Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas from Little Baby Edmonds

Merry Christmas. May your holiday be full of love, peace, and joy. Thank you for following our journey to becoming parents. Here are our holiday pictures taken by the amazing Shane Fowler. (Thanks Shane and mother nature for the beautiful snowfall!)

(no indication to name... FYI)

 <3my favorite<3
 Daddy loves his little baby Edmonds! 

Merry Christmas to all!

<3 The Edmonds Family <3

-Kicking our Way to Christmas-

A lot of prep has been completed. I have had my presents wrapped for weeks, so it was time to finish the last minute things (and wait for a package from Hong Kong...) As we waiting and anticipated the days counting down, a few things had to happen. Little baby Edmonds is a kicking MACHINE. Daddy finally got to feel her and she was being ornery and kicking him back after he pushed her a bit. It was so exciting! Check out these kicks (by the word 'don't' on my shirt)
Perhaps she is just cheering about the fact that mommy passed her GLUCOSE TEST!

We had to chase each other around the house and growl. She can be a rather convincing monster! :)
 We learned to tie our shoes! (I didn't do much... haha but he just kept trying and did it!)
We opened a new CAMERA! I am so excited. We relaxed all night and played with all the different settings. I am so blessed. I can't wait to take pictures of little baby Edmonds. 

 We relaxed in our black leggings. :)
We created a basket of goodies for the nurses and staff at Villa Angela to encourage them throughout the holiday season as well as nourish and thank them for the help and love they give to our dear friend, Jennifer.

 We (finally) send out our Christmas Cards. <post of all pictures coming soon!>
 We decorated Christmas cookies the night before the big performance! They were delicious.

We celebrated the birth of Christ. We performed "The Friendly Beasts" for our church and it was amazing. All of the kids did a fantastic job. It was worth all of the time, energy, and effort. I am so glad we pulled off another successful year!

More Christmas love to come. Next up: Family Christmas Celebrations... Candlelight Service... and NYC trip! 


Tuesday, December 17, 2013


How far along: 30 Weeks

Total weight gain: Don't know for sure. I don't get on scales. I am sure the cookie exchange really helped. haha.  

Maternity clothes: Still rocking the few pairs of jeans I have and the few shirts. It is definitely getting harder to put on my shoes and socks. I wish it were flip-flop weather. That was easy!

Stretch marks: Still none on the belly! That line that some women get, I have it slightly... barely noticeable. 

Sleep: Not much better. I have started to rotate more throughout the night. That is a circus act! If you could only see my attempts at sitting up! haha.  
Best moment of this week: Getting Christmas decorations up and sorting little baby Edmonds' clothes!

Miss anything: Being able to bend. Shoes in the morning is hilarious to watch. I try to kick my leg up... haha.
Movement: Kicking even harder and more consistently. Daddy got to feel you this week and I caught you on video! :) 

Food cravings: cookies. Christmas cookies. (Don't fast and bake) 
Anything making you queasy or sick: nothing. I didn't watch my blood being drawn. 

Have you started to show yet: The toddlers at church have noticed. There is a belly. 
Gender: Little Lady! <3
Labor signs: nope. 
Belly button in or out: still in.  Steadily creeping...
Wedding rings on or off: on.
Happy or moody most of the time: Feeling pretty good. I was a bit stressed Sunday and not kind. I wasn't mean to anyone, just being grouchy and easily annoyed by EVERYTHING that was going wrong. 

Looking forward to: Well, Glucose Test #2 results, Christmas show at church, and CHRISTMAS!!!! :) 

Christmastime is Here!

Well, it has been a rather interesting week. Little baby Edmonds is full of movement and is sometimes painful. (I joke that I may have an internal bruise on my right side) Here is a video that I was able to catch. Watch the top upper right of the screen.

Crazy! It is so much fun to feel her moving and John got to finally feel her BIG kicks and not just think his hand was flinching or something. I am so glad. I try to tell him every time, but she tends to stop when I start talking (even just telling him, she stops).

We made pizzas this week for dinner! So easy and fun! Stella and Hudson were home, so I was able to get their pictures. Kennedy and Mason were a whirlwind when they came home and I didn't get a picture of them making their pizzas.
Can I ever get a non CHEEEESE face... this is Stella's creation! 
Watching it cook! She kept saying, HOT... HOT. But she did peek inside to see!
Hudson with his final creation. He was proud. They all devoured their dinners. Every. Single. Piece.

