Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Appreciation Dinner-Italian Style!

Like I said in the previous post, I hosted a dinner for the wives of pastor's to show our appreciation as a body of women in the church. The day started with Stella and I shopping for the ingredients, coming to my house (where I assumed she would sleep.... WRONG) cleaning, and setting up. Then... bring on the party!  John took Stella home and Karmon came here to help with the cooking. Whew! :) I am glad. It was a great time had by all and I am glad we could all get together to celebrate and show our love to the two woman who help guide us in our walk with the Lord. Here are a few pictures from the party. All of the recipes came from Pinterest. I have a board that has them on their. Feel free to follow me to find them.
No Nap Stella- She was high on life at this point! haha

 Table Setup
Homemade Bruschetta Appetizer: Do not be intimidated... super easy to make and delicious!

 Antipasta skewers and 3Cheese Tortellini Skewers with Pesto Sauce: I used a Knorr packet for the pesto... turned out amazing! 
Our drinks: Dollar Tree mason jar, paper straws (from Meijer), chalkboard stickers from Michael's with a small red rhinestone for decoration... tie it up with some twine, perfection! This was also the party 'favor' for the guests. (I used a chalk marker for the names)

-All Lined Up-
Part of the spread: Gemelli noodles, linguini, alfredo and red sauce, garlic knots, meatballs and chicken. 
 ~Create Your Own Pasta Bar~
 Girl talk during appetizers and start of salad course!
We like to talk and love each other! <3
Salad: romaine, olives, red onion, grape tomatoes, hot peppers, parmesan, and italian dressing. 

Simple Table decor with BIG impact!

My (sideways) pasta creation! Delicious! 

 Laura opening her gifts. 
 Kim opening her gifts. 

Initialed Journals with Matching Pens
We all came up with words that described both Kim and Laura. I created a word cloud on tagxedo.com and framed the words that we all think of when we think of them. Small gesture but full of love. They will always know how we love them and think about them. (This was great too because others who couldn't attend could still send words that they felt described the women and be involved.)

Tiramisu Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory 
(I was going to make a dessert, but knew this was easier and would probably taste better)
Simple 'Thanks' Banner I made from glitter scrapbook paper, twine and hot glue. I just cut out the pieces, glued them back to back and around a long piece of twine for hanging, then I cut pieces to make the letters and hung it in the entryway. 

This little man joined us at only 15 days old. He did great and loved on all of us! He may have liked my ever so growing bust. He is officially a boob man. haha. <3 And... I was told that if I held a baby, my baby may start kicking. Sure enough, she was kicking him! I told her she better settle down, he could be her future boyfriend! 
I am not a drinker, really, but I did take a small sip of this wine that was stashed in my cupboard and it was pretty good. It would make me a wine drinker. Maybe in March... this can be brought to my house to see if I still like it. :)

Of course I had to change my 'E' Decoration on my door. I used scraps from the banner, an extra chalkboard sticker and some twine to greet the guest!

PLEASE, if you have any questions about the party or set-up etc, just leave a comment. It was a great way to feed all 10 of us on a low budget but still be able to tailor our dishes to what we wanted. I suggest a create your own pasta bar for the many choices and delicious results. 

To Kim and Laura: We appreciate all you do for your families, husbands, and especially Liberty Hill Church. I am so blessed to have met you. <3


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