Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sleep... It Is All We Need...

This week was LONG! Hudson only had school one day this week, and then all the kids were home on Friday... no naps during naptime this week! And boy did I miss these naps. For some strange reason BOTH dogs feel it is necessary to wake up at 3am (when I get up to pee religiously) and join us in the bed. Not a good thing. Non-pregnant Alexis didn't LOVE this family bed theme, and pregnant Alexis can't STAND it! I try to be tolerant because I think they are just cold (thank you Ohio weather) but sometimes, I just want to go nuts... and I may yell. Sorry neighbors.  Here are some pictures that will guide you through my crazy, exhausting, fun-filled week!

Stella and Hudson LOVED reading at the library! Stella and I have already been back. I want this mat thing in my house... just a thought. 

I made my FIRST Zulily purchase for little baby Edmonds. She is going to have some cute ruffly rompers for newborn pictures, fun flower clips, and I found John the perfect backpack to use as a diaper bag! (Puma is a favorite in this house and I like the look of this bag=SCORE)

 At our library visit, I got some books to read and a DVD for some prenatal yoga/workout. I read Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy in one sitting. It was funny, honest, and somewhat insightful. Easy to read and already returned. I also got The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy and Pregnancy IQ by Rosie Pope. I haven't had the energy or time to crack those open, so they were renewed. The DVD has yet to be used. This is frustrating. I really want to do it, but by the time I get home (or even during the day) I have no energy. I will get to it. I am making that known so you can hold me to it! 
 We went to Chuck E. Cheese on Friday. These were our excited faces! (haha) Kennedy came too, but she didn't join this picture. I like Chuck E. Cheese. I think it is clean, an easy way to have fun, and includes lunch! I really enjoy the pizza! I always have. It is so fun to watch the kids earn tickets, take pictures of themselves, and decide (painstakingly) what prizes they will get. I walk around with Stella and play different games, ride a few rides, and earn some tickets. This time, Stella got a prize too! (we usually forfeit our tickets to the pot for the older kids) She loved her purple star princess wand... for about 10 seconds and then she passed out in the car. WIN! My one tip for Chuck E. Cheese: Have the same routine every time. We go in, get out food ordered, find a seat, divide the tokens, they play in the play place UNTIL after we eat lunch (NO TOKENS yet) and then after lunch they can use their tokens. This spreads it out and also utilizes the play space that they normally would not use. I have always had success with this timeline... no complaints or fussing. 
I decided it was time to change up the chalkboard. I just did a fun "It's a Girl" sign. We are keeping the name secret until she is born, but I added a few nicknames she has acquired. NOTE: I know you can still see the chalkboard marks from the first chalkboard... ANY suggestions on how to remove them. I wiped it a few times!

I saw this super cute shirt on Pinterest and couldn't wait until the Annual Edmonds' Family Fall Festival to make it and wear it! How exciting that it is a girl and I could add a bow! I got the shirt at Target, the bow and Iron-On black sparkle 'paper' at Joann Fabric. The bow is a pin/clip that can be used again. the shirt looked cute and was fun to wear! Crimson loved pointing out the different parts of the pumpkin face. The Fall Festival was full of fun activities! Here are a few pictures!

 Aunt Tiff and Edmonds making melted crayon art! Cool!
 Ellia and Garrison waiting patiently with a smile to melt!
 Atherton making my favorite craft: Nailed Pumpkins! Genius if you ask me. There were pieces of cardboard full of nails and spray painted. The kids had small hammers and could use the nails to make designs on their pumpkins. NO MESS, easy to do for all ages (3-adult), and they turned out amazing! (Not to mention they had to use hand-eye coordination to get the nails in) They had hilarious hair, funny faces and every kid had nails that spelled out their names to 'brand' their pumpkins! I even got a pumpkin for little baby Edmonds! I made an 'E' on one side and a spider on the other. Funny story: Adi loves pumpkins. She climbed on the COUNTER to try to get our pumpkin. I had to put it on the top of the fridge and she sat and cried, staring longingly, for 30 minutes. Silly Pup!
The kids made fun dessert. They took a donut hole, dipped it in carmel, dipped that into Heath bits, and then added a 'stem' out of a pretzel! SO cute! I didn't sample the adorable desserts, but they looked fun and fall-ish. 
John and Crimson stopped to get a picture. She does smile (haha) He looks good holding a little girl! She is no longer going to be the youngest cousin (out of ten!) I am glad they will get to be friends! (ps- she had on the cutest knee-high socks! I can't wait to inherit them!) 

