Monday, September 2, 2013

-Labor Day Weekend 2013-

Labor Day weekend in a nutshell was exhausting and awesome!

Saturday started with the dogs heading to the boarder and a day of cleaning the house and running errands. I love taking the dogs to the boarder and their reaction when we pick them up is amazing! They are so excited to see us. More on that at the end of the post. Saturday also brought the start of Buckeye Football! I am going to be honest... I was never a fan of college football, I am more of an NFL girl and love the Steelers, but last year John and I had the chance to go to a few Buckeye games and that changed my mind immediately! It was so exciting and you get so pumped up! So... we enjoyed the game in a clean house before we headed to a wedding!

We enjoyed a wonderful evening at John's co-workers' wedding reception. It was nice to relax and enjoy good food and company. We are so happy for Matt and Mike and the new journey they are embarking. And.. on a side note, cutest little favors ever... M&M's (Matt and Mike!) Adorable! We decided to head back to my hometown that night and just bite the bullet and drive.

Sunday was exciting because after we woke up, Alissa (my cousin) and I went to check out a potential baby shower location!!! I was excited because we have been playing around with the theme and I am ready to just get going! So... we went to check it out, decided it was perfect location and it matches the theme and weather of the shower date!
Perfect... Check out the blur of Miss Mia! hehe
We headed to Target to get a baby shower gift and look for more maternity shirts. Success! I am loving these shirts! I haven't had to get new bottoms yet... but it is quickly coming. Alissa is amazing. We are so similar in our tastes and liking things to be perfect. It could be viewed as a flaw, but we do not see it that way! Well, she is so in tune with me that she bought me potato chips that I was craving all week and hopeful she would have at her house with some dip... and she did! Snyder BBQ chips are not sold in central Ohio and it is beyond frustrating. They are my all-time favorite and she had them! Bought them for me at the store because she knew she loved them when she was pregnant with Mia and knew I would need them! Amazing and delicious I must add. After a quick lunch stop, John and I headed to PaPa's house to hang out around the fire. 

PaPa is my grandfather. He is a fire lover. He will sit and build a fire for the family and just keep it going and going. He loves it. He also loves cooking bacon and sausage over a fire. He is a man of little words, but hilarious! He cracks me up. I got to see my Aunt Nancy, Aunt Kim, Randy, PaPa, my dad, Barb, the Petersen family, Lydia, Jeremiah, Dena and Zooey, Shirley, Joyce, Louise, John and Uncle Louis. Uncle Louis is Papa's brother. Older by five years. He is celebrating his 89th birthday this month, so I told him we made him cake! (Aunt Kim makes an amazing HoHo cake, and we used that as a birthday cake) We sang Happy Birthday, and he loved it! How sweet is that! We hung out around the fire, smelled and were in love with Barb's homemade soap, ate green bean soup, talked about little baby edmonds, relaxed and enjoyed the time together until about 10-10:30, said our goodbyes and headed back to Alissa and Clayton's to go to bed!
PaPa and Me (and little baby Edmonds--you can see!) 
*PaPa does not smile for pictures, and usually has his tongue out!*

Uncle Louis and PaPa
*trouble makers with 'selective' hearing*

Monday morning came quickly. Alissa and I RAN (and when I say ran, we ran) to Victoria's Secret to grab the 7 for $26 underwear deal. Then, John and I were off to visit my mom and Dale (and the kittens). Dale and mom grilled and we had a delicious lunch. We got to hang out and Dale and John got to play football on the XBox. I always had cats growing up. John is really allergic, and I developed an allergy to cats when I moved away to college... but these kittens are ADORABLE! Lucy loves to cuddle. I just wanted to cuddle back! I did for a bit, washed my hands and I survived. It was a relaxing visit but we had to head back to get the pups!

The pups were so excited to see us! It gives us something to look forward to on the way home! Well... we have been watching Adi and always wonder how she interacts with other dogs. She can get rough with Aspen, but never hurt her. The woman told us that she is great with other dogs, but is protective of Aspen. It is kind of cute in a sisterly way! (Adi will not let the house out of sight if we try to take her for a walk and not Aspen... she just sits and walks home... they love each other!) After a weekend of boarding, our pups are pooped! Adi got out of the car, came inside, and passed out on the couch! Aspen walked around for a bit and is now passed out! Look at these faces!!
 -Aspen Noel-
-Adi Rose-

After such an eventful and exhausting weekend, I feel like snoozing just like the pups! 

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