Monday, September 2, 2013

Week 14 Baby -Bumps-

Well... week 14 came with a few bumps...

I have not been sick and I even forgot my medicine one night and WASN'T sick in the morning. I am going to start weaning myself off of them if I continue to feel good and not nauseous! Whew! What a relief.

Dress Debacle
I have been excited to wear a certain dress to the upcoming wedding. It shows my little baby edmonds baby bump, and it super cute and summery! On the plus side, I got it at Gabe's for $9.99 and it was from The Limited. Well... after I got completely ready (which includes make-up to match) I put on my new dress and ask John to help me zip it. It has a side zip with a seam, and we all know that it is impossible to get over a seam on your own. So... John is helping me as I squish my boobs as much as I can to help aid in the cause. They are currently gigantic, but in my head, I told myself that they would fit if I just got it zipped. Well... not so much. We tried for a while to get this dress zipped and my arm was ON FIRE from holding it up in the air. Then... John realized that the zipper was now broken and torn. WHAT?! This dress fits dang it! It has to fit! We tried to un-zip the dress. No such luck. WHY? So... in the end, I had to be CUT out of my dress. It was a sad day. (Also.. my make-up did not match the dress I ended up wearing to the wedding we were now late for) I am determined to fix the dress and wear it!

Cocoa Butter-Better?
When we registered at Babies 'R' Us this week, I bought cocoa butter to aide in the newest stretch mark development (on my boob). Well... I waited to use it until the day of the wedding. Well... no one told me I would smell like a Hershey BAR! It smells like chocolate. (I have since this post talked to others who said their cocoa butter did not have this smell... why does mine?) To be more accurate, it smells like the Hershey Chocolate Lip Smacker. It is not pleasant... but I must press on and help stop these stretch marks!

The culprit and The smell...

I am looking forward to week 15 and rockin' my new wardrobe... regardless if I smell like a Hershey Bar or not! 


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