Wednesday, January 29, 2014


How far along: 36 Weeks

Total weight gain: 24 lbs! Still doing GREAT! (Doctor says I am ALL baby!)

Maternity clothes: Rocking the maternity clothes. I much rather prefer sweatpants and t-shirts at this point. 

Stretch marks: Still staying steady. None to report. 

Sleep: Very minimal. It is making my brain fall to pieces. I can't seem to pull it together. 
Best moment of this week: Finding out how big baby girl is, packing the bags, and getting the last few things organized. 

Miss anything: Sleep. Just want to catch up a bit so I am not SUPER cranky and ready to snap. Struggling. 

Movement: She is still kicking pretty hard! She loves to kick my right in my right rib. We were looking at tattoos (for John) and I said I should get one right where she is kicking me. 
Food cravings: Nothing. Just food. I like anything I don't have to cook. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Still heartburn/acid reflux. I have had a bit of nausea again. Gagged in the sink. Yuck. 

Have you started to show yet: Well... went to a pancake breakfast and was told I look like "an olive on a toothpick". I thought it was a clever way to say it. I took it as a compliment. Don't tell me otherwise! :) 

Gender: Little Lady! <3
Labor signs: nope. Some painful muscle stretching/pulling in my lower belly when I stand up after sitting. 
Belly button in or out: Still in. Strange shape due to my belly button piercing. 
Wedding rings on or off: on.
Happy or moody most of the time: I am pretty happy. Tonight, not so much. I am officially over winter and no school. I need my schedule back to regain focus and get through these last few weeks and still get things done. 

Looking forward to: Next week. I don't have any kids (they are going on a cruise... could have been me... had to go and get knocked up! lol.) I have big plans to get the LAST of my to do list done and all my LHC Children's Ministry things done. Also.. maybe the last baby-less date night with the hubs! :) 

Want to be IN THE KNOW? (remind101)

Well... I started to make a call list of people I was going to call. Well it got to be kind of long and not helpful when the time really comes. So... I thought, why don't we use that online tool that teachers can use to inform parents (via text) to let people know about little baby Edmonds and her arrival.

So.. the website is

Here is what happens. We sign up, create a 'class'. Ours was named Baby Announcement!

Then, we are sent a phone number (to keep it private) and what we need to type in the message to be added to the subscriber list.

So, we sent out a text/message telling family and friends to join the list. So far, we have quite a few. I also put it on my facebook so any friends who want updates can sign up. It is an easy program to use and there is even an app. So, when I am in labor, John can send out a quick update and it will send to everyone who subscribes.

1. Anyone can join the subscription list (but I have the ability to delete people too)
2. It prevents the annoying group text that people continue to respond on and your phone gets about 75 text messages in about 2 minutes. Whew!
3. We can message everyone in one message and not have to create many different group texts on the iphone.
4. No one knows who is getting the updates. It is completely private.
5. Easy to use on the iPhone (which will help daddy out during contractions and labor)
6. IT IS FREE!!!

1. It is a bit of a technology gap for some of the older generation.
2. We can only hope that the people who were on our original list will subscribe.
3. You subscribe using a text. Some people don't text.
4. We won't be able to send out a picture. It is text only. But... we can always try to figure out a way to send out a link (maybe) that will send you to a picture. ((We are working on that now))

I am excited to use it! I think it will work great. If you want to be added to get updated, send me a text message or send me a private message on FB and I will send you the number and information to text. It is simple.

little baby Edmonds will be here soon enough! I look forward to sharing the day with everyone! <3


ps- I will try to update as well as John updating... no promises on frequency.

More Cold Weather--BRRR!

Well... it continues to get colder and colder here. I am not a complainer, and the cold doesn't bother me.  It is the cabin fever that is setting in! The temps are so cold (wind chill approx. 35 below, and regular temps are below zero as well) that no one has had school in over a week. That makes us all insane! There is only so much you can do inside. Stella was ready for baseball season to start and was rockin' her Braves colors!
With the baseball season approaching, that means only one thing... little baby Edmonds in on her way!! She is due two days into tryouts. Watch out world!

With cabin fever and frigid temperatures comes creativity. Stella wanted to 'paint' the baby... so we got a paintbrush and went to it... No actual paint was used. It was funny to watch her just paint away. She loves the baby already. The either calls her baby Edmonds (in her sweet little voice) or baby Jesus (thank you Christmas). It is funny to see who the baby is on a day to day basis. (If it is baby Jesus.. we have a huge responsibility... haha!)
We had a lot of time to fill so we watched a few stories online. Barnes and Noble has online stories as well as We also played on for a little while. I am determined to have this girl to recognize her letters!

When all else fails to entertain... check out photobooth! We got some hilarious pictures! haha. She giggled uncontrollably too. Good times. 

Saturday was a great day. I wasn't exhausted and I felt accomplished. First we went to the OHS Baseball/Girl's Basketball pancake breakfast. I mean... unlimited pancakes... sign me up! I got an interesting compliment that caught me a little off guard. I appreciated it. And looking back, it makes me smile. I was told I look like an "olive on a toothpick"! Hilarious comparison!  The snow was REALLY coming down on Saturday, but we decided we would brave the roads and head to Target (to get nursing bras and a nursing tank) as well as head to Babies R Us to grab the swing. At times... the snow was so thick, it was a bit of a white out. I love the snow. So cool and interesting to watch! I am in love with the swing!!!

New Swing! Thanks Papa and Mimi! :) 

Daddy working hard on assembly of the swing
All Done! Check out the lights! Disco party for little baby Edmonds! Woot Woot!

Papa said it looks like a "spaceship" hehe. 

New Living Room layout to accommodate all things baby! Swing and Ikea Rolling Cart (for toys, burp cloths, and diapers and wipes) and the MommaRoo in the corner by the window. Aspen approves from  "on high" and Adi could care less. John has been turning them on so the dogs get used to the movement. So far they have not cared. I actually think the humming sound puts them to sleep. 

This is how they reacted... haha!

After we relaxed for a bit and assembled the swing, we headed to the Liberty Hill Church Appreciation Dinner. The dinner was a Schmidt's Sausage Haus downtown. We carpooled with the Dorsey's and Roth's. The roads were not bad at all. The food, friends, and fellowship were great. I love to watch the yearly slideshow/video of all the things that we accomplished together as a church as well as where we are all headed as a family! 
What a good looking church! <3

One of the great things (that we love) about LHC is that we have the 4th Sunday 'off' for fellowship. It is nice to get together with non-church goers, church friends, etc. I love that the sooner that little baby Edmonds gets, I got a day to get some things DONE... and I could start when I woke up. Sometimes after church, we get lunch, and then get home later than we want and half the day is gone. (yes, yes, we could be more efficient, but it is Sunday... day of REST!) 

So... this Sunday was hospital bag packing time! I made the list and you can find it on the blog or on my Pinterest page. I did realize that I forgot deodorant. Sorry mommas. I guess I assumed I wouldn't sweat! haha. 

All in all, I am super happy I made the list. I knew there were things that I would forget. (I have an issue that if I get an annoying nail, it will bug me to the point of my hands cramping....) Seems absurd, but I just NEED to get it fixed or I fixate on it. So... that is why some of the things are on my list. Anywho... John was ready to get packed! So... we rolled out the big bag (I got it at Meijer a few years ago and it was on sale for $6! What a steal!) We got all the things organized by "bag list" on the master list. We were able to get everything in the big bag and another bag (from ThirtyOne). That is because of the pillows. With the snow that we have been having, I wanted the pillows and blanket in a bag in case it were to fall. That would be my luck and then it would be gross. So... everything we could pack is packed. The tech bag isn't packed completely, and there are a few things that are still out and waiting for D-Day. I packed all of little baby Edmonds outfits (4: 2NB and 2 that are 0-3) in baggies with a baggie of hair bows and headbands. I recommend the baggie method. It was easy to organize little baby things that way. 
Daddy and Adi were a bit bored with packing... They did help though!

All the bags are packed and ready to go in the nursery. They will move to the car this weekend!

One thing that is on the list is baby hat. I love the little hospital hats, but I wanted to add a bow to one with little baby Edmonds' name on it. I bought the supplies a while ago and I finally assembled it and packed it away so no one can see her name! There are a quite a few sneaky people on the hunt to figure it out! :) I am just as excited to share it! We have both loved the name and know that is it going to be so much fun to share when she is born! It is really hard to wait... trust me. I want to tell everyone!
I just cut out her letters, and then ironed them on the top loop of the bow. I think I bought the bow at Hobby Lobby and the hat was a hand me down. It wasn't the easiest task getting those tiny letters on that tiny bow with a big iron, but the end result is adorable! It is going to look so cute on her in the hospital! (esp. when daddy wheels her through the waiting room for introductions and to our room).

