Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nursery Is Coming Together!

Well this week has also been very productive. So productive that I lost track of the actual week of pregnancy I was in. I first posted my belly picture at week 27... WRONG... I am 26 weeks. (oops) Stella and naps have been an issue the first part of this week. I don't know what the deal was... but she was NOT transferring from the car to the bed. This was one day that she woke up and refused to fall back asleep. She would just stare at me. Stink!
 This was the next day! Just sitting, watching t.v. because she didn't want to go back to sleep. (She fell asleep on the couch that night at about 6:30pm) Stink!
 As Stella sat on the couch being a grouch, Hudson and I worked on his Thanksgiving Turkey. They had to write about their family and what each person loved, etc. We kept it simple... but man were his answers funny! I started each sentence with "Mommy loves..."  "Daddy loves..." When it got to Kennedy he responds, "BEING SASSY!" Hilarious. We wrote it! .haha. Kennedy wasn't upset and knows it is true. He was so proud. He cut out the feathers and everything!
I decided that I was going to wear Stella out the next day. We were going on some adventures/Christmas Shopping. I was determined. I headed to Five Below (great store to get kid gifts for a good price) and was able to get EVERY kid on our list! That is a total of 18 kids! I also got our neighbor gifts and John's co-worker gifts. I just need to get to wrapping! Look how funny Stella looked in the jam-packed cart! She loved it though! (I did have to add a pillow to cushion her bottom)
 Friday... Oh I love Fridays! John and I met up with Courtney, Tom, Michelle, Adam and the twins at Courtney & Tom's new house! It was so nice to just hang out and relax. The twins are getting so big and very adorable. We enjoyed salad, pizza and dessert. Easy dinner that was delicious! I am so glad to have these girls in my life. They are amazing, beautiful, and so giving. I appreciate the friendship we have had over the years. We definitely need to make these get togethers a monthly activity!
 This is just a close up of me and Michelle.... look at that bump! It is very present and fun to continue watching it grow. It is funny to see how different it looks in different clothes. I am usually in a t-shirt that is too small, workout pants, and looking a hot mess. I tried to clean up for my friends. haha.
The weekend brought us the start of the many projects for little baby Edmonds' nursery. First on the list.. make the door a DUTCH DOOR! This has been my dream to do for the nursery since the day I found out we were pregnant. It is ingenious, and I didn't think it could be that hard. Can't be, right? It actually wasn't too bad. So, I will try to outline the steps with accompanying pictures. 

STEP 1: Find a place to cut your door. We did it just above the current door handle. We are blessed to have the Dorsey's and their tools. Alex just cut it in half!

STEP 2: We had a hollow door. (there are solid ones out there) We had to fill in the hollow space on the ends. We just added pieces of wood, puttied the top, then sanded it to make it flush. 

STEP 3: Add a fourth hinge. There was a tool that they used to add this to the door itself. The adding of the hinge to the door frame... not as easy. So... you take the hinge, put it in place on the door and then line it up on the frame. Then trace with a pencil and CHISEL the part out so the hinge fits in the hole you create. This is John, chiseling the new hinge spot! 
Still chiseling. It didn't take too long, but we did have a vaccuum nearby to get the small splinters of wood off the floor. 
STEP 4: Hang the bottom of the door. We had fun with the door set up like this. Not only is it perfect to just keep the dogs out, it is going to be perfect for puppet shows! Check us out cheesin' because we are so proud that it worked!

STEP 5: We needed to hang the top part of the door. This did seem to prove challenging. It was a game of adjusting and adjusting and adjusting. So... when the door wasn't latched together, it didn't close correctly. We did get it to work out.
 More adjusting. hehe.
 Here it is together!
 STEP 6: Add the slide lock hinge! We had to search Menards for a while, but we did find one that we liked. It is super easy to install. You screw in the slide lock, and then you add the little piece to the top of the door.
 The piece on the door. Just have it overhand to allow the slide to come through. (You can see the added wood/putty etc. for making the door somewhat solid)
 STEP 7: Paint. John painted the top of the bottom piece of the door. Then, we had a scratch on the front of the door and thought, lets just paint that. Well... the paint doesn't match right... so we are going to have to re-paint the entire door. oops again.
After we finished the door, we headed to the garage to hang the strollers on my side of the garage! It is exciting to see them every time I pull into the garage. The hooks I got from Wal-Mart were GIGANTIC! I wanted to be safe and make sure they would hold. They are a bit excessive, but worked great! Here is John hard at work!

