Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Motto of the Pregnancy... Chill.

I am a very particular person. I know that a lot of things still need to happen before little baby Edmonds arrives. So, in my head, I have a list. A very LONG list. But, instead of stressing, I am going to learn to chill. This past week was full of fun.

Stella Grace TURNED two! Now, this past summer, whenever Danny would pick up Kerrigan he would tell Stella "Peace Out". So...we practiced holding up two fingers and by the end of the summer she would say PEACE to him when he left. Well, I didn't think this through. She doesn't say TWO when you ask her how old she is going to be, or show her two fingers, she says, "PEACE". So... happy PEACE birthday Stella Grace. I love you and you are my favorite girl!
 -Chalkboard All About Stella for her 2 year pictures-
 Throwback to Stella at four days old (all four pounds of her)!
Happy Birthday Big Girl <3
We found a snake... in the driveway... and we had to get it to safety! John and I photographed as Kennedy hid, watching from the car. Mason grabbed the snake and Hudson proclaimed "WE SHOULD PROBABLY CALL THE ZOO!" He was so excited! 
 A HUGE weight was lifted off of our shoulders when a man bought our car from craigslist. Craigslist can be terrifying, but God blessed us with a safe and secure transaction. It was a bit of a hassle with the bank, but we figured it out, and are excited to be DONE! Four door cars are filling our garage. Whew!

This week, I decided that I needed to clean the nursery closet, get a few things more organized. The closet is officially empty and now all the 'junk' that was in it is scattered in the guest room and office. Oh well, it isn't in the nursery. I moved around the furniture a bit in the nursery too, and I am finally happy with the layout. I am now starting to find different things to decorate with and have ordered a few things too! That is the fun part. I know that it will be even more fun when I know whether little baby Edmonds is a boy or girl. This is the chalkboard for the nursery. I am keeping tally of the votes that come in via picture. I have started our reveal video... and I LOVE it so far. I am so excited to get more of these pictures. People are being very creative and I am so ecstatic. 
 Stella enjoyed her PEACE sign birthday cupcakes! We joined the party and had a lot of fun with the family. That icing is bionic... pink that doesn't go away... I have seen it since the party, in the potty. Just saying.
John and I got Stella these amazing fabric letters from an instagram friend. They are adorable, fun, and Hudson loves them too! He practiced his letters all by himself, no prompting. He is getting so much better!
 These are one of the two pairs of fun PJs. She loves them and looks ADORABLE in them!
 Stella and I went to DQ today for lunch. It was just me and Stella today as all the older kids were in school. She ate her whole lunch, so she got to have the ice cream treat. This picture is hilarious. She was loving the ice cream and eating it all by herself! She is becoming so independent. Potty trained, feeds herself, entertains herself... I need her to slow down! By the time little baby Edmonds is here, she will be changing diapers! (that may not be a bad thing... hehe)
 Stella got cupcakes for her birthday (Melissa and Doug). She had a blast 'decorating' them, adding the candles, cooking them, blowing out the candles, and eating the cupcakes! Advice to anyone who purchases or plays with these, the marker 'icing' will come off of the icing and get on your face when you eat you cupcake. Kind of like the bionic pink icing... I see a trend.
I am looking forward to the excitement that is to come. We find out what gender little baby Edmonds is in one week! ONE WEEK! That is crazy! I will do my absolute best to post the video as soon as I can. I plan on posting it that night, so that everyone can find out if it is a boy or girl. I have big plans for the video, so I hope that I can hold myself accountable and get it finished. In order to help with that, please send your pictures of your guesses as soon as you can! I am getting that part done so all I have to add is the video of the reveal!  

Now... should I be decorating for fall... it is October 1st... eh. I am going to watch the Buccos instead and chill. 


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