Monday rolled around and it was back to the grind. Of course... no school AGAIN! But, we had an ultrasound scheduled, so John took the day off and we headed to the other side of town. First stop: Cornerstone Medical Supply. I got the prescription from my OBGYN and took it to the supplier and got my FREE (yes, you read that right...FREE) Insurances now cover a breast pump 100%. Now... it was quite the task to find a Durable Medical Supply Company that carried one. I called a TON! I finally resorted to contacting a former parent who is a pharmacist, and she pointed me in the right direction) It was pretty simple. I went in, gave my Rx, signed a paper, and she handed me a brand new Medela breast pump. 
I am glad I have it. I am not super excited about breast feeding. I never have been and I guess I should just be honest about that. I don't know what it is about it... but eh. I would like to do it for a bit, but I know that having the pump may help spread feedings to daddy too. We shall see! After we got the pump, we headed to the doctor to see how big this baby girl is. 

So, we are sitting in the office and I had to do the normal: weight, pee in cup, BP. Great news... I gained one pound (in one week--could explain my exhaustion) and have only gained 24 lbs the entire 36 weeks! I am proud of myself, but honestly, I didn't do anything specific to maintain. So.. the moment of truth, let's check out this baby! (We are at the doctor because at my 33 week appointment I had had a 3D ultrasound done and baby was measuring 5lbs 7oz and 19 inches... so my doctor wanted to check closer to due date.) So.. she puts the cold gel on, and it is showtime! Baby's head is REALLY low (she said) and it was hard to get a good picture. There was a bit of a face shot, but John and I couldn't really see what the doctor was talking about. We just agreed. She measured her head... she grinned a bit and said, "it could be a little off because she is so low it is hard to get a great measurement".  Head: 97th Percentile. Then she scanned to the belly. We got to see her LUNGS moving and simulating breathing! It was cool to see! We also saw her heart beating again. Always amazing to see. So... she measures the belly. She says, "She is a big girl!" She switches over to the calculations 'page' and BAM! Belly: 97th Percentile. She chuckled a little. She said, "My measurements are always big. As much as a pound too big." We were bracing ourselves. Baby measured 8lbs and 6oz ALREADY! She is a few weeks ahead of schedule. She didn't tell us her approximate length, but her femur measurement was 71st Percentile. She didn't say we would induce, but we wouldn't stop a birth right now. She said they won't let me go far (a day or two) past my due date. If we have her on time, she will probably be high 8's-low 9's. Well.. there we have it. little baby Edmonds is officially BIG. Perhaps a blog change is in order. haha. We didn't get any pictures from the ultrasound, she kept them in my file. **We did see her chunky thigh when she was measuring her femur. Chunky thigh!**

Sleep is still an issue. I have really bad congestion and we busted out the humidifier to see if it could help. I get heartburn as soon as I walk into my bedroom (I joke). Here was a funny cartoon I saw that I thought pretty much sums up my current daily feeling. 

Due to the extreme cold, I have had all four kids this week. I am definitely ready for a day of heat wave!!! (that would be 20 degrees at this point) We were all about to lose our cool this week, so we decided we could go to the high school that John teaches at and run around the gym while he practiced some hitting with a few of the baseball boys. It was nice to get our energy out. We even came home and relaxed!  (They also loved watching the boys hit!)
GO BRAVES! (ps- I suggest you have school tomorrow or I will possibly lose my mind)

Check out the next post to see how we plan to keep everyone in the loop when it is baby time!


