Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sleep Helps... Tremendously!

Well, last week I was able to sleep! It was amazing! I don't know if it was because of sheer exhaustion or the dogs happily slept in their beds as well. I don't really care... I slept!

So, the week continued with pumpkin carving. (see Pumpkins... Pumpkins...) and then we were able to spend time with some of our church family and their friends. Saturday was cold. Not frostbite cold, but it was cold. We went to the Campbell's house to watch the Buckeye's crush Penn State as it was projected on the side of the house. Very fun! We also had a HUGE fire to keep us warm. It was nice to just hang out, watch the game, and sit by the fire. (the fire was so big, it was still burning the next day) We had chili, hot dogs, dips, desserts, and I really enjoyed popcorn. Here are a few pictures from the night. Yes, we look absurd, it was cold and late. 
 This picture of John is hilarious! I look a mess! -haha-
Just watching the game! :) Way to go Bucks!

Now... the start of this evening was not simple. We had relaxed during the morning. I made chili to take to the game, but other than that we relaxed. Well, I started to get ready and it normally takes me about an hour. Well... I was rudely interrupted by my need to pee... every 3 minutes. I felt like I was about to explode, I'd go in to pee, and about a teaspoon would come out. Seriously?! I was beyond annoyed, frustrated, etc. It is just a strange feeling and no one wants to feel like they have to pee all the time. I couldn't decide if little baby Edmonds was on my bladder for some reason (don't put it passed me, I tried to jiggle her around hoping if she was the culprit, she would move). I was beyond annoyed so I texted my friend Melissa. She just went through doula training (and we are considering the options of using a doula) and I figured she may know what was going on. I googled, of course, and I assume it was the start of a UTI. So... she gave me some hints and on our way to the game, we stopped and bought cranberry juice. It was my drink of the night. Classic. Nothing like walking into a party carrying cranberry juice. No one drinks it unless they can't pee. haha. Oh well, I don't have shame and I was desperate for relief. I did feel better by the morning and I have been diligent to drink more water. 

Sunday was a WONDERFUL day off. We were able to sleep in a bit, relax a bit, do a few things productive, then melt into the couch and recliner and watch 'SCANDAL' on Netflix. When I say we did a few things productively, I mean... I went to the basement and felt it was time to get organized. We have a pretty big basement. But, recently, we have just been taking things to the first 'area' we get to and dropping it. So... I was/am determined to get the BACK of the basement organized and all of the stuff labeled and such so that when the time does come to finish the basement, all the stuff will already be in the area that I want to use as storage (and won't be finished). Might make life easier when that time comes (in 10 years haha). I spent a good amount of time organizing a few things and then I needed John's help. Well... he was already melting into the couch... so I joined him and we decided to watch more of SCANDAL. OH MY WORD! What a show. Yes.... there is scandal. Affairs, sex, treason, lying etc, but the way it is written is so thoughtful and fun to watch. We got halfway through the Second Season... and John shut it down. :( I would have watched it entirely. Anyway... I suggest the show if you are interested. Give it some episodes to get into it. You won't regret it. (and if you do.. sorry) I felt that Sunday was amazing. I felt refreshed going into the new week. 

Speaking of the new week.... 
Stella has been potty trained for about a month. We would normally be naked and she would just go to the potty. Well... she wasn't feeling good one day and we used a pull-up in case of nasty poo. Well... she is now being stubborn and doesn't want panties on. I am glad I was rested. As the week has progressed, things have gotten a little better. We got a potty to go over the big potty. That helped for a little bit. Then, I found flushable wipes with Mickey and Minnie on them. We have been GOLDEN! The problem is, when you suggest that she go to the potty to try (for fear that she is going to zone out and have an accident) she refuses. Flat out. I mean she is a strong-willed redhead. Good thing I am stubborn. She eventually goes when I am ready to walk out the door. I am assuming she no longer needs my constant nagging to remind her. She has been dry... I just get nervous. 
Nudity... always. Clothes are a fight at this point that I am not willing to engage in.

 She would make any face I would... hilarious!
Monday night was full of coloring. Stella coloring 'pia' (Sofia) of course, Kennedy chose Berenstain Bears and Hudson chose bats. Stella still has this picture and adds more color to it daily. It is so sweet to watch how focused she is when she colors. 

So, Stella tends to get carsick when she gets in the car after lunch. So, I plan lunch then we walk around somewhere, grocery shop, play, etc. Well, today we got to go see the puppies. It is a favorite activity! (You should try it.. they let you play with puppies for free, and the puppies get exercise and aren't stuck in their cages) Look at this 'little guy' that stole our hearts. A Neo mastiff (Adi is 1/2 Neo). He was so fun to play with. Stella loved him!
Baby's Best Friend <3
 If I weren't almost 6 months pregnant and he didn't cost $3200, I would have definitely come home with this guy! He was amazing! 

Hope you have a great Halloween this week. The forecast is calling for rainy Trick-or-Treating... should prove to be interesting. I LOVE meeting all the kids, interacting with them, talking about their costumes and sharing candy with the neighbors! Be safe and visit a pet store sometime to play with the pups. They need love. <3


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