Tuesday, January 7, 2014

3D Ultrasound Pictures

Here are a few of the pictures from the ultrasound we had on January 6, 2014. Little Baby Edmonds is measuring big... no shock. She is about 5lbs 7oz and around 19 inches long. The woman who did the ultrasound said my belly is so small for such a big baby! And that I am ALL baby. That made me feel pretty good. We got the ultrasound as a Christmas gift from the family I nanny for. It was so cool to see.  Little baby Edmonds is a bit squished to say the least. It was hard for the woman to get a good picture of her. She is already in position... eeek. She said she is very low... and we couldn't even see if she had hair that is how low and ready she is. We did confirm it is a girl! Whew! (I had a nightmare this week it was a boy and I cried because he had no clothes). 

Ok... on to the pictures!

The first shot of little lady's face! (hand by her face like her momma)

All Smiles! She was laughing at our cheek comments. :) 

Then she got offended... haha!

Look at the double cheek on the right... John and I both were very cheeky when we were babies. 

Just chilling. She wasn't too active and I even drank orange juice to try to get her to move... the ultrasound tech said... she doesn't have much room to move!

She smirked a bit for us. I think this was around the time she stuck out her tongue... Fiesty. 

Pursing her lips... Sassy?

Back to relaxing with her hand by her face. 

Here is the best picture we could get of her feet. The squishy thing to the right of the picture is my placenta. It is currently the barrier between her kicking feet and my stomach. I am glad it sustains her life and protects my internal organs from bruising. haha. 

Ultrasona (near Polaris) was a great experience. The room was big enough for many people to join in the fun, it was calm, warm, and had beautiful music. The staff was more than accommodating and very kind. I am excited to see how the face in the picture compares to her face when she is born! <3



  1. lovely baby ultrasound pic, thanks for sharing! best regards from Lisa

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