Monday, September 2, 2013

-Babies 'R' Us Registering Excursion-

Well... this all started on Wednesday. I got to spend the day with my amazing friend Jamie. She got the day off work, so we went to Easton to just window shop, and hit up Buy Buy Baby to do a little 'walk through' of all the great things I get to register for! Stella joined us and she enjoyed a great time of shopping and some mini-gummi-bears. YUM! (Jamie and I enjoyed an array of gummi candies as well!) It was great to just hang out and walk around. I was hoping that all the walking would stretch out the legs and prevent leg cramps at night... it seemed to work! Well, after Buy Buy Baby, I was GAME on ready to register!
-Stella and her gummi-bears-

When I got home from work and so did John, I was dead set on registering. Buy Buy Baby was quite the drive for the time of night, so we decided we would start at Babies 'R' Us. Well... I already know in my head everything I want, it is just a matter of scanning and finding the right colors. John was game on too! Whew! We headed to Babies 'R' Us and I felt a little strange because everyone else who was preggo and registering were REALLY preggo. I mean, I am barely showing... I look fat. These women looked like they were 2cm already! Oh well... I would rather do it now, and not when I can barely walk! So we were ready and armed with a scanner. I protested that I would scan because John scanned ALL of our wedding registry. I wanted to have the fun job! I am carrying a baby... (*That is a GREAT line by the way*) So, we set off to register. No one tells you how many bottles, or nipples, or binkies to register for... so I just did a lot. I may have been over zealous, but what can I say... I was trigger happy! After we registered, we were exhausted but it just made me MORE excited to go to Buy Buy Baby and register for all the fun things I saw there! 

Thursday was fair day! We went to watch Mason (another child I nanny) show his horse and cheer him on at the fair. I can never turn down a chance for fair food! Duh! So, we headed to the fair! Mason did a great job! So proud of how hard he focused and worked. 
After we helped clean up and load the kiddos, we headed to the main drag to check out the food options. It was rather warm and nothing seemed to jump out at me. I decided against fair food that night... I may be regretting that decision as I type! Delaware County Fair and the Little Brown Jug are coming up soon, so I can always go get food there! I am a huge elephant ear fan!

Friday we decided we would have a date night. We love this little Mexican restaurant in downtown Delaware, so we went to enjoy some pollo loco and quesadillas. I think that little baby Edmonds is shrinking my stomach. I couldn't even finish the LUNCH portion, and I used to be able to eat the entire dinner portion! What is happening! We decided to head to Target to grab a wedding gift and check out any maternity clothes that would be on sale. Another thing no one tells you about when you get pregnant: How to buy maternity clothes!? Do they start in size again... for instance I am a little bit pregnant so do I get a small? Or do they adjust them based on your current size? Well... I figured it out and bought my first two maternity shirts! They are much more flattering than any other shirt I have right now... whew! I was starting to look a little yucky and not liking it! 

Let the Labor Day Weekend BEGIN!

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