Well.... THIS JUST IN:..."Alexis, I hate to tell you this, but you didn't pass your glucose test. You now have to do the 3 hour test at the hospital." (nurse from Dr.'s office) My face sank immediately, I got bummed out pretty quick, and then I started researching. Many of the tests are done after a period of fasting. I however didn't fast that day because my test was at 3:30pm. I am already always hungry... that could have been awful. So... I was scheduled for Monday for the 3 hour test at St. Ann's. More to come.

So, knowing that I needed to be careful (after my depressing phone call) Stella and I went to Panera for lunch. I got a salad and alfredo tortellini. Stella CRUSHED her food. (to the point that a man sitting next to us said, "She really liked her lunch. She is a good eater.") Very true sir. Very true. Well, we got some dessert. Stella ate about half of her cookie and said she wanted to save it for John. ((Have I mentioned they are best friends...) So... when he came over after work for dinner, she had to give it to him. Look at this hilarious photo shoot they had!

Like I said.... Best Friends<3

Saturday rolled around and we still didn't have anything decorated. Seriously? I have all my gifts bought and wrapped but no gumption to decorate?! So... I made sure we made it happen. Here are a few photos from around the house. I can't wait to add more into little baby Edmonds' nursery. I did put a tree and Mouse King Nutcracker in her room for the time being. (I played the mouse king in the Nutcracker.... I am partial to him)  John's parents came over to visit and they helped finish the decorating, we went to our favorite lunch spot (Mi Cerrito) and then back to the house to work on a few things in the nursery. I will post an updated nursery pic later. I will do a quick tour of pictures when I think it is done. (haha-will that happen?)
The stocking were hung... (next year, add one!)

We combined two different trees to make ours taller. Tall and skinny.  And all the gifts WRAPPED and ready!
Letters from our maternity/Christmas pictures with a wreath from the shower!

Once his parents left, we went through some more baby clothes. We have been so blessed. A woman from John's school gave us THREE tubs of clothes/shoes/blankets for little girls and I also have the TWO tubs from Alissa (my cousin) plus any gifts of clothing/our own purchases! I am so excited to dress her! She may have a LOT of shoes... It is an issue. Best part: After washing the first load of baby clothes so I can get a head start on folding/hanging/organizing, the lint in the dryer was PINK.... and it had glitter in it! I MEAN AWESOME!!!! It was so funny to see. I am still in search of a great way to fold newborn pants? There is no good way. I have found a few pins I am going to try... but whew... they are like underwear... just toss them in the drawer? hehe.
Folding baby laundry by Christmas light! <3

Sunday was jam packed as well. Church is very important to us and we are so grateful for the amazing church we have found. I am somewhat in charge of the children's ministry and we have been working on our Christmas play. Showtime is on Dec. 22nd. So soon. The kids are doing great! After church we headed to meet our friends Shannon and Patrick for lunch and to pick up a few things that they brought to Columbus from our overflow of baby shower items. It was great to see them and just relax. Then... I thought it would be a good idea to go to Babies R Us. Well.... they had a great deal... spend $200 dollars on Chicco, get a $50 gift card. Well we were gifted the money for our high chair, so we needed about $50 more dollars to spend on Chicco. I found a great umbrella type stroller from Chicco, for $79. It was perfect. Nope. They don't have them. No one has the stroller. It is getting discontinued. So... plan B, see if there is anything Chicco we want/need. So we finally, after about 45 minutes of searching are set on a diaper bag that we can use when a friend or babysitter has little baby Edmonds. Well... we go to check out, and the diaper bag is not included in the deal. WHAT?! So, we abandon our cart and leave. I was so frustrated. Then we go to Target to look at the baby hangers. They have the best deal we can find (10 hangers for $1.09). So... we bought all the white we could and then left there too. John wants to wait off until the second shower is over. I would rather spend what we have, get essentials we need, then other people can buy other things. haha. I am not patient when I have an idea/organizing on my brain. Came home pretty late, and realized I needed to start baking for the cookie exchange we have at church.

