Friday, November 29, 2013

Nursery UPDATE!

Thanksgiving started with a BANG. I mean a bang of a hammer. The morning of Thanksgiving was full of activity. We put the bird in to cook and then moved on to the nursery. We had everything painted and printed. Here are a few pictures of John working hard and the final results. (the red isn't right... so we are going to re-paint those things soon with a new paint).
 John hanging the pictures. We are still one frame short... but it is on my to do list. 
 Adi was a good supervisor! I was in charge of handing the frames and positioning! 
Adding the prints! (some are still empty because we are waiting for maternity pictures) 

Finished product (thus far) This is above where her toys and little rocking chair. 
 NOW for the prints and close ups: (I just made these in powerpoint and printed at Office Max)
 -Mommy's favorite Bible verse-
 I love this reminder. 
 Found this picture online. Not sure where. But the first toy we bought her (before anyone knew) was a small little hedgehog! 
 Oh how HE loves us <3 So blessed.
 New nightly routine in the Edmonds house? I think so!
 Solid advice! I agree wholeheartedly!
 -Psalm 139:14-
 (glare) Don't Forget to be AWESOME!
 Dream BIG little one. :) 
 View from the door to the nursery. I think the colors look good! Now to add those pictures and hang those shelves. 
 Daddy being a champ and hanging all her bookshelves perfectly straight! 
 She loves to lay down in the nursery. It may be her favorite spot in a few months! (Aspen was sleeping in our room on our bed.. floor or tempurpedic... I'd be with Aspen-haha)
The shelves are hung! Daddy was so excited to pull books from Mommy's stash and put them in the shelves! Some of our favorites. (Just need The Pokey Little Puppy to add to the collection) I plan to rotate books in and out frequently and of course add holiday books based on the time of year. I am hoping to get some great Christmas ones on sale after Christmas! 

Things are shaping up! We have a few more things to do to finish decorating. I am so excited for our showers coming up. I hope we get the essentials... we are not prepped for the actual baby... but her room is looking great! :) 

I will keep you updated on upcoming projects! 


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