Thursday, January 2, 2014


Well... Welcome to 2014! The year of little baby Edmonds' BIRTH!
Mommy and baby got to sleep in until 9:30. That is 12 hours of amazing sleep. My body needed it!

We took the day pretty slow. I was excited that it was a new year. New beginnings. New babies. New roles. New household dynamics.

Check out these puppies and mommy and little lady. Daddy is surrounded by FOUR girls. Definitely outnumbered.
2014 snuggles

January 1st is also an important day because it is GP's birthday! GP is John's grandpa. This year.. he turned 97! