Thursday, November 28, 2013

Give Thanks 2013

Thanksgiving is a tradition that I love. We have been hosting ever since we moved into our house. It is so much fun and I feel so accomplished after the fact! It is exhausting, but full of love. I love to cook (hate the dishes), love family, and love eating. Being pregnant, I was so excited to fill this belly! (It doesn't take much to fill these days... jam packed already).

We make a gizzard stuffing. Family recipe. Well, we made it Wednesday night and the process is interesting and somewhat disgusting, but the final result is amazing!
 Adi got to taste some gizzard stuffing. It is a current holiday tradition to share with the pups. I think it is their favorite holiday!
 Aspen loves food, so she couldn't stop with the delicious stuffing! She would have eaten it all if we would have let her.
 Another Wednesday night tradition is to make stuffing "burgers". Just take the recently made stuffing and put into a patty shape, fry it up in a pan, and eat! Delicious. Check out Adi scoping the situation!
We make the turkey the same way every year. My dad helped us the first year (thank goodness) and we just do the same yearly. Why mess with something that works. We use a little bit of butter, to say the least. ;) It is disturbing at the time (and I won't even go into the NECK!) but it always turns out amazing! 

The prep was worth it and Thanksgiving lunch was a success. Here are some pictures from the day!
 The table! I love this tablecloth and napkins. I got them last year at Kohl's. The pumpkins were a dollar at a craft store, and I hot glued the little leaves to them. The vases are versatile. We use them year round, but change the contents. For fall, they are split peas and bean mixture for color. So festive!
 Just Danny being silly. He didn't want his picture taken, I took it and told him it would be on the blog. Maybe we will get smiles next time?
 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade... Festive Thanksgiving Banner... Pumpkins.... Family.
Birds the word! John carving it up! 
Still carving the turkey. So delicious! (I may have had a turkey sandwich for dinner too...)

 Just a better picture of the sparkly pumpkin and added leaves. Not hard to do, but really cute and cheap!
 The SPREAD! Rolls, Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans, Corn, Stuffing, Turkey, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy. All delicious!

 After dinner Rock Band. Mom got (I think) the first EVER 1% on the guitar. Then she realized she wasn't using the white button to strum. Kind of important. She got better!
 Kerrigan sang for us. She did good for not knowing many of the songs. I was on the drums... and super easy level was rather difficult at times.
 Singing can be exhausting. Much easier to lay down and sing. I must admit, that carpet is really comfortable.
 Just a close up of the green beans. They are AMAZING. I found the recipe on Pinterest and they are called Arkansas Green Beans. I suggest you find them, and make them. ASAP.
 The pumpkin pie! Fresh from the oven. I had more Cool Whip than pie.. but definitely worth it.
 Me, Mom, Wendy and Kerrigan. Little Baby Edmonds and her first taste of turkey. (also.. my hair has been wavy lately, and I went natural route today... eh.)
 Don't poke the baby! haha. There is definitely a baby belly! <3
 Sleepy Aspen after a long day of foraging for Thanksgiving food. She was so tired!
Adi crashed out on her bed too! John wasn't asleep, just being comfy on the floor with Adi. They like to snuggle. 

Our Thanksgiving was successful, full of love and food. I am so glad we were able to host again and make it another year of tradition. 

I am truly thankful for family near and far, friends, little baby Edmonds, my pups, food, shelter, and of course my Creator. I give thanks for all things. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


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