Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Whew! What a week! Energy=Drained.

The week was definitely full of a lot of different adventures. I will just do a re-cap in pictures! I seem to have more energy and enjoy getting out of the house. That has been a rarity and I am enjoying it tremendously. I am sure the kids are too. 

Stella and I painted our toes. (She says "Peerrrr..... pooool")

 Potty Training is in full swing! We are working hard! Some poops and some pees already!
 On Friday we got to enjoy a play-date at the Campbell's with friends from church. Stella enjoyed playing and I enjoyed adult interaction!
 Stella was pinching the baby. So funny to watch her kiss and smack and pinch the baby!
 Friday Night Football Game: Go Braves! We looooved having the Schmidt's Creme Puff!
 CHEESE! (this was after she ate 3/4 of the creme puff)
 On Friday, I was blessed to hang out with Jamie! She is starting a new chapter in her life (WOOT WOOT) and I am so proud of her for making the changes she has! She even came to BW3s to watch the Steelers (lose) with me! So nice! Then, we decided to go to the Delaware All Horse Parade. Who would have known that this even existed. We have lived in Delaware for a few years, and this gem is so fun to watch. It kicks off the Delaware County Fair week, and I am looking forward to watching the horse races and the Little Brown Jug. Here are a few of the favorite horses. So many! 
 All Black! So cool. (I Should mention that it is non-motorized... all horse drawn or horse riders)
 Pretty sweet colors for horses!
 These riders were all dressed as KISS (So were the horses!)
 LOVING the PARADE! (kid=not impressed)
Little Nuggets pulling a carriage! (And Ronald McDonald)

 It is hard to tell, but this little horse was so cute, and his hair just flowed in the breeze! Adorable!
Hudson making Spin-Art at Lattes and Lollipops! They made it to the fridge! He was so proud. 

 We practiced swinging. Hudson wanted to learn and he did a GREAT job! Stella would just hang on her swing and sometimes push herself back and forth with her tippy-toes. It was actually hilarious in person! I should have videoed it! After work, John and I went to Target to get registered. I feel accomplished and ready to just add gender specific things when we find out if it is a girl or a boy.
Today, Stella was super tired in the AM. Very random and unlike her. I have run out of my nausea medicine and it has been quite the hassle trying to get it all organized with the pharmacy and the doctor. Long story short the Rx was made out for 2 pills a day... but I can take up to 4 a day if I need. Well... I ran out quicker than the insurance would like. So, I called the doctor, she fixed the Rx, and all is well. I went and got the medicine and took one as soon as I got water. WORD TO THE WISE: DO NOT run out of nausea medicine... even if you are weaning off of it. You will be sick! 

Today was not a pleasant day or energy filled. Stella just fell asleep randomly on the floor in the living room. She was a bit whiny, and watching cartoons (which is rare for her) and I look down and she is asleep? She slept. I played on Pinterest trying to not be sick. My stomach has calmed down a bit.. still a bit sick. I am hoping that taking the full dose tonight will put my life back in order! Gesh! 

Thanks for keeping up with me and John and little baby Edmonds. I have a doctors appointment next week. I will be sure to blog about it! 


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