Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Doctor's Appointment- Week 17 HEARTBEAT VIDEO!

Going to the doctors is always fun! I try to drink as much as I can before I get there so I can make sure I can pee in the cup. Well.. I over-compensated this time.. I had to pee THREE times. I peed when I got there, in the cup.... couldn't hold it as I waited in the room for the doc, had to sneak out and pee again... and a third time as I waited to schedule my next appointment/make a payment. WHEW! I think my weight was inaccurate because I peed at least a pound out! haha!

When the doc came in, she was please with my consistent and steady weight gain. So much so, she called me a "Champion Weight Gainer"! In any other circumstance, I would not be happy to have this title, but today, I was relieved that I was right on track and not gaining too much! We talked about my current nausea. She had to tell me... but if it continues up until 20 weeks, it will probably last the whole pregnancy. Oh joy. I am just glad that my medicine is super safe for baby and WORKS!

I got to hear little baby Edmonds again! This time, I decided I would record it. Here is the video:
(The video isn't wonderful, but you can hear it!) 

The little stinker already has the doctor on her toes! Little Baby Edmonds kept swimming away from her and it was tricky to get to hear the heartbeat. It was also fun to hear the baby kicking about! He or she is full of energy, and ornery already. I am looking forward to feeling those kicks and movements!

Last words from the doctor: "I have a hunch, that it is a boy..." We shall see!!!

Three weeks from now, we will know if Little Baby Edmonds is a boy or girl!


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