Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gender Reveal DAY! Oct. 9, 2013!!

Well today is the day!
Last night John and I tallied all the picture votes as we finished as much as we could of the reveal video.

As we tallied, I added the new pictures to our current tally and was SHOCKED that the votes were TIED! For real.. Tied?! I thought that there would be a landslide win... then I forgot I needed to add the doctor's vote (she had a hunch it was a boy) because I am going to get her picture today to add to the video. So.. with that.. the votes are in and the total is 59 BOY and 58 GIRL! We shall see who was right!

This morning, on my way to work, John left me the sweetest note on the garage door chalkboard. He didn't want to find out the gender at all, but he is now super excited to find out today! We need to be so patient today and it is going to be tough... he has parent teacher conferences, I am going to visit my friend Jen, and possibly get my nails done. Then, head home and try to remain calm. ha. We shall see.

Special shout out to my friend Jamie for making this reveal possible and I know it is going to be amazing! I love you for making sure it happens and that we document it!

To all those who are wondering, I am going to have a video link on the blog AS SOON AS I CAN. I want to take the time to let it sink in after the reveal, but I know you are all anxious as well. I hope to have it up by 9pm tonight. I can't guarantee how quick the video will finalize and load. I will do my best!

Thank you all for your love and support! We are so excited to share with you! <3


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