This is my main man Atherton. We have been buddies ever since he was born. He is already in FIRST grade. I find it hard to believe.... so grown but still full of so much love for his Aunt Lex!

The party was on Sunday. I had a strange claustrophobic reaction to my clothes. I COULD NOT get comfortable all day. It is starting to become more common. Nothing is comfortable, it seems tight (and it isn't at all) or it is too hot, just plain annoying. I am hoping this passes quickly because I love clothes and making sure I look nice but if I feel like this, it may be shorts and t-shirts all winter! BLAH!

Monday morning started off with a bang when Stella chose this Halloween ensemble. And when I say she chose, I mean SHE chose. I will pick stuff out, Karmon will pick things out, she usually wants nothing to do with it... and goes her own route. (Just wait until picture day... see below) Outfit aside, we had a pretty peaceful day, relaxing at home. (Hudson has school 3 times this week... he needed a day of relaxing at home... so did Alexis)

I want to point out that the good day ended there. The dogs have been non-stop this week with waking up, moving around, barking and I have been REALLY uncomfortable when it is time to sleep. I have tried body pillows, pillows, blankets, different sleeping attire, switching from side to side, and EVERY night I have woken up in the middle of the night with my left arm completely numb. Not tingly or asleep numb, like a dead arm numb. So I get up, shake it, rub it, stretch it and nothing seems to work. It is no longer numb, but now it hurts... like I just lifted weights (and I can assure you I haven't). I can't get comfortable and I am not doing well with the mix of dog annoyance and arm annoyance. (Yes, Yes, I know, it is just preparing me for the future with a newborn... well guess what, she isn't here yet... and I want to get some sleep! I will cross that bridge when I get to it. Until then, sleep...) So, now to this picture. We store the dog food in just a simple storage container with a rubber handle. Well, needless to say a tired, agitated and dog annoyed Alexis dropped the recently-filled container and dog food went everywhere! WHY? UGH! Anyway... because Aspen, The Beagle, has an excessive eating issue, I had to throw her outside while I cleaned it up. She barked and howled the ENTIRE time...not helpful. Adi, the mastiff, was now scared of the big box and food on the floor and was panicking as I swept up the food. Needless to say, the floors had some dog hair on them.. and now it is part of their diet. I was not about to sit and pick it all out. Sorry pups. Maybe it will fill your tummies and you will sleep through the night! (haha- wishful thinking) 

TUESDAY: Picture Day for the Dorsey's! Prior to this picture, Stella decided she didn't want to wear her pretty dress. (see above for stubbornness) She proceeded to have a good 30 minute tantrum about the dress. Karmon and I took off her coveted owl dress and dressed her in the picture attire. Whew! It was quite the workout! These pictures are somewhat after the storm had passed. She did look adorable.
Still debating...
 Being a fuss.
These shoes (which we thought would be a GREAT bargaining tool... not so much) are ADORABLE! I can't wait to inherit these too! 
 We drove to the middle of the field to a couch that was randomly placed there... haha... and these are just a few candid pictures. Look at how handsome Hudson is! This was an up-close and personal shot!

The light was amazing. And Stella had calmed down and was full of smiles for the camera!

Brotherly love while waiting for their turn! Hudson loves his big brother! Mason loves him back. 

 Instagram-ed photo of Stella Grace. 

Pictures were successful. The beef stew I had made, not cooked. Of course... so we headed out for Mexican. This made it a later night. Stella and I were looking forward to our nap today to say the least. Check out these pictures from her waking-up sequence from her THREE hour (glorious) nap! 
Step One: Rub face.

Step Two: Rub eyes.

Step Three: Keep rubbing...

Step Four: Realize you are being documented and give me your BEST CHEEEEESE smile. 

Step Five: Document the amazing bed head and be sure to use an instagram filter to ensure maximum coloring! 

-good thing she doesn't have a camera to document what I look like when I wake up-

Here is to hoping that we have a restful night and a fun day tomorrow. We will be carving pumpkins. Ooooh! the GOO!!! My favorite! :) 


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