Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Prenatal Yoga...

Well... I have had intentions of doing prenatal yoga to keep up with some sort of fitness during this pregnancy. Then.. I started getting sick. Now that the morning sickness has passed, I went on my Local To Powell on Facebook (it is a buy trade sell site for the local area... and amazing!) and said that I was searching for a prenatal yoga DVD. I had rented a prenatal exercise DVD from the library, but it was only for a week, and I never got around to doing the workout or returning it. Fail. I had a $10 late charge. Anyway... a wonderful woman was no longer using her DVD, so I went to her house to pick it up and it was FREE! Woot Woot! I won't feel too guilty if I don't get around to it. Well.. this past weekend John and I decided to do the yoga. Well... I have done some yoga (I mean like 2 times) and it is hard for me to get very relaxed and zen. So... we popped in the DVD. I wish we had a hidden camera. It was beyond hilarious! So... we focused and did all the moves. It felt good to stretch my hips out. They have been hurting a bit. But... then we started really listening to what she was saying. Some of what she said was informative. Some was just ways of explaining the movements. Some was just her reminding us to breathe (which I find it hard to breathe that slowly... I start yawning and lose my breathe). Then... in the middle of the entire workout she says in a calm, serious voice, "Smile!" I made a HUGE cheesy smile and looked at John and he was doing the same thing! Needless to say, we lost it! It was hilarious! Then... the entire rest of the workout, we just chuckled and said "smile" in the creepiest way we could!

So... I will probably do the yoga again, but alone. I also hope to use the new DVD's that Melissa let me borrow when we were over visiting her newest little one! (they must work.. she looks amazing for just having a baby!) I hope to do some arm workouts with the new workout machine downstairs. I just wear a lot of short sleeve things, and I don't want my arms looking nasty. There is a place that just opened in Powell called Barre3. I want to go SO bad. It is what is sounds like. A workout that includes ballet barre, yoga and pilates in one! I contacted them and they are pregnancy friendly. Then I got information on pricing... eh, not so much! Around $20 a class... $100 for unlimited for the month... and other packages. I just can't seem to justify that amount of money. I may go in for a trial class and see how I like it. It just interests me because I bought the Fluidity a while ago and loved the workout it gave me. I just do not love following a video. I appreciate a real person telling me what to do. So... I think that this would be a fun class especially with my dance background. I will keep you updated. I am anxious to go  because if I fall in love with the classes... I can't really continue. The cost is too high.

So, I hope to keep this workout schedule up. But... being honest, I get home, sit, and lose any interest. I don't think I am gaining too much weight, but I want to gain strength. I know childbirth is hard. I am not in denial and know that I am going to need some sort of strength, epidural included. So, I need to get on the workouts!

If you have any great DVD's you used or felt were worth the purchase, let me know!


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