Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What is Today?

My schedule is completely out of sync. The dogs are the same way. We are used to being on a pretty tight schedule that is consistent due to John getting up EVERY day at the same time. Let the confusion of Thanksgiving Break begin.

It started on Thursday after our turkey day lunch with family. We truly debated and debated on whether or not to go to the stores. We only go to Kohl's on Black Friday, but they opened at 8pm Thursday. We caved and went. We stood in line outside for 15 minutes, and then we just walked in. The store wasn't CRAZY busy like the one in Lewis Center, but we got what we went for (mainly the AWESOME blankets we get every year) and John got a good deal on a Keurig, and I got a pair of moccasin slippers to wear at the hospital! We got a few gifts, headed to the car, then headed back in to browse for any deals we could use. (haha) Toughest part of shopping at Kohl's is the lack of carts. The bags don't hold much... and the carts are always gone. Round #2 we waited for a cart... lazy but worth it!

We got home late that night (after a quick stop at Meijer) and the dogs were already super tired from the day of events. Friday... we woke up late! (late for John is anything after 5:30am). We slept until 9! whoa. BIG deal! haha. We didn't do anything really on Friday. I cleaned up, took down the Fall/Thanksgiving decor. We relaxed, and I was able to double check the Christmas list to narrow it down to a small post-it size page. I only have the HARDEST people ever to shop for (same people every year). I wrapped and wrapped and wrapped. ALL the presents are wrapped and ready to go! I am so proud of myself. Just a few left.

Saturday was Thanksgiving Leftover Day with John's Family. I love this day! It is fun to eat the food again, and of course see everyone. Little Baby Edmonds will be grandchild number 10! So.. there are always kids running around. We watched the Buckeyes pull out a win and ate a lot of food. I even got to taste my first FRIED turkey. Not bad at all! Our nephew Atherton loves to watch football! I have a picture of John from when he was little that looks JUST like Atherton. It was a great day to relax.
John, Stephanie, Christie, and Pete (the original FOUR)

Sunday was simple and productive. John went to paintball with Mason for his birthday. (the big 1-0) and I stayed home to tackle some baby shower details. Wendy and Kerrigan came to help wrap the soap favors and I worked on the tassel banners for the windows. I haven't finished them yet. I will soon. It is on the to do: list. The shower is THIS coming weekend! I am so excited to see everyone and celebrate Little Baby Edmonds. As we were hanging out on Sunday we noticed Aspen (the beagle) acting kind of funny. We had noticed a few things the days before, but they had gotten worse. She wasn't blinking her left eye, the left ear had dropped, her head was drooped a bit, and then her front left leg wasn't super stable. I am talking, she was falling off the couch, unstable. To the vet we go.

Soap Favors (Barb made the soap!)
So easy to make and so cute! I can't wait to make more!
Wrapped and Ready!

Yesterday it was back to the grind. The kids didn't have school so we took the last day of break to relax. Then... I called the vet. They had an appointment at 3. So... I piled the kids in the car and we were on our way. Well... Stella made it about 3 mins from the house to pick up Aspen and she started puking. Car sickness is no fun with a two year old. So... I stripped her down in the driveway (leaving the clothes and blanket behind), grabbed Aspen, and went to the appointment. By the time I got there I was emotionally and physically exhausted! Aspen was freaking out because Adi wasn't there. (just one more thing) Good thing John got there pretty quick. Well, the doc said it could  be thyroid, but she has no other symptoms of that. She could have had a stroke, and she will just be like that forever now, or it could be a syndrome where the face droops. So... we take her home, and get a call that they think it may be a bad ear infection... so she is now on antibiotics for that. Prayers they help. She is pathetic right now. (but... she isn't blind...thank goodness)
This is the DROOPing I speak of... her left side of the face. She isn't in pain... just droopy. 

The puppies and mommy were EXHAUSTED!

Rock Star Stella (prior to the puking)

After the fiasco/tiring process of the afternoon, I got to hang out with Joyce! I met her at the Morgan House in Dublin, and I am excited to go back! So many cute things that I could have bought. May get a few things there for the tough people on my list.... It was great to catch up with Joyce, talk about her teaching year, and reminisce. She is an amazing woman that I am blessed to have met while I was subbing last year.

Today we decided to take John some lunch and I picked up a few things from the local to Powell website that I scored! I am so excited that I found the Radio Flyer (small) wagon. It is going to be perfect for a few toys, books, and eventually a push around for Little Baby Edmonds. I get to meet up with another friend tonight too! I have been surrounding myself with friends. I am finding it calming. I look forward to the rest of the week being productive. I am back in the swing of things, and need to get everything for the shower ready and the LHC Christmas play recorded, edited, and finalized for Sunday.

Learning MATH during our Lunch Visit! :) 
I hope you are out of your turkey comas and back into the swing of things! Only a few more weeks until Christmas is here! (and after that... this baby is CLOSE!)


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