Tuesday, October 8, 2013

.The Week of Anticipation.

Well this may have been the longest week of my life! But, I know that tomorrow I get to find out if I am going to be a mommy to a little boy or little girl.

So many pictures were sent this week and every time I got a new one, I smiled. The stories behind them, the themes, the creativity, the "I don't want to take a picture, but I will for little baby Edmonds", and the love. It is so exciting to add them to the video. I re-watch the video after I add the pictures from the day and I love it more every time! I am so excited to share it with you tomorrow.

We had a busy weekend with Elfa installation, the twin's baptism, and of course, MORE Elfa installation.

The weekend started with a very excited couple heading to Easton to pick up the Elfa closet they designed for little baby Edmonds' nursery... (that would be me and John). When we got there, the excitement is hilarious because we know that we love the product and are going to get another big project off the list for the baby. We loaded the car, and headed home. John had some schoolwork to do, so I relaxed a bit. Then he said, "Let's go try and install the Elfa!" I jumped up quicker than any other pregnant woman! We headed upstairs. Some of the pieces are heavy, so John did all the lifting. I had the closet already cleaned out (whew) and stuff shoved in random rooms to be organized. The only negative to Elfa (which really isn't a negative) is that EACH piece has a price sticker on it. That was my job of the night. I removed a TON of little price stickers, hoping each time that they would come right off and leave no residue! (I was successful). As John built away, I managed to snap one picture.

Adi and Aspen LOVE to be in the nursery. Aspen was more interested in licking the drywall dust off the floor (she is crazy) and Adi just chilled out and watched daddy build.

So, after about an hour of building and sticker removal, John got to the lowest 'rung' where we planned to hang pull out drawers. He puts it in... and sllliiiiiiiiidddddeeee, pfft. sllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiidddddddeeeeeee, pfft. Hmmm... John had a look of disgust. So, I go over to assess the situation and the drawers WILL NEVER fit through the opening that the sliding door allows. So, all that building (& sticker removal) was pointless. We had to take it back. There is nothing worse than starting a project and not being able to finish it! Totally frustrating! So... we decided to take it all down, pack it up, and take it back Sunday to redesign and return. We went to bed defeated...by shelving.

The next day we were blessed to be part of my best friends' twins' baptism! How beautiful. We stopped at Liberty Hill to help out on our way to the baptism. We got the baptism, and we enjoyed the contemporary service that the church had to offer. I have a TON of pictures of Zoey and Luke, but I will share just a few. They are a wonderful set of twins and completely different! Zoey took the baptism in stride with a smile on her face... Luke did not. He was not happy about it and made sure we all knew!
 -Zoey Bell-
 -Luke Steven-
 -Family Picture-
-God Bless Zoey and Luke-

After a wonderful reception, we headed back to Easton to get this baby closet sorted out. Whew! We walked in and the new Elfa helper was AMAZING! She was so helpful and listened to what we wanted exactly. I am so excited. We even MADE money on the deal and spent less on the new Elfa. I must say, I think we even got more storage than the previous design. SCORE! Today was a great day thus far. As the parts were being pulled for our new Elfa, we decided to walk around and shop a bit. We got new car chargers for our phones (mine seems to die all the time!) and we headed to Victoria's Secret to figure out these bad boys that are growing rampant! The last time I headed to VS, I was not excited and got measured in the front, but had no desire to try on. This time, I was ready! I headed straight to the dressing room and was greeted by Shelby. She measured me and sent me to a dressing room with a bra that they 'check fit' in. I loved the bra! So, after I was fitted... and I am not small...ugh, she gave me a box of all the types of bras that they have in my size. I tried them on and liked 4! WOW! So, I ended up getting one, but she wrote down the others so I could come back. I am feeling great about my purchase and so glad I had a great experience. On a side note, I was told at Women's Group that Nordstroms is also a fabulous place and they can turn bras into nursing bras! They may be on my next stop after baby! 

So, when we got home after the Easton excursion, we were anxious to set up the Elfa, but we had a lot of stuff to get done. We decided to work for a bit, then get started. We worked on the Elfa for a little bit (I removed stickers again!) and John would build. Because we saved money, I was able to buy the hamper that I had been eyeing! I am so excited. It is just a large wire basket, but I love the color! I think it may double as a stuffed animal corral if needed in the future (Or we will need to buy the smaller versions for toys) <<wink>> <<wink>>. 
 Elfa... Take Two!
 ..New Layout..
Supervising-Adi Rose!

 Daddy onto build number two!
 Drawers and Shelves
 Tons of hanging space!
 Shelf Baskets-these are an additional piece and we love them!
 Closer Picture of the Shelf Baskets
 I have to admit... I saw this outfit at Kohls when we were about 8 weeks pregnant. I just fell in love with the baby plaid!  I mean... adorable. So, about a week ago, I saw it again and decided that it needed to be purchased. YES, I know it is for a boy, but I have decided that if we have a girl, I am going to put her in it with jeggings and a super cute brown puffer vest (I still must find that). It was too good to pass up! I had to buy it. Don't judge. 
This is how Aspen helps... She waited and waited until this chair was open (It had baskets stacked on it in the beginning) and then she claimed her spot. She is six years old and getting old, but I think she is going to be excited about a new baby! She fell asleep on this chair in about 3 minutes. She is silly and annoying at times, but adorable! 

I will post nursery pictures when I actually have it completed. I am not close to that yet. I still have a bit of decorating to do. Until then, try to gather your idea of the nursery through the sneak peeks! :) 

Tomorrow is the DAY! We find out if we are having a boy or girl... son or daughter... AAHHHH!!! The excitement is too much! We are going to the doctor at 3:15 October 9th. We are going to have the doctor seal the gender in an envelope and our great friend Jamie is going to have a small gender reveal tomorrow night. John has Parent-Teacher Conferences and won't be home until 8:30. I hope to get the reveal filmed, and then head to the computer to share the video with all of you! <3 Be patient, I will do my best to get it finalized as quickly as I can. 



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