excited about this baby that it is encouraging. We are so blessed and I am more than excited to get this moving along!!


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