Thursday, September 26, 2013

First Pregnancy Breakdown... No Big Deal...

Well, this past weekend, John and his dad (and Alex) went car shopping. John was determined to get a four door car with all wheel drive to be more baby ready! Well.. he found a great car (Thank you Alex for the tip off) and it is official. We are new owners of an Infiniti M35x. It is LOADED! I am excited to sit in the back seat with little baby Edmonds. So much room and a DVD player. Trips to the valley may be easier now. Only situation....

We still have the Volkswagen GTI. So... are you in any way interested in purchasing a wonderful car?

I love the GTI. I am proud of it. I was so excited when I helped pick it out and stuff for John for our anniversary. So... I was kind of sad. When John texted me that they were on their way home, I had just gotten out of the shower, and I texted him "I loved that car" His response.." WHAT?" He knows that I didn't love the GTI (many reasons, the main it made me nauseous EVERY time we rode in it due to the six speed) and he called immediately. And then... I lost it. I mean not breathing, weeping, sobbing, chin shaking, couldn't talk, lost it. I was beyond worried that his GTI wouldn't sell for what we need it to sell for, then we had three car payments and we are NOT the type of people to just take this financial risk. He assured me that it will all be fine. I calmed down, and pulled it together. I trust that he can pull this all together.

Here are the pics... know anyone who is interested in a new to them GTI? Let me know! :)

I am ok now... and it was so strange. I don't cry often. So not only was I thrown off, but so was John! It was strange, but we will be fine. I have already had a few people ask about the car and are interested. Fingers crossed for a quick sale!


Downtown Delaware Adventure-9/26

Adi and Aspen are our dogs. Aspen is a beagle and Adi is a mix between a Neopolitan Mastiff and supposedly Cane Corso. (We think she is more Great Dane than Cane Corso) Anyway, after dinner tonight, I told John we should go to Whit's. We love Whits Custard. Delicious. And today... they had my favorite flavor-Carmel Brownie Swirl! So.. John thinks we should take the pups. I am very anxious about this... and Adi can be intimidating and can growl and be unkind. She won't bite, but she is scary to people who aren't animal lovers. Aspen, on the other hand, is a spaz and can't handle too much excitement. I am pregnant and am anxious already and just wanted ice cream. We get the pups in the car, park, walk up and down the main street and around the block. The dogs were TIRED by the time we made it back to Whit's. So... I was hopeful that they would enjoy a small cup of ice cream because they were behaving so well. Check out the pics of my puppies enjoying their FIRST WHIT's custard. They even added a bone for Aspen (Adi has food allergies)

 Here is a picture I got of my loves walking down Sandusky. Look how cute! 
So... just to tie up the story, the dogs LOVED the ice cream and I pray they don't get sick. So... as we were sitting on the bench eating our ice cream, Adi started getting feisty. She handled so many people walking by... but then she was done. She was over people. She started the growling and barking. No one seemed to scared of her and just kept walking. We were holding her and she was sitting. Well.. as we sat there, we saw a man walking down the street but he was texting and not looking up at all. So of course we look at each other and KNOW.. this is going to be bad... in a funny way. So... he keeps walking and texting and Adi barks. BAM! I am pretty sure he pissed himself. He laughed and we tried to not laugh, but it was too funny. He almost dropped his phone. Good thing he didn't. Whew! We headed back to the car, drove home and the dogs are relaxing. and I am catching up on the blog.

Have a great night. And if you live by a Whit's, go and try it... you won't regret it!


Whirlwind Week...Whew!

