Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"Bundle Up Baby" Shower

Here are some pictures from my baby shower in Columbus. I was surrounded by family and friends to celebrate the coming of Little Baby Edmonds. Thank you to all who helped and came. It was wonderful!

Mia Grace and Stella Grace putting on lipstick during present opening. :) 

She is secretly my girl! <3 She will deny it...always says she is John's girl...

My sister Wendy

My best friend Michelle!

Alissa and Mia
 The lovely ladies from Liberty Hill Church (and the girls!) <3
Some of the Edmonds family <3
Mom, Lydia, Christie, Stephanie, Kathy and Lilly

Jamie, Stella (being difficult) and Karmon
Don't know what I would do without them! 

Some of the food line... fruit, cupcakes, cheesecake, puffs, smore's... delicious!

cold drinks for all

I love this picture of Elliana--- The choices at the hot cocoa bar were so tempting!

Tiff printed off all of my belly pictures and strung them in order. Crazy to see the changes!!


The Vargo Side of the Family <3
Kerrigan, Jo, Mom (Carol), Wendy, Michelle(she counts as a Vargo), Alissa and Mia


Baby Shower Selfie :)

Creating their ABC blocks
Working Hard! I love these ladies and their support! 
Alaina, Julie, Nicole and Jenn

Shower Favors: mittens, gloves, scarves, headbands, wooly socks.... BUNDLE UP!

Baby's Bucket List: I will be making a large list on the chalkboard to work on completing all the tasks in the first year! <3

Block Work

The LHC Ladies working hard 
-Mom, Kerrigan, me and Wendy- 
Karmon, me and Stella (Kennedy had left for a birthday party)

Office Photo :)

I love Aunt Jamie! <3

Sisters- Tiffany, Stephanie, Me, Mother, and Christie :) 
 A picture for GG of all of her girls <3
Mia rockin' her new winter headband! :) Work it girl!

 I love my church ladies and the support and kindness they share. I am blessed to have joined them and to have them in my lives during this journey! <3 
-Elliana, Melissa, Kim, Joan, Me, Melissa, Heather, Yohonna & McKenna, Karmon & Stella-

 Grandmothers of Little Baby Edmonds
-Julie and Carol-

My cousin and best friend, Alissa (notice Mia was ready to leave... and pulling her arm)
The amazing host, Tiffany! It was amazing and thank you!

Thank you everyone who was able to come and shower little baby Edmonds with lots of love, belly rubs, and gifts. She is blessed and loved by so many. I appreciate all of your support throughout the pregnancy. :) She will be here before we know it.... so we better Bundle Up and Buckle Down to get ready for her arrival! <3


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  1. Amazing blog! The food photographs are making my mouth watery. It was lovely going through this blog. It is my baby shower as well next week in one of the Los Angeles event venues and I will try my best to share the pictures with you. Congratulations to you!