Wednesday, October 16, 2013

It's a GIRL... (she, her, little lady, daddy's girl, etc.)

Well, I guess I have a few things to clear up since the release of our gender reveal video. I was not mad... but my reaction seems strange to those who are watching without sound. John, right before we did the reveal, told me that he thinks it is a girl. He changed his vote RIGHT before. So, my reaction was in response to him changing his vote. Not that I need to justify anything to anyone, but I watched it again and see what everyone else saw and felt I should share my reaction. Now... to be fair, I REALLY thought it was a boy and was set that it was. Obviously I was wrong, but I had had my heart set on a boy. I had things planned in my head, etc. I was disappointed that those dreams and plans were not an option, but I am beyond excited that I am having a baby and now I know it is a girl and I get to raise her to be an independent woman all while dressing her up with bows, pink, purple, and ruffles. Ruffles galore! 

Now, it took a few days of saying 'her', and buying baby girl clothes, and Pinterest-ing girly things for reality to sink in. I am having a baby GIRL! I am going to have a Daddy's Girl! (which is good, because that is definitely what I am) and I am so excited to see John as a daddy to a little girl! (Yes, I will have her signed up for dance classes ASAP)

We had a great rest of the week and weekend. Alissa and Mia came to visit! We celebrated Kerrigan's 10th birthday, shopped, and shopped some more!

Got my First FLU shot EVER! Need to protect this little lady!

 Stella got to join us for dinner with our friend Lance on Friday! Her new favorite restaurant is Roosters... just saying. Lance called little baby Edmonds 'little lady' and it has stuck! I love to think that she is going to be a little lady!
 Mia Grace made the trip and we got to hang out! Stella and Mia are friends forever now!
 Could this be any cuter?! Baby Under Armour! Amazing!
Mia got to ride the horse (Sandy) at Meijer! for 1cent, it is a great deal!

 Saw this picture at Francesca's and decided I can make it myself for less than $42. I will keep you posted!
 Sunday Sundaes! These kids earned a different piece of their to sundae by memorizing a Bible verse every week. To say they were excited is an understatement... YUMM!
 It was a jam packed weekend. Needless to say, we fell asleep at 7pm one night. I woke up from 10-12am and came back to the bed with Aspen in my spot. She is awake because of the flash.. but she was snoozing away!
 Updated picture of the little lady's closet! 

I put together a file folder to hold all of the information that we get from doctors, the hospital, etc. I will put a post on what I used and the tabs I decided on. (I got the idea from Pinterest) and have already started to fill it! I found this book/folder packet from my doctor (9 week appointment) and figured I should get reading. Most things I read were not a shock or at all scary... until I read about the swabbing of my bum!? Anyway... I am over it, but it was rather shocking! (haha) No one tells you these things! I have also been reading about things that need to get finished like my living will and medical power of attorney. I feel far too young for that... but I will be finishing that up soon. I am not overwhelmed yet, but I feel like if I can be as organized as possible, I should be ok! 

On a side note: a lovely woman from my church went into labor this morning (at 36 weeks) and gave birth to a baby boy in THREE hours! I know this is not typical, but man... I may be able to handle three hours! Yes Yes Yes... I know this is not how it is going to go down... but a girl can dream! :) Please keep this mommy and baby in your prayers for continued health. 

Here is to another productive and fun filled week! 


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