Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Week 13- Doctor's Visit

My appointment was at 4:15. I got there early to talk to the office staff about my insurance (long story-not worth it) Anyway... I was proud of myself for being on time. They called me back... ON TIME! Whew.. it was going to be GREAT!

So... I peed in the cup, got weighed and then headed to the room. Where I waited... and waited... and waited. I'm talking 40 minutes. At one point I almost went into the hallway because I thought they had left for the day. Then I heard talking and was ok. So... in walks the doctor and it was a pretty simple appointment. I got to ask a few questions, she told me that my weight gain (3 lbs) was great and then it was time to listen to little baby Edmonds' heartbeat!

So... I guess it isn't as easy as it is on TV. As I laid there... for maybe a minute... the doctor searched and searched for the heartbeat. THAT was the most excruciating minute of my life!! But, little baby Edmonds has a great heartbeat and I mentioned that it was a lot slower than last time. The doctor didn't seem concerned and she even said, "What does a slower heartbeat mean?" She knows me all too well. Well... a slower heartbeat indicates baby boy. So... little baby Edmonds is sending mixed signals.

Doctor said we will find out the sex of the baby in about 6 weeks. So...

Next Doctor's Appointment: September 17th.

Gender Appointment: TBD


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