Thursday, September 26, 2013

Downtown Delaware Adventure-9/26

Adi and Aspen are our dogs. Aspen is a beagle and Adi is a mix between a Neopolitan Mastiff and supposedly Cane Corso. (We think she is more Great Dane than Cane Corso) Anyway, after dinner tonight, I told John we should go to Whit's. We love Whits Custard. Delicious. And today... they had my favorite flavor-Carmel Brownie Swirl! So.. John thinks we should take the pups. I am very anxious about this... and Adi can be intimidating and can growl and be unkind. She won't bite, but she is scary to people who aren't animal lovers. Aspen, on the other hand, is a spaz and can't handle too much excitement. I am pregnant and am anxious already and just wanted ice cream. We get the pups in the car, park, walk up and down the main street and around the block. The dogs were TIRED by the time we made it back to Whit's. So... I was hopeful that they would enjoy a small cup of ice cream because they were behaving so well. Check out the pics of my puppies enjoying their FIRST WHIT's custard. They even added a bone for Aspen (Adi has food allergies)

 Here is a picture I got of my loves walking down Sandusky. Look how cute! 
So... just to tie up the story, the dogs LOVED the ice cream and I pray they don't get sick. So... as we were sitting on the bench eating our ice cream, Adi started getting feisty. She handled so many people walking by... but then she was done. She was over people. She started the growling and barking. No one seemed to scared of her and just kept walking. We were holding her and she was sitting. Well.. as we sat there, we saw a man walking down the street but he was texting and not looking up at all. So of course we look at each other and KNOW.. this is going to be bad... in a funny way. So... he keeps walking and texting and Adi barks. BAM! I am pretty sure he pissed himself. He laughed and we tried to not laugh, but it was too funny. He almost dropped his phone. Good thing he didn't. Whew! We headed back to the car, drove home and the dogs are relaxing. and I am catching up on the blog.

Have a great night. And if you live by a Whit's, go and try it... you won't regret it!


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