Tuesday, December 10, 2013

-Baby Shower Love Pictures-

 -Tiffany and Tara-
-Daddy and Mommy-
-Alissa and Mia-
-Lydia- (so many cameras... sorry I am not looking)

My Nieces -Rachael, Kerrigan, and Blake-
Add in the sisters- Wendy and Dawn-
Add in my Mom! (all the girls--that is all we have... no boys!)
-Mia and Zooey Posing for the camera!-
-Alissa: 2 years apart and best friends-
(right before this it was a hug fest) -Luke, Zoey, and Mia-
The one and only: -Katie-

-Michelle and Zoey- 
-Tiffany and Shannon-
Grace Presbyterian Girls: -Tara, Tiffany, Shannon and Sara-

-Courtney and Michelle- 
-Katie with Mr. John and Mrs. Alexis- (love)

After looking at these pictures, it is crazy to see how my body looks. Every day in the mirror, I don't feel like it looks like that. Gotta get working on those arms. Any way to get rid of a big head? (I have always had a big head... I think it is growing...)

Here is to a restful week!


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