Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Busy Yet Accomplished

Well there were a lot of things that needed to get done this week. I was just a bit overwhelmed. I know that some of the things could have waiting (like Christmas present shopping and wrapping) but once it is on my list... I am determined. My to do list was pretty long. With the showers quickly approaching, we got some gifts in the mail again this week! I love opening them up and then putting them together. John does too. He always starts putting them together.
Adi checking out the new play gym for baby girl. <3

I had big plans for Wednesday. Stella and I were going to go finish all the shopping get some lunch and check out Destination Maternity for a dress for the upcoming baby shower. Well... plans changed. Hudson was scheduled for school, but they changed the schedule and he was home. (Stella wasn't feeling awesome anyway) so I decided we would just do something fun at home. That night when I left I decided I was going to try to go get it all done and start the assembly of some things on Thursday. So... off I went to Destination Maternity. I tried on about 8 different dresses. Some were ok, some were great and some were TERRIBLE! I was completely thrown off my the two worst one.... and the lighting of me taking pictures (with my iPhone) doesn't help my cousin assist in deciding via text because the lighting was awful. I did end up with two dresses to decide on at the shower. I took back a few things at the mall, grabbed a wrap for dinner and then gave up. I had a to do list in my head, but not organized enough to finish shopping.
The Final Two Dresses

The next day I organized all of my to do list (even in order of importance) and the kids and I set out to shop! We got to all six stores before we hit a wall/naptime. I was impressed with our success and was ready to get more stuff done. Friday... just me and Stella... so much can get accomplished.
She chose her outfit, shoes and rocked it all day!

FALSE! We got a good amount of snow on Friday. (5.1 inches) and the kids didn't have school. So, John was super awesome and gracious and came with me to play with the kids. I knew they would want to play in the snow... I don't even have a winter coat let alone snow gear. And...I am not a fan of playing in the snow. So much effort to get warm and ready, to go outside and get cold. haha. John was my hero that day. I got a lot of things cut out I needed to for the shower while he played with the kids.
Ready to go outside!
 SUPER HAPPY! (We only gave her about 5 minutes... she lasted about an hour!)
 Hitching a ride back up the hill!
 Hudson working on snowboarding (using a sled)
Stella, John and Mason trekking back up the hill.

Friday night, Jamie came over and helped make the fringe tassels for the banners for the baby shower. I had to RESTART the church Christmas play Friday night too  because it randomly deleted. It was a sad thing. But... I got it fixed and working. Whew! We finally went to bed around 11:30pm and were up early to head home for the shower. I was sleepy... due to multiple factors (awake late, up early, severe leg cramps all night, two dogs who love to cuddle, and the newest.. hip pains) I was so excited to get home and start organizing and finishing up the final details of the shower with Alissa. The snow was still around that morning, but not terrible. So.. we drove... and drove... and drove. 

Once we got home (the Ohio Valley) we got to work on the last few things for the shower. I went to a funeral that afternoon, picked up some delicious Home Pizza and then headed back to Alissa's to hang out, put some gel polish on (Thanks Alissa) watch the game <bummer Bucks> and then went to sleep. I got the BEST nights sleep I have had in a long time. I have come to the conclusion that it is my mattress. We love the TemperPedic we have.... but... I think that it is causing the pains. Because of the way I have to lay, I think it sinks and causes pressure points. The bed I sleep on at Alissa's is firm and I slept like a baby! (I will be researching alternatives)

Baby Shower day has arrived! We wake up, get ready, and start driving the the venue. SNOW! It just started to snow out of nowhere... blah. The roads became a mess quickly and the calls began to come in that people would not be able to make it due to the snow. It was very hard to hear. I had been so excited to see everyone and celebrate. But safety first. We also had so much work into it... we were proud. It looked awesome. We wanted others to enjoy it. To those who braved the weather, Thank you! To those who couldn't, you were missed! I will put another post to show the great pictures of the shower! The snow was completely cleared by the time it was time to drive home that night. (whew) and we made it home with enough time to check out all the gifts, put together the pack and play, and I got a few more things organized. ((Thank you Jamie for watching the pups and wrapping the last of the Christmas presents <3))
Pack and Play assembled... John playing with the multiple functions of the mobile! <3

Monday has proven to be a good one. A great start to the week. Look at this content baby girl! 

John came to finish up the nannying while I headed to my glucose test. It started at 3:30... and as soon as I walked in she asked me if I wanted orange or lemon lime. I wasn't prepared for options (I have only seen orange), so I stuck with orange. She poured it into a cup, told me I had three minutes to drink it, then tell her when I was done so she can record the time. I then had to wait. I waited for a little bit, then I had my appointment with the doctor. The baby sounded great. Her heart beat was strong. Usually she swims away... she is running out of room! hehe. The doctor said my belly is the correct size, and my weight gain is still perfect. Whew! After my clean bill of health, I was sent to the check out to SCHEDULE THE REST OF MY VISITS! WHAT?! I was caught of guard for sure! I mean.. I have to go every two weeks now and then every week. But to schedule them all at once... yikes! So... I got my printout, felt a bit overwhelmed... sent it to John so he could panic too.... and then it was time to get my blood drawn. The timing was nice. My lab friend Michelle was there and as always smiling and so kind. I asked her to just take it from my hand (instead of a repeat of last time) and she did. Only one tube to take this time. She said she hopes all is clear and I don't have to do the 3 hour test.... me too, Michelle, me too! haha. With a band-aid and some gauze I was on my way home. 
Lovely Orange. Tasted like FLAT orange pop with too much syrup. (almost chewy consistency)

The FINAL Countdown! WHOA! One is scheduled for the DAY before little baby Edmonds' due date... just got really real. 

Today has gone well. I didn't sleep great again. This time I was actually woken up by the kicking! Strange thing to wake up to. It is just a me and Stella day, so I got to blogging, grocery shop (where her motion sickness got the best of her and she puked in two aisles...), and now nap time is in full swing. 
We tried baby Dramamine immediately. Not sure if she was puked out, or it actually helped. Not a fun time. (I bought wipes to clean up too!) She may be the new poster kid for motion sickness meds. hehe. <<This picture was taken about 30 seconds before she started the second round of puking... I had no idea...so I busted it open as quick as possible and gave her a tablet to chew. She said they were good. Grape.>> 

ASPEN UPDATE: Aspen is still acting strange. We have noticed her eye has started to work a little better, but she has moments of unsteadiness, wobbling, head still tilted, etc. We hope that she continues to improve with the antibiotic. She does seem to have a lack of appetite still. She gobbles her pill surrounded by cheese in about 2 seconds, so while at the store, I bought her some canned dog food and different treats. We will see how those work out. I need her to eat! 

Hope you are enjoying the snow!


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