Let's just say... batch one, not perfect... batch two, burnt?... and finally I ended up with batch three, no fail no bake cookies. I had a great plan in my head... and nothing turned out. So much for being cute. On another note...I had to start fasting for my second glucose test at 7pm. I wasn't able to TASTE any of the cookies. (that was a terrible plan in my book) I may eat all the cookies by the time I get home. (no shame)

Glucose Test #2 is in the books. I had to arrive at 7:30am. That, my friends, is early for me. I got up at 5:45, left by 6:45 and then realized it had snowed. So.... the roads were terrible and it took me over an hour to get to the test. ((Little baby Edmonds is BOUND to be born in a blizzard... I just know it!)) So, I get there, get registered and start. I go back and she takes my fasting count. I have to get the blood out of my hand because it never works from my arm. She takes my first draw and it wasn't bad. She was good!! Then she hands me the two little bottles and tells me I have ten minutes. She did give me ice to cool it down. It wasn't as thick as TEST #1, but it still was like drinking the juice from a freeze pop. I struggled. It is just gross to drink that much. Anyway... out to the waiting room I went. Well, hour one was spent on my phone facebooking, pinteresting, and instagramming. Back for round two draw. My hands were too cold, so I had to run them under hot water. She sticks! She scores! Still not painful... just above the first stick. Back the waiting room. I took my Christmas cards to address and fill. There was a desk (for a worker) that wasn't being used. I asked if I could sit there. Got the clearance, and started to work on my addresses. Well... I must have looked competent enough because I had so many people come in and ask questions. I would just reply, "I don't work here, I am just utilizing the desk space. But, sign in and they will get right to you. They are quick!" The person would sign, and move on. On to stick #3. She was good again. This one hurt a bit... but because of the others. Not awful. So... I go back out to my new 'desk' to continue my work. Funniest thing ever happens... Old man comes in and starts to hand me some paperwork. He looked like the little old guy from UP. I said my line and he just kind of looked at me. He said, I NEVER have had to sign in and wait before... I apologized and told him I didn't work there... again. He got a little angry, went and sat down. Well, they came out to call his name. He came over to the WORKER and said, I told this woman that I never have had to wait before. The worker responds, "Sir, she doesn't work here." He ignores her response and she repeats herself. After the third time, he finally is walking back to his seat and in a loud voice says, "If she is going to work here, she should at LEAST learn the procedures!" The woman kind of smiles and says, SHE DOESN'T WORK HERE! I said not to worry. But, it did make the entire room chuckle. Off to my LAST stick and it was a different lab girl. She did pretty good too. It hurt a little more. But. I am glad it is OVER. I can't wait to see the results. I would love to not have to worry about gestational diabetes.
TWO bottles of orange sugar. Bleh!

Just sipping along. This was after my Fasting Levels were drawn... hence the bandage.

10 minutes. I only had 10. It took me all TEN to get it down. Whew. I recommend taking a straw!

After a pretty long day (and I was blessed with TWO napping children in the afternoon) it was time to devour some cookies and have fun with friends at our cookie exchange. I was not fully satisfied with the resulting look of mine, but I think the packaging made up for it. Here are a few shots. Thanks for hosting Yohonna! <3
-cookie view-

-Front of Tag from Pinterest-

-Back of Tag (saying found on Pinterest)

Just some savory food... need some balance. 

Enjoying a relaxing evening to just talk, eat, and enjoy. 

Enjoying some baby snuggles. Heather looks terrified... she wasn't. Bad photo timing. hehe. sorry. 

Share Plate :)

Cookie Trays complete! <3Enjoy Melissa and Laura!<3

haha! Playing Apples to Apples. And then sharing our favorite Christmas memories (from childhood)

I got to hang out with little Xander. He was a good little boy! :) 

Today is a sick day at work. One kid is sickie, the other stuffy. So... we are just relaxing and taking the day slow and steady. Prayers for healthy kids for Christmas! :) Since nap time is happening, I am going to make sure that I can remove the chipping nail polish and let my nails breath a bit. Then...maybe keep them strong until this weekend when Alissa can do another gel manicure. (She borrows an at home kit... I kind of want one for Christmas. The one from Sephora by OPI. If John asks or you have any desire to buy me one. hehe.)