Thursday, September 26, 2013

First Pregnancy Breakdown... No Big Deal...

Well, this past weekend, John and his dad (and Alex) went car shopping. John was determined to get a four door car with all wheel drive to be more baby ready! Well.. he found a great car (Thank you Alex for the tip off) and it is official. We are new owners of an Infiniti M35x. It is LOADED! I am excited to sit in the back seat with little baby Edmonds. So much room and a DVD player. Trips to the valley may be easier now. Only situation....

We still have the Volkswagen GTI. So... are you in any way interested in purchasing a wonderful car?

I love the GTI. I am proud of it. I was so excited when I helped pick it out and stuff for John for our anniversary. So... I was kind of sad. When John texted me that they were on their way home, I had just gotten out of the shower, and I texted him "I loved that car" His response.." WHAT?" He knows that I didn't love the GTI (many reasons, the main it made me nauseous EVERY time we rode in it due to the six speed) and he called immediately. And then... I lost it. I mean not breathing, weeping, sobbing, chin shaking, couldn't talk, lost it. I was beyond worried that his GTI wouldn't sell for what we need it to sell for, then we had three car payments and we are NOT the type of people to just take this financial risk. He assured me that it will all be fine. I calmed down, and pulled it together. I trust that he can pull this all together.

Here are the pics... know anyone who is interested in a new to them GTI? Let me know! :)

I am ok now... and it was so strange. I don't cry often. So not only was I thrown off, but so was John! It was strange, but we will be fine. I have already had a few people ask about the car and are interested. Fingers crossed for a quick sale!


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