Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Rain delay, New Stroller, & Baby Fun!

This week proved to be JAM packed! (next week proves to be too)

Halloween did indeed get rained out. What a bummer! But, it was moved to Saturday night in our city. Stella actually wore her costume when they went trick or treating! I mean... little Bo Peep has never been so cute!
Then... I got this GREAT jogging stroller on a Facebook page that I follow. It is a great page that local to a specific area. Then, you can post things that you want to sell on the page, and you make arrangements to pay and pick up the item. It is a great system and has proven to be awesome! You just have to be FIRST to comment in order to get the item. Trust me... I have missed some great deals! We had registered for a jogging stroller and John is excited we got this one for only... drumroll please.... 30 dollars! That is a STEAL! (On a side note, we got our other stroller that holds the infant seat off the same site for $75 and it is originally a $300+ stroller!) 
 Stella was having quite the day when I picked up the stroller. I have video of her screaming fit (that lasted 25 minutes) but I will spare you. I took Stella and Hudson to Recreation Outlet. They are a place that sell the big wooden swingsets, trampolines and basketball hoops. BUT, you can pay 50 cents per kid and the kids can play! They loved it! She seemed to pull it together and was happy on the tire swing. We even saw Miss Laura and Blake from church!
 Speaking of Laura... on Friday I hosted the women of the church as we had a fun dinner to show our appreciation for Laura and Kim. They are the wives of our pastors and with it being pastor appreciation month, we needed to show our appreciation for them. They not only support their husbands, take care of their families, and they help guide all of our walks with the Lord as well. I will have a separate post about the party! It was a fun-food-filled evening!
 Saturday was a beautiful day. All day the sun was shining and it was looking to be a fantastic Trick-or-Treat! I started the morning meeting up with Courtney and Michelle (high school friends) at Scramblers and then Michelle and I shopped around for a little bit at Polaris. I got home and was exhausted from the previous day's events. So... when Trick-or-Treat time rolled around I was ready to get it over with. I put on my pumpkin belly shirt, watched John start my fire, and I gathered my supplies. I had my rocking chair, fire and candy all ready and waiting by 5:50pm. It literally... started to rain. The ENTIRE trick-or-treat. So... I lugged everything back to the porch and greeted from there. I hated having the kids walk all the way up to the porch (it isn't far, just not convenient...) so I decided to put on my raincoat (that looked hilarious on my belly!) and sit out in the rain. This was my view for trick-or-treat. Just add a large umbrella on top! The fire always seems to be a hit with the parents because they are freezing and love the 2 minute warm-up! I recommend it. I was nice and toasty as well!
 Monday rolled around and I decided it was going to be a library day. I had to return a DVD that I knew was late. It was a prenatal workout video that I didn't even watch or try once! I am sad about that aspect... I was even sadder when I had a $10.00 late charge. Annoying! It was waived because it was my first offense. haha. Anyway... back to the library visit. Stella and Hudson love the library. They read different books (I am pretty sure I read Stella at least 20 board books) and then they did puzzles and blocks. I thought I would take Stella over to the computers. I did and she loved sitting there. Only negative was I had NO idea what they were saying on the screen so I couldn't even guide her on what to push. I gave up after about 5 minutes and we went back to the books. I will have to figure this out next time. She does look cute on with the headphones on! So studious.
After the early library trip, both kids were starving so we went to the Subway that was in the Wal-Mart. I do these things because they both get car sick. It is unpleasant to drive anywhere knowing that at any point they may throw up! Stella doesn't grasp it yet and just pukes all down herself and cries in disgust. Well.... My plan was to eat and then let the tummies settle by walking around Wal-Mart. We looked at all the toys and I got good ideas on what to get them for Christmas. Whew! That was easy. Then... there they were... in the clearance aisle. Whirligigs. Only 50 cents! I showed Stella what to do and she LOVED it. Hudson loved it too and walked up and down the aisles blowing his to a spinning sensation. I decided... why not. For $1.00, they were so happy. Stella fell asleep, playing with hers in the car!
 Today, Stella and I took it easy. I had a doctor's appointment this afternoon and decided we could just hang out at home. She loved it. Look at this crazy woman! We take a daily picture to send to John to help make his day go faster and this was the best I could get today! She was cracking me up! CHEEESEEEEE! We had a simple lunch, played with the babies, read some books, and then it was time for nap.
 This is how nap commenced. Usually, that pink blanket is on my chest, she is facing me and falls asleep. Today, she decided she wanted to lounge on little baby Edmonds and watch some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I was sleepy too. We both fell asleep. I woke up 15 minutes later to find her passed out. I snapped this picture (little baby Edmonds was kicking Stella, but she wasn't able to feel it anyway and she was asleep) then carried her to her bed. She was still asleep 3 hours later when I left for the doctor. Amazing napper! <3 I can only hope to get that lucky in a few months.
I went to the doctor today and she said I looked great. I talked to her about my recent cases of acid reflux. She recommended Zantac. I plan on purchasing that tomorrow. Acid reflux is new to me and it is gross. She was proud of my weight and talked to me about the upcoming glucose test. I am not freaking out about it... but I am not excited. I have had a horrible past with blood being taken. Little baby Edmonds' heartbeat was strong and loud. Then she would swim away. The doctor said, "She's a mover!" (again). I think I am going to start researching dance studios ASAP so we can get the wiggles out! I also got to show the doctor the gender reveal video! She LOVED it! How great to have a doctor that actually cares. I really am glad I found her. She is great. 

On the way home, I got to talk to one of my favorite dance students, Katie! I have been part of Katie's tough life since she was 4. She is now 16! (I can't seem to wrap my head around that). I talked to Katie on the phone about the new baby. She is SO excited. She told me she was going to be at the shower and is trying to figure out what she is going to get the baby. So far, an outfit, diapers, and maybe some socks. I can't wait to see what she comes up with!  I love her! She made my day that much better! I was able to grab a FREE DVD from a woman on the same amazing "local to:" Facebook page so I don't get any more late fees. I hope that I actually try this one! I want to do something. I need to find the energy, time and desire. I stopped to vote on the way home. I was excited to take this picture! Next time I vote she will be here and older! YIKES! So surreal sometimes. (I know, I know... you can see my toes. Different angle.)

 Super exciting delivery made today! My first ever Zulily purchase. (possibly my last when John saw the receipt) These are AMAZING and so small. I am so excited to use these cute bows too. They were too cute to not get. We are still waiting for John's Puma bookbag that he is going to use as a diaper bag. Maybe he won't be so mad about the purchases once that comes! I have my diaper bag (another AMAZING deal from "local to:" and I love to just look at it) so maybe he will feel the same way. Probably not. haha. Wishful thinking.

I am officially 6 months pregnant. That went SO fast. I can't believe it. Next big milestone is the first BABY shower!! EEEK! One month away! 

Hope you had a wonderful week with relaxation, trick-or-treaters, and maybe some great deals! :)


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