Friday, October 25, 2013

Pumpkins... Pumpkins... Everywhere!

Well, I was looking forward to carving pumpkins with Stella and Hudson on Hudson's day off of school. Stella was SO excited when we bought them at Kroger. (3.99 per pumpkin and they are gigantic) I sat one in the cart with her and she just giggled. She thought it was hilarious. We worked on what color it was and to hear her say ORANGE is hilarious. She really exaggerates the G!

She hasn't been feeling the greatest so I was skeptical as to how the day would go. We brought in the pumpkins and got to work. These are the BEFORE and very excited faces!

 This is Hudson when he took the top off of his pumpkin. He was shocked to see that much 'stuff' inside. He is now hesitant...
Stella wanted to peek inside too! I was still working on getting hers open!

Let the scooping begin... 
Stella is eager to open her pumpkin! She refused to touch the 'guts' but would stir them with the spoon!
 Action shot! 
Interesting... I like this stuff!  
 I will just say cheese... I am NOT touching that stuff!
 Hudson chose a MEAN, scary teeth, pumpkin. (Thank you Hudson for your easy design)
All Lit Up!
 The Sofia Template... (Thank you Stella for being insistent on having THIS one)
 I carved Stella's mostly on the couch because she did NOT want to sleep in her bed. So she slept on the couch and I carved. I broke BOTH tools that came with the kit, and resorted to many different knives to get the job done.
 All done! Stella calls her PIA! Every time she sees it! 
 All lit up! <3 I think it turned out pretty well. She was worth the two hours of carving... bloody fingers, etc! (haha) 
Happy Halloween! 


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