Thursday, January 23, 2014

*Hospital Bag Checklist*

Well... it has been on my to do list for a LONG time. I have checked so many different pins on Pinterest about hospital bag packing. I found a few that I wanted to use. So... as I searched and read and searched and read, I made a big list. It had no organization to it. It was lengthy. AND YES, I know... I won't use 85% of it. But... I am a planner and I like to be prepared. If I don't use it... no big deal... but in the case that I do need it... I want to make sure that I have it available and John knows where it is. I appreciate all the added ideas and things that may or may not be worth packing. I bought a few things at Wal-Mart that I didn't have yet. I am planning on getting it all packed and organized as soon as possible. I am running out of time and I am already out of energy! I am excited to pack... but hoping I have most of the items so I don't have to spend any more money. For example... new pajamas. I know that I have a TON that I don't wear, so I am not concerned if they get ruined. I just want them to fit... hehe.

I am also a bit annoyed (and I shouldn't be) that I can't pack the toiletries. How frustrating is that... the last thing I am going to be thinking about when battling contractions is if I packed my shampoo and face wash. At least I have a list to follow in between contractions.... or John can follow. :)

I did pick up a few items at the store that I know we will need and I won't want to go to the store and buy after little baby Edmonds arrives. I read a few blogs about a few things to have a supply of before we come back home. Here are a few things that are on my list to buy and or have purchased:
1. Toilet Paper--CHECK
2. Paper Towels--CHECK
3. Dog Food/Treats
4. Paper Plates
5. Paper Bowls
6. Plastic Utensils
7. Plastic Cups
8. Laundry Detergent and Softener--CHECK
9. Dishwasher Soap
10. Tissues--CHECK
11. Healthy Snacks
12. Long/Overnight Pads (so daddy doesn't have to make that trip)--CHECK
13. Post-Partum Medical Needs
      -breast pump and parts
      -Prenatal Vitamins (get refill early if possible)
      -Nursing Pads--CHECK
      -Lanolin Cream--CHECK
      -Dermoplast Spray (I could only find it at Walgreens)--CHECK
      -Dulco-Ease Pink--CHECK
14. I have announcements picked out. (I will make my own, but ready to just add details and pictures)
15. Address Labels for announcements
16. Stamps
17. Return address stamp (I am determined to get one of these!!)

Here are a few pictures of the chaos that was my hospital bag list. I made it nice on the computer so if you need it, you can print it out! Enjoy!

UNORGANIZED Sheet of Random Hospital Checklist

ORGANIZED Sheet of Random Hospital Checklist

FINAL Hospital List

(If you want an emailed copy of this sent to you, please just comment below and I will send it your way! I would love for people to be able to use it and not have to do all the research and organizing I did. I tried to make it fun to look at too. hehe.)

Off to pack my life away! Whew! I am exhausted, but ready to be ready!


Wednesday, January 22, 2014


How far along: 35 Weeks

Total weight gain: 22.5 lbs. approximately. (I just watched the scale at the doctor's)

Maternity clothes: Trying to just be comfortable. My bras are really bugging me. Making me itch and they just are annoying. I need to invest in more sport bras/nursing bras ASAP. 

Stretch marks: Nothing on the belly. 

Sleep: This week was not pleasant with sleep. In addition to the pain, it is really hard to control my body temperature.  
Best moment of this week: relief from gland issue. successful nail painting. FIRST internal exam success. little baby edmonds is locked and loaded. 

Miss anything: Slouching. I have to sit as straight as possible for little baby Edmonds to have any room. She doesn't seem to fit if I am slouching at all. She kicks me to let me know. 
Movement: She moves quite a bit now. The paper from the doc said to do kick counts if I don't feel her moving... that will be strange to have little/no movement. I am so used to her rolling around and kicking me. 

Food cravings: Nothing specific. I wish I could drink Diet Coke all day like I used to. I have dramatically cut back... and I would love to just drink it whenever I want. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Heartburn/Acid Reflux. It is not pleasant. 

Have you started to show yet: Yup! Undeniable. Saw a former student this week and she said, WOW! That is a big baby belly!

Gender: Little Lady! <3
Labor signs: nope. 
Belly button in or out: John says it is 'out'. It definitely isn't. It would still collect water in the bath/shower. It is getting closer though. ;)
Wedding rings on or off: on.
Happy or moody most of the time: I wasn't as happy as I could have been this week with all the pain and lack of sleep. I hope to catch up and pull it together. 

Looking forward to: Monday's ultrasound! It is going to be fun to compare to her 20 week ultrasound and of course hear what the doctor has to say about her size. **I also need to put stamps on the stack of thank you notes and send them. Sorry everyone. They are written... I just keep forgetting to mail them.**