Thursday, November 28, 2013

Be Prepared

This week was full of many ways we need to get prepared. I was so excited for our birth class. I am a learner at heart (some call it nerd...). I like to know as much as I can as to not be shocked or surprised. I know that it is still going to be a process and who knows how it will all go down, but at least if they mention something, I would like to be educated prior not in the moment. Anyway... our week finished off with a few more coats of spray paint. I was beyond happy when the garage was cleared of the many frames and paint... and I could pull my car in. I appreciate a warm car in the morning, not scraping the windows.
 We took lunch to John really quick one day on our way to the stores to get some baby shower shopping done. Well... Stella was not happy that he only joined us in the car for about five minutes. This was the best shot I could get of her sobbing and saying... Jooohn, Jooohn, Jooohn.. the REST of the ride. It was pretty pathetic.
 She became all smiles when we got to the store. She always wants to buy a "boo/k/". I love that she loves to sit and read/look through books. And that is all she ever wants at the store! Funny girl.
We got TWO gifts this week. The first being the Rock-and-Play that I was so stressed would be sold out/unavailable. I saw it at Babies R' Us and Karmon came and got it for us! We were so excited to put it together. Adi sniffed it a few times, then walked away. Aspen was being a nosey beagle (always) and she was sniffing it and then had to get up on the ottoman to get a closer look! (I know I will find her snuggly butt in there one day... I think it will probably be hilarious)
 The second gift we got was a toy that I LOVE! I love the vintage coloring and it matches the nursery pretty well. The entire set of these toys/accessories are amazing! Thank you Anne! (now... how to keep Adi from eating the balls...)
This is just the cover of the resources we were given at our birthing class. We decided to do it all in one day. I am glad we did. They do need more comfortable chairs, but other than that.... amazing. It was great to see videos of how it all REALLY works, not what I have created in my head, heard from others, or learned in high school. I think that the science behind it was amazing to witness, and with that being said, it is truly a miracle to think of all the things that God has created/set in motion for a woman to be able to deliver a baby! I can remember a few things that I found fascinating and I feel I should share:
1. The journey for delivery is 4 inches. That is all the further it is from beginning to end. 
2. The uterus is the strongest muscle (man or woman) when in labor.
3. When a woman dialates, the muscle moves to the BACK of the baby and keep pushing. 
4. The placenta is the only organ that is fully created after birth and only lasts for the 10 months of pregnancy. (then it dies when expelled)
5. A baby is given skin to skin immediately to regulate the babies heart rate, temperature, and give it a sense of familiarity by hearing mom's heartbeat. 
6. Babies see light and dark when born. That is why a woman's nipples get darker. Within the first hour, a baby will look for the dark nipple to start breastfeeding. (natural instinct)

Random facts but I felt like they were very interesting!

We are blessed with an extended family of campers. John and I were camp counselors at Camp Presmont (church camp) where we were mentors to a group of girls and a group of boys. We are always in contact with them and make sure they are doing great! I know that it is amazing to know that they are growing in to adults and making decisions that will forever impact their lives. They keep us up to date and we love them dearly. After church, John and I got to see Eli for lunch! It was so nice to just sit, talk and really get to know how he was doing. He is full of life and a great young man. I am so proud of him and his pursuit of teaching. Growing up is hard, and Eli is doing a great job! (Please disregard how stinking LARGE I look in this picture. yikes. This sweater will be taken out of the rotation immediately!)

 Ultrasound pictures for the baby shower! I am so excited to make things for the shower. I sat down one night and got it all knocked out! Whew! It felt great. I have a few little things to do still, but they shouldn't take long. I am going to try to make a fringe banner... wish me luck! (pinterest, don't fail me now)
 I have seen many things at baby showers where the guests write wishes for baby. I wanted to do something a bit different. I wanted guests to write down things that little baby Edmonds NEEDS to do in her first year of life. (ex: visit Santa, see the lights, go to the zoo, etc.) Fun activities and musts for babies first year. If you are reading this... make sure you get your idea for the shower ready!
 Tuesday was full of random prep and of course a stop at Steak and Shake for some CHEESE! (grilled cheese is Stella's favorite). She looks adorable in that dorky hat!
 John and I were getting Christmas/Maternity pictures on Tuesday. I have been so diligent as to not bite my nails and I must say, I have succeeded! They aren't super long, but they are just the right length. So I treated myself to a manicure. Well.. Stella wanted her nails painted. She picked the color and was so excited. Check it out!

 If you know me, you know my nails are NEVER this long. I know... crazy to believe... because they aren't that long. But they were usually a good nub. I am so proud! And this color is so pretty for Christmas. (Sinful Colors from Meijer named Sugar Sugar)
Just a sneak peek! It SNOWED!!!!! Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I looked up winter maternity pictures and they were all snowy... I was so jealous. I wanted snow. And it snowed.... amazing! It was cold, but beyond worth it. I will post all of the pictures once they are edited and ready to share! (I found the perfect Christmas card too.... so exciting!)

Thanksgiving prep coming up...


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