Wednesday, November 13, 2013

-Feeling Quite Accomplished-

I want to start this post by saying that I am feeling rather accomplished this week. I feel like I had a lot of things on my random TO DO list. I accomplished most of them! I need to focus more on getting things ready for baby, but these things fell somewhat into that category...

Stella and I met Miss Laura and Blake at Lattes and Lollipops. We got to talk about Children's Ministry and that is one thing on the TO DO list that has been weighing on my mind. Whew! Stella didn't want to actually play at Lattes and Lollipops... of course, but she did behave and let us talk. I got straight to work that night and got 95% of the Children's Ministry stuff done! WHEW! I even got things printed and set up. That means, when little baby Edmonds graces us with her presence, it will all be in order at LHC and Miss Laura can step right in!  Currently on the agenda is the 2nd Annual Christmas Play. Here is a picture of Miss Laura and Stella after an attempt to go play. (she was not having it) That has NEVER happened before... we will try again.
Stella was being uber stylish these past couple of days. She loves wearing pants. This is a new development. She is potty trained, but it does complicate things a bit. I have to be ON TOP of it!
If you don't know me, then I should share that I am a nail-biter. I sucked my thumb until fifth grade. And I only stopped because I had to get braces. Anyway, I have decided that I probably started biting my nails around that time because I wasn't sucking my thumb. Anyway... I got acrylic nails (don't judge me) for the gender reveal video. I hate the way my nails look, and I was excited to have them look nice for the gender reveal. Well... I kept them up until this week. They just seemed to keep breaking and I don't have the time, desire, or money to keep paying to get them fixed or filled. So.. I decided to Pinterest ideas on how to remove the nails without completely RUINING the nails that have grown. Well, I was somewhat successful. I did the hold in acetone for a while.. Then I just scraped and prodded them off. Then on the other hand I tried the cotton ball soaked in acetone wrapped with foil fora period of time. I sent this picture to Jamie to show her! It ended up taking a long time. I am happy that I didn't have to go to the place and get them removed. (Last time it was like having bamboo shoved under my nails) So... The result was uneven, ugly nails, but they still had some length! I covered them with nail strengthening polish and went on with the day. I have made a decision. It took me 21 days to break the habit of sucking my thumb, I am going to to stop biting my nails. I want my nails to look nice on the day I deliver and look good in my birth photography (vain, I know.. but I hate my chewed nails look) So.. as of writing I have been bite free for 8 days! Woot Woot! They are starting to grow more, and look better. Hold me to it! 
This is how Stella has been waking up from naps this week. Rather frustrating, but she is just so tired when she wakes up. She needs time to just wake up.... and then move on with life. It is a sad face. I try to just tell her to go sit, relax, but it makes her cry more.. so I have learned to just not talk... It makes it worse. (It is an adorable cry face!)
 Hudson and Kennedy were so excited to see Courtney's picture on Facebook. They stopped my in the driveway to tell me. Well, before school, Hudson puts on this hat and says,  "Sent this picture to Tortney (Courtney). I miss her!" I sent it and she loved it of course. He was so proud of that picture. Courtney and Kaley need to visit soon! The kids are getting restless.
 Wrestling has become a staple activity when John comes over. It is hilarious to see them just tackle him  and he makes up hilarious named wrestling moves that they think are legit. I love this picture because Stella is ready to make a jump from the arm of the couch to crush him! haha. He is going to be an amazing daddy. Soon enough, wrestling at the Edmonds will commence. Little baby Edmonds is going to be tough... or get tough REALLY quick!
Just another day in -pants- for Stella. She loved wearing her bookbag that holds her letters. It was hilarious. She just kept saying "baCK paCK". She puts an emphasis on the /K/ sound. She found her buCKet that day to. I caught this picture while she was watching doC Mcstuffins. 

I know this is out of order, but check out the sweet shark fin headband we got at Burger King! She wore it the whole day! haha. Hudson was rockin' his too! This same day, Stella decided to play in the play area. No big deal. Well... it became a big deal when she climbed to the top (no issue) with Hudson and got all the way to the slide and refused to come down! I tried my best to climb up the slide, but this preggo didn't make it more than 5 feet up the stupid slide... so I was trying to coax her down... no luck. I finally had to take matters into Hudson's hands and have him go up and literally push her down the slide. She screamed the whole way! Classic. She survived. (This is a "before the play-place incident" photo)

 We got to spend a whole day at home on Tuesday, and we relaxed... watched all of the shows SHE wanted to watch (no big brothers or sister to change the channel). It was nice to just relax, play, and we even got a bit of tickling time!

Tuesday night was a lot of fun. Our church blesses families with new babies with meal trains. We sign up to take the family a hot dinner and the timeline is nice. (I am excited to be blessed with dinners... 1. I like to eat. 2. I hate to clean up dinner dishes. 3. I will be excited to see the friends from church and share our new bundle of joy!) Anyway, John and I got to bless the Alonso family with the birth of their little man! We took chili, cornbread, and brownies. I got to hold Xander and I handed him right over to John. Some men get nervous... not John. He is really natural at it. (having so 10 nieces and nephews on his side alone, helps.) I am so excited to see him with little baby Edmonds. It is going to be so cute!

On a side note, I get so many compliments on my chili. Everyone LOVES it whenever they eat it. So... I am going to share with you a QUICK and EASY chili recipe. It is so easy it is pretty pathetic. I make it the same way every time and it works out every time! I call that a success.

Here it goes:

1 pkg of McCormick Chili Seasoning (found with the gravy, crockpot seasonings, etc)
1 can of red kidney beans (undrained)
1 can of diced tomatoes (undrained)
1lb of ground beef (browned)
1 onion chopped
1 green pepper chopped
1 can of SUMMER CRISP corn (drained) *This is by far the best and only corn we eat!*
(optional) V8 Tomato Juice (I used about half a 12 oz can to add some juice to the chili) I felt it wasn't juicy enough...

I combine all the ingredients on the stove and let it cook until the onion and green pepper are cooked.

Sometimes, I just put it all in the crockpot in the morning on high and then after a few hours, I put it on low and stir.

Hope you try it and enjoy! (Let me know if you)

After we came home from visiting, I set to the basement and was ready to get it DONE! I had started the process a few weeks ago, but now that we have a new workout machine (Thank you Local to Powell on Facebook) I needed to get it done so we could set up the workout gear. I don't work out. haha. Maybe this will be motivation. (We did try yoga... It deserves a post all its own). So.. I spent 3 1/2 hours down in the basement moving everything to the BACK of the basement and I even re-organized. It looks so clean and organized, I am so excited! I would share pics, but my back hurt and I didn't feel like walking back down to take a picture. #lazypreggoproblems I hope that I can maintain the cleanliness and just add to the storage/organization when all the baby clothes make their way down there!

Try to embrace the snow and cold weather... it is only prepping us for the winter that is headed our way!


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