Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sushi, Football, and Fair, OH MY!

This has been a fun week. After pulling my life back together after the whole no medicine situation... I was happy to be feeling better and have my energy back. Stella and I enjoyed a great day of shopping on September 11th. That day is so overwhelming to me. My dad was on a plane that day and we were worried sick that his plane was one involved in the tragic events. It was not, but the day in general was exhausting emotionally. I still think about that every year. I can remember everything that happened, the people I was surrounded by, etc. So...to get out of a funk, we hit up Old Navy. All MATERNITY 25% off! What a deal! I was excited to actually start trying on some clothes and see how Old Navy's maternity fit. I have found that their shirts run bigger than Target, but I have room to grow! I got a few cute shirts, and a pair of jeans with the full on baby belly cover! (they seem silly on now, but I am sure I will love them later!)

I was really looking forward to the weekend!

On Friday, we had dinner at the Ellis house. We made our own sushi! (So cool and a lot easier than I had thought) So... of course I had prep to do. On Thursday, Stella and I went to Lattes and Lollipops. It is a coffee shop for moms, nannies, dads, etc. with a glass enclosed play area for kids that is supervised by a friendly staff who loves children. Stella LOVES to go play and I think it is good for her to learn to cooperate with other littles. I planned out my menu for next week. Well... then I made a list for the grocery. Stella and I had a lot to shop for. (So much, that she FELL ASLEEP in the cart... I felt bad and cut the trip short).

Back to the sushi night...
So, I made spicy tuna for John (found a recipe via the internet) and he said it was great! I am glad. It was interesting to make. Because I can't have raw meat (for obvious baby reasons) I opted for a chicken  that I LOVE. It is so simple and delicious.

1 lb Chicken breasts
chicken broth (small can would do)
packet of ranch seasoning
packet of taco seasoning

Mix the broth and seasoning packets. Put chicken in bottom of crock pot. Add mixture on top. Cook on low for 5 hours or until chicken is done. Then shred with a fork. It is GREAT on tacos, in sushi, or just on nachos!

The Ellis's are friends from church and they are very similar to us. Both teachers, our age, fun to be around (hahaha bragging on myself!). They had some ingredients and so did we. It was like an assembly line. I tried to take pics of each step...

 Ingredients All Lined Up!
 John adding his rice carefully. 
 Shredded Chicken, avocado, green onion, and cream cheese- Alexis' Sushi!
 John... being cautious? haha Kelcie in the background, supervising!

 John's Spicy Tuna Roll
Alexis' Mexican Sushi Roll!

We had a great time just talking teaching, eating, and relaxing. I love getting together with them. Next time... our house!

Saturday, we went to hang out with the Campbell family! Another family from the church! We had Shane's famous pizza, salad, and pumpkin better than sex cake. Delicious dinner. I even got to taste FRESH picked tomatoes from the kids' tomato plant. I even talked Brooklyn into tasting them! She "loved" them... but she ate them with a funny face every time! hehe We were supposed to watch the Buckeyes, but the game was pretty boring, so we had it on in the background and we just sat and talked. We were out at their house until LATE! I am always tired, so I attributed it to that, but no... it was 12:15 by the time we left. And of course, on our way home, we get pulled over. GRRR! (to be fair, the officer felt we "cut him off" which we did not, and we hope he just pulled John over thinking he may be intoxicated and then realized he wasn't and just gave us a warning. I am glad they are checking anything out of the ordinary... but a purple Saturn Vue at 12:45 on a Saturday doesn't seem suspicious to me.. haha) We made it home by 1:15, and were EXHAUSTED. John couldn't fall asleep due to being pulled over, but I had no problem. Getting up and ready for church the next morning was not easy... Just saying! 

After a long weekend, I was happy to relax on Sunday after church. I had to prep myself, I was taking ALL the kids to the fair Monday. (they didn't have school) I am glad I rested, because the fair kicked my butt! I look forward to the delicious food every year. It is the one time I can justify a fried pepperoni stick... On our way to the fair, Stella lost her breakfast and lunch, and yesterday's dinner in the car! So... I pull over and strip her down in the bank parking lot. The other kids were sitting in the car, gagging, and anxious to get to the fair. Karmon came to get a cleaned up Stella while we hit the fair! Whew! The fair was fun. We even got a ride from the Shriner from our car to the midway. That was a lifesaver. We became Junior Deputy Sheriffs, saw baby feet at gestation 10 weeks, we got a LOT of free pens and pencils, we rode rides that were kind of scary... but we conquered them (I didn't the kids did... bummer city) and we ate some delicious food! Pizza, corn dogs, funnel cake, elephant toes, lemon shake up... and a pepperoni stick! 
 Hudson enjoying some parasailing!

 Decorating cookies! Dessert is served!
Funnel cake, Elephant Toes and a Lemon Shake-up! Yumm!
I got to see a former student, Jordan, and saw his chickens! So proud of how grown he has become and still has the same heart. He RAN up and gave me a hug... not many 7th graders will do that in public anymore... <3 I am so glad I got to see him. 

Next up...

Doctor's Appointment and 17 Week Questions :) 

Hope you have a week full of friends, fairs, and fried foods!


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