 The finished product! The first is the frame for the stroller (that the car seat snaps into), the second is the toddler seat that snaps into the frame when little baby Edmonds gets bigger and the last is the great jogging stroller I got online for $30.00! You can't beat it! :) I am so excited to use these things. We bought the stroller online months before we knew we were pregnant. I love baby items and can't wait to use them and make them part of my daily life! It is so exciting!
 This is a random picture of Adi, but this was how she was 'helping' with the dutch door that night! She loves to be in the nursery. She will just go in and lay down. Sweet pup.
The weekend was exhausting for everyone. Even Hudson fell asleep on Monday for a nap! He and Chase snuggled for a few hours on the couch and Stella even napped in her bed again! Woo hoo!
Monday night John and I went to the basement to set up the new workout bench thing. I was not much help as I was monitoring the dogs. (They love to lick up the dust and cobwebs... but it makes them sick... so I have to just sit and snuggle on the couches down there.) No worries for me. I can just be a good motivator and supervisor! Motivation needed to happen. The new equipment was not cooperating as we had planned for set up. Here are some pictures of the basement. (I told you I got organized!)

Left wall: Outdoor/Patio furniture
Left shelving: Party supplies, organized by theme of course. 
Right shelf: Holiday decor and kitchen extras.
Right wall: Ping Pong table currently holding an obscene amount of carpet squares, baby clothes for later months, some teaching supplies, and a box of wedding memories.
 Looking from the back of the basement: The excessive couches, gigantic TV we don't use, and the old entertainment center I have been trying to sell. To the right of this picture is the work-out area and the stairs.
 Tuesday was a relaxing day at the Dorsey's. I was struggling with being really tired (see above mentioned labor around the house) so we decided to just make a day of staying in! Well... seeing as naps have become an issue, I was a bit worried. When it was naptime, I told Stella to go to the couch, and she fell asleep!!! And then she transferred to her bed! Amazing! I was so excited and proud.
 This picture may be one of my favorites. Big sister Kennedy has pretend glasses. Well... Stella wanted to rock them, and sissy was in school... so I let her. How adorable!? Well, after she put them on and stumbled into the living room, after chuckling at her clumsiness, I realized that they have a slight prescription and probably not the best. Good thing I got a picture. I wish I could have taken video to share the hilarity!
After finding a wonderful person on Local to Powell, I bought 24 frames from her. I have a big nursery project in mind, and needed frames. They are all pretty different. John and I laid them out in the way we wanted.
Then we added post-its as to what color they were being painted. I was debating about solid color, but more than one color is more fun for a kid!

 I saw on Pinterest, to make sure things don't stick when you paint them to add thumb tacks! Well... not only did it work but it was easy and effective! I recommend it to anyone painting letters, frames, wall hangings.

 Let the painting begin! I laid it all out in color coded sections (7 colors to paint total). We had frames, shelves, and two lanterns for each color. John did a great job! The shelves are Ikea spice racks. They are about $4 a piece. I got them for books. I love to read, know the importance of reading, and want books to be readily available to little baby Edmonds.
First coat of paint, DONE! The colors are not absolutely perfect, but they are pretty close. We ran out of red and blue... so off to the store I go.
Here are the lanterns for the globe mobile I am doing. They turned out great! I am excited to start this project as well. It is going to be a doozie!

I hope that you were inspired by some DIY today! John is asleep on the couch now.. how he isn't high on paint fumes is amazing to me. I wasn't even in the garage!

I will show completed project pictures ASAP! The internet has been down this week.. making life a lot harder. It is strange how much I miss using the computer as opposed to my phone. 


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