Tuesday, October 8, 2013


How far along: 20 Weeks

Total weight gain: I will find out tomorrow how my weight gain is going. I think that my baby bump is bigger. 

Maternity clothes: Still using the rubberband trick, one pair of maternity pants, and a plethora of maternity shirts. New maternity sweater to be debuted in the reveal video tomorrow!
Stretch marks: Still have stretch marks and I am sure they aren't going to magically disappear. I did have a thought though... I wonder if acne scar mask/facewash would help diminish them. I mean.. it works on my face... I will keep you posted!

Sleep: I am sleeping better on my side. I start left side, go to right side, then back to left again.  

Best moment of this week: Twin baptism and finishing little baby Edmonds' closet!

Miss anything: I miss my house being clean. I truly have no energy to even do the dishes after work. It is disturbing. John and I worked hard Monday and today to finish the cleaning. I am feeling better about it now. 
Movement: Definitely movement. Today, after we hung a few things in the nursery and finalized the vote tally, and little baby Edmonds was a moving machine when I laid down! I had John feel, and he said, "It is random little movements" and I said yes! So I think he actually felt baby move!!!! So exciting. 
Food cravings: I have been enjoying bananas lately. (for the record, I have NEVER liked bananas) 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope. I have been weaning off the medicine and so far so good. I still take it, but not as much of it. I hope that I can finish and be happy and not feel sick. 
Have you started to show yet:  Little Baby Edmonds is very apparent in my opinion. I think it is strange to see.  
Gender: WE FIND OUT TOMORROW!!!!!! I hope baby cooperates! I will post the video as soon as I can! 
Labor signs: nope. 
Belly button in or out: in.
Wedding rings on or off: on.
Happy or moody most of the time: I did get crazy eyes with John this week about the house and how it is dirty. Then, he cleaned the entire downstairs (spotless) while I was at Women's Bible Study! I love him! <3
Looking forward to: FINDING OUT IF I AM HAVING A SON OR DAUGHTER!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!! :) :) :) 

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