Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pictures of Reveal and Ultrasound-20 Weeks

Last night was a whirlwind! We came home and John arrived first! (I got my nails done for the occasion... hehe) We changes our clothes and then we went into the nursery. Karmon and Jamie had it all set up and ready to go! John decided while we were getting dressed that he now (after the ultrasound where we saw NOTHING) thinks it is a girl. So... my reaction in the video is in response to him 'changing' his mind RIGHT before.

Here are a few pictures from the reveal and the ultrasound. I made a video of the ultrasound (we had the nurse video the whole thing) to share. Enjoy the pictures and video!

Thank you EVERYONE for all of your kind words, love, and excitement for our baby girl! <3 We are blessed with amazing family and friends. This little girl is going to love you all!

 Ready for Us to Arrive
 Adi was anxious...
 The FINAL vote!

 So... Adi was too excited and peed a little.... (don't worry, I pee a little sometimes too Adi girl)

 DOGSHAMING: I pee when I get excited about my new baby sister!
 So excited, nervous, and anxious!
 This is it!
 YAY! It is a little sister! (Can't you see the excitement in the puppies' eyes?) 
 Take Two...
Take Three... (this time daddy wasn't focused... and Adi was eating confetti)

 Hot Mess. We are going to need to pull it together! ((haha))
 Pink Cupcakes to Celebrate!
 We like food. A lot. 

 John being 'spirited' and pushing me... 
 Preggo down!
 Confetti was everywhere!

 "It's a Girl!" 
 So IN love <3

 Note from the doctor! (For the record, her hunch was WRONG)
 This shot is of baby showing us #1 with her tiny hand and a sort of above shot of her head.. you can see her eyes, nose and cheeks.... we are in for with the cheeks!
She was kind of wiggly... this is a side profile and she was arching back... Acrobat?
 Really blurry, but her foot (going side to side, toes on the right, heel on left)
 Pretty Girl's Face! She was moving her mouth!
The 'money shot'. Butt on the left, legs going to the right, and IT IS A GIRL!

 Wardrobe update... The flannel shirt has been put away and replaced with PINK! Perfect for a February baby girl!
In honor of the news, I decided to wear pink today. (coincidentally, Alissa sent me a picture that she is wearing pink out of excitement as well!--We have the same brain sometimes!)

I think that this is all of the pictures... I will try to upload the video of the ultrasound next post. 

<3 Alexis


  1. What an incredible way to announce!!!!!! :) :)

  2. Thanks! It is so fun to watch what everyone predicted to this day! :) makes me laugh.