Alright, I am feeling a bit more energetic today and I don't feel like I am going to end up crashed on my computer. Well... if you don't know, I am a nanny 5 days a week. The kids are 9, 7, 5, and 2. I have been nannying for the same family for three years. I aided in potty training the five year old, but being pregnant I was DETERMINED to get the two (she really isn't two until tomorrow) potty trained. After a few weeks of "lets try to sit on the potty" and "make the poopy face" I decided to go FULL THROTTLE! Well... I did a bit of research, because I am determined to have her potty trained before little baby Edmonds arrives. I read a post (via Pinterest) about it taking a few days, and she literally became a nudist. haha. Stella was showing definite signs that she was ready, so Karmon and I made a plan! No diapers, Pull-Ups during travel, and naked at home. Well.. I was prepared to be cleaning pee and poo off the floor the first couple of days. I must say, we are blessed that Stella doesn't enjoy messes. She tinkled a few times on the floor, but ran to the potty to finish peeing. We had NO poo on the floor!!! WOO HOO! So, after three days of success at home, I decided we should venture out. She knew when she had to go, and she wasn't afraid to do it in public places. So... we headed to Lattes and Lollipops, peed before we left, peed when we got there, and she stayed DRY while playing for an hour, and peed when she was done playing. SUCCESS!!! It is so amazing to me how much easier it was to work with Stella than it was with Hudson three years ago. I went into it prepared and ready to clean. I stuck to my guns, and she is officially potty trained. Karmon is still working on the night time potty training, and if I can catch her before she falls asleep (usually in the car) she can stay dry during her nap. I am relieved! We still have 4.5 MONTHS to perfect it! YAY! It was eventful and full of hilarious runs to the potty, but successful. Just some funny photos from the potty training success. She enjoys the nakedness. Next we need to work on taking off our panties. It is harder than you think! 

My Favorite!
Because we were trapped in the house we had a lot of downtime. We played, we "peed on the pot" and we took funny pictures! I jokingly made faces and stuck my tongue out at the camera on my iphone. Well... she LOVES to stick her tongue out now! haha I am still working on her getting it to curl. That is fun to watch!
This may be one of my new favorite pictures. Stella loves her babies. Well she loves my baby too! She will come up to me at the most RANDOM times and lift my shirt and say, "baby!?" It is adorable. I told her one day that the baby was cold, and she put my shirt back down. I can't wait for the baby to start moving and her being able to feel it. I think I can feel it some times, but it is more of a flutter than a full on KICK and it is very faint. This picture is of Stella introducing her doll to my baby. Her doll had to touch the baby too! She is a little momma. She rocks her babies, feeds them, gives them paci's. It is hilarious the way she imitates the things we do for her for her dolls. She is going to be a GREAT help with little baby Edmonds. ((fingers crossed))
I love church camp. I started attending when I was in 8th grade (I think) and was in a cabin with Alissa (my cousin) and KJ EVERY year. Kristi is a hilarious, kind, loving, and wonderful person to be around. She loves the Lord and makes me proud to be a Christian. Well, KJ and I have stayed in contact over the years and I was so excited when she found out she was pregnant...with TWINS! How exciting. Well, I hadn't met the girls and I wanted to so bad. So, KJ and I talked about a time to meet, she was driving through Delaware, and BAM, we got to meet for lunch. Whew! I am so glad I got to meet these little princesses. McKinley (KJ is holding her in this picture) came to me right away and we hung out at lunch too! She loved my bracelet and we played while they ate some pancake and sweet potato. Reagan (Who I am holding) was on the other side of the table and was so sweet. She let me hold her after lunch. Maybe she needed to warm up. It was fun to see people's reactions to twins. I expect the whole "AWWW, look how cute" when little baby Edmonds arrives, but Krisi said it is even worse when you have twins! Double the trouble. haha. I mean, I can't lie, I would stare too! I am amazed at twins and especially identical twins. Reagan and McKinley were so well behaved and they get to celebrate their FIRST birthday this weekend! How exciting! Happy Birthday baby girls! Love you!

John and I attend Liberty Hill Church. We have joined them for about a year and a half so far and we love the people and feel of the church. One church member was collecting supplies for sex trafficking victims, so I talked to Hudson about how we can make bags filled with certain things to give to the woman. (I kept it G rated, he is five, and told him that they don't have the money to buy these things, so we can buy them for them as a gift) He was SUPER excited to make his five bags, and I made my five bags. This is a picture of him with his picture list! I wish I would have taken pictures of him choosing specific combs, and shampoo for his bags. He was so serious and excited. Everything was 1 dollar a piece at the Dollar Tree and it was fun to work on counting and sorting and organizing with him.
Here he is busily filling the bags with the necessities. Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Deodorant, Soap, Shampoo, Washcloth, Comb and a bag. He was so excited to make sure they each had everything.
Here he is with the finished products! WOOT WOOT! So proud. Not only did I get to talk to him about helping others, but he was able to do it himself. Of course the bags weren't in a specific order or organized perfectly, but it didn't matter. I got to work on counting and other academic skills as we prepared the bags. He is a gentle soul and so sweet. His energy is contagious. I wish I could "catch" some these days. haha. (I recommend making bags to give to the homeless or find a charity that will accept them. It was simple, cheap, and fun for Hudson)
This week, as I laid in bed, I stewed over what we could do for the gender reveal. It is quickly approaching and I decided against a party. Too much work, money, etc. involved. In the middle of the night, I shot up, said, "John! I have an idea..." He listened, half-asleep, and said, "Ok". The next day, I talked to him about it and we decided it would work! I love making videos using my Mac, so... I am asking family and friends to make a sign with their prediction of whether little baby Edmonds is a boy or girl. Then, after they take a picture (feel free to dress according to gender, decorate, balloons, you name it!), send it to me and I will make a video of all the guesses. Then, at the end, John and I will make our predictions, then we will have a video of us finding out the gender. I think that it will be great to see everyone in the video years from now, showing little baby Edmonds family and friends, and to watch our reaction. I am excited! I asked Hudson and Stella what they thought. Hudson thinks boy, but only because he thinks boys sleep more than baby girls, and he WILL NOT hold a baby girl. Stella loves saying "GEEEERRRLLL". Hudson made his sign (all by himself!) and Stella helped decorate hers. Don't forget to send me your pictures! I can't wait to add them. You don't want to be left out!! The video will be uploaded to the blog when complete. :)
I have been making a weekly meal plan and Stella is my helper when we shop. She LOVES to hold the list. She was so sweet this day, I had to photograph her being my list keeper. (this is her "cheeese" face)
After shopping, we decided we would try Bob Evans for lunch. I was really craving their Chicken-n-Noodles, and I figured they would have something for Stella to eat. She loves grilled cheese. So, I ordered her that with fruit as her side (as an experiment to see if she would actually eat it) She recognized the grapes and ate a few of those. I got a piece of cantaloupe out and cut it up for her. She LOVED it. She kept eating it until it was completely gone! Who would have thought? She then moved on to the pineapple. Whew! She was a fruit fanatic.
And... we must end on this adorable picture of Stella wearing Shrek ears. How cute... <3
Well, off to another week! Bring on potty training, meal cooking, and adventures to come! Only one more day until Stella is TWO! Big things to come! :)


Wednesday, September 25, 2013


How far along: 18 Weeks
Total weight gain: I'd like to think staying steady... no idea though... scales are scary!
Maternity clothes: Some days I wear maternity, some days I rock the leggings. Both seem to work wonderfully!

Stretch marks: Lone Ranger still hanging on!

Sleep: Not awful. The cooler weather and windows opened has helped tremendously! Some annoying leg cramps from time to time... I wish I could learn to sleep on my side better. 

Best moment of this week: Coming up with a gender reveal idea that we will cherish for a long time! And it will be so much fun to share with little baby Edmonds. 
Miss anything: I miss relaxing without having to pee every hour or so. 
Movement: I think I am feeling movement.. but it is very faint and could be gas! I don't think it is, but if it is little baby Edmonds, they are tap dancing in my belly. 
Food cravings: Nothing really. I am not a sweets person, but I have been enjoying baking and cooking this week. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing. Just pregnancy nausea. Fun times. 
Have you started to show yet:  I think it is noticable. It is crazy the many shapes it takes depending on how I am standing. Many people have asked if I am carrying high or low... I have no idea?!
Gender: Excited to start the gender reveal project! Send me a picture of your prediction on my phone or via email so I can add it to the fun video for little baby Edmonds. 
Labor signs: nope. 
Belly button in or out: in.
Wedding rings on or off: on.
Happy or moody most of the time: Feeling pretty good. I have been getting randomly sleepy at times, but other than that, smooth sailing so far. 
Looking forward to: Getting more gender prediction pictures! I love to see what people are guessing and having everyone be part of this! It is like Christmas getting new pictures to add!

Lacking Motivation... and Alertness...

Well, I have had a very busy week and am looking forward to having the energy to blog about it. I will be sure to do that as soon as I can. I am just very tired and not feeling it. I will finish it by the end of this week. Promise!

On a side note, anyone looking to buy a car? John's GTI is for sale... officially!


Tuesday, September 17, 2013


How far along: 17 Weeks
Total weight gain: 8lbs. ("Champion Weight Gainer")
Maternity clothes: Tried out the new pants this week... Can't wait to have a bigger belly to hold them up!

Stretch marks: Still just the one...

Sleep: Pretty good... more strange dreams, and a few restless nights...
Best moment of this week: Heard little baby Edmonds' heartbeat, Delaware County Fair fun, and of course keeping busy with friends!

Miss anything: I wish I could have ridden the rides at the fair with the kids. 
Movement: None, but I did hear the baby move!
Food cravings: I have, for some reason, been craving a turkey, bacon club sub! I do enjoy them from Subway toasted... thank you hubby!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing... getting bad headaches though..
Have you started to show yet: I that the bump has arrived. It is fun to wear maternity clothes. Some people don't recognize it though.
Gender: John and I will find out on October 9th (if baby is cooperating) and we will share shortly after that. 
Labor signs: nope. 
Belly button in or out: in.
Wedding rings on or off: on.
Happy or moody most of the time: Feeling pretty good. I appreciate having my medicine back in my system. Happy and energetic mostly. 
Looking forward to: Trying all the new recipes for the week and counting down the days until we find out if Little Baby Edmonds is a boy or girl!

Doctor's Appointment- Week 17 HEARTBEAT VIDEO!

Going to the doctors is always fun! I try to drink as much as I can before I get there so I can make sure I can pee in the cup. Well.. I over-compensated this time.. I had to pee THREE times. I peed when I got there, in the cup.... couldn't hold it as I waited in the room for the doc, had to sneak out and pee again... and a third time as I waited to schedule my next appointment/make a payment. WHEW! I think my weight was inaccurate because I peed at least a pound out! haha!

When the doc came in, she was please with my consistent and steady weight gain. So much so, she called me a "Champion Weight Gainer"! In any other circumstance, I would not be happy to have this title, but today, I was relieved that I was right on track and not gaining too much! We talked about my current nausea. She had to tell me... but if it continues up until 20 weeks, it will probably last the whole pregnancy. Oh joy. I am just glad that my medicine is super safe for baby and WORKS!

I got to hear little baby Edmonds again! This time, I decided I would record it. Here is the video:
(The video isn't wonderful, but you can hear it!) 

The little stinker already has the doctor on her toes! Little Baby Edmonds kept swimming away from her and it was tricky to get to hear the heartbeat. It was also fun to hear the baby kicking about! He or she is full of energy, and ornery already. I am looking forward to feeling those kicks and movements!

Last words from the doctor: "I have a hunch, that it is a boy..." We shall see!!!

Three weeks from now, we will know if Little Baby Edmonds is a boy or girl!


Sushi, Football, and Fair, OH MY!

This has been a fun week. After pulling my life back together after the whole no medicine situation... I was happy to be feeling better and have my energy back. Stella and I enjoyed a great day of shopping on September 11th. That day is so overwhelming to me. My dad was on a plane that day and we were worried sick that his plane was one involved in the tragic events. It was not, but the day in general was exhausting emotionally. I still think about that every year. I can remember everything that happened, the people I was surrounded by, etc. get out of a funk, we hit up Old Navy. All MATERNITY 25% off! What a deal! I was excited to actually start trying on some clothes and see how Old Navy's maternity fit. I have found that their shirts run bigger than Target, but I have room to grow! I got a few cute shirts, and a pair of jeans with the full on baby belly cover! (they seem silly on now, but I am sure I will love them later!)

I was really looking forward to the weekend!

On Friday, we had dinner at the Ellis house. We made our own sushi! (So cool and a lot easier than I had thought) So... of course I had prep to do. On Thursday, Stella and I went to Lattes and Lollipops. It is a coffee shop for moms, nannies, dads, etc. with a glass enclosed play area for kids that is supervised by a friendly staff who loves children. Stella LOVES to go play and I think it is good for her to learn to cooperate with other littles. I planned out my menu for next week. Well... then I made a list for the grocery. Stella and I had a lot to shop for. (So much, that she FELL ASLEEP in the cart... I felt bad and cut the trip short).

Back to the sushi night...
So, I made spicy tuna for John (found a recipe via the internet) and he said it was great! I am glad. It was interesting to make. Because I can't have raw meat (for obvious baby reasons) I opted for a chicken  that I LOVE. It is so simple and delicious.

1 lb Chicken breasts
chicken broth (small can would do)
packet of ranch seasoning
packet of taco seasoning

Mix the broth and seasoning packets. Put chicken in bottom of crock pot. Add mixture on top. Cook on low for 5 hours or until chicken is done. Then shred with a fork. It is GREAT on tacos, in sushi, or just on nachos!

The Ellis's are friends from church and they are very similar to us. Both teachers, our age, fun to be around (hahaha bragging on myself!). They had some ingredients and so did we. It was like an assembly line. I tried to take pics of each step...

 Ingredients All Lined Up!
 John adding his rice carefully. 
 Shredded Chicken, avocado, green onion, and cream cheese- Alexis' Sushi!
 John... being cautious? haha Kelcie in the background, supervising!

 John's Spicy Tuna Roll
Alexis' Mexican Sushi Roll!

We had a great time just talking teaching, eating, and relaxing. I love getting together with them. Next time... our house!

Saturday, we went to hang out with the Campbell family! Another family from the church! We had Shane's famous pizza, salad, and pumpkin better than sex cake. Delicious dinner. I even got to taste FRESH picked tomatoes from the kids' tomato plant. I even talked Brooklyn into tasting them! She "loved" them... but she ate them with a funny face every time! hehe We were supposed to watch the Buckeyes, but the game was pretty boring, so we had it on in the background and we just sat and talked. We were out at their house until LATE! I am always tired, so I attributed it to that, but no... it was 12:15 by the time we left. And of course, on our way home, we get pulled over. GRRR! (to be fair, the officer felt we "cut him off" which we did not, and we hope he just pulled John over thinking he may be intoxicated and then realized he wasn't and just gave us a warning. I am glad they are checking anything out of the ordinary... but a purple Saturn Vue at 12:45 on a Saturday doesn't seem suspicious to me.. haha) We made it home by 1:15, and were EXHAUSTED. John couldn't fall asleep due to being pulled over, but I had no problem. Getting up and ready for church the next morning was not easy... Just saying! 

After a long weekend, I was happy to relax on Sunday after church. I had to prep myself, I was taking ALL the kids to the fair Monday. (they didn't have school) I am glad I rested, because the fair kicked my butt! I look forward to the delicious food every year. It is the one time I can justify a fried pepperoni stick... On our way to the fair, Stella lost her breakfast and lunch, and yesterday's dinner in the car! So... I pull over and strip her down in the bank parking lot. The other kids were sitting in the car, gagging, and anxious to get to the fair. Karmon came to get a cleaned up Stella while we hit the fair! Whew! The fair was fun. We even got a ride from the Shriner from our car to the midway. That was a lifesaver. We became Junior Deputy Sheriffs, saw baby feet at gestation 10 weeks, we got a LOT of free pens and pencils, we rode rides that were kind of scary... but we conquered them (I didn't the kids did... bummer city) and we ate some delicious food! Pizza, corn dogs, funnel cake, elephant toes, lemon shake up... and a pepperoni stick! 
 Hudson enjoying some parasailing!

 Decorating cookies! Dessert is served!
Funnel cake, Elephant Toes and a Lemon Shake-up! Yumm!
I got to see a former student, Jordan, and saw his chickens! So proud of how grown he has become and still has the same heart. He RAN up and gave me a hug... not many 7th graders will do that in public anymore... <3 I am so glad I got to see him. 

Next up...

Doctor's Appointment and 17 Week Questions :) 

Hope you have a week full of friends, fairs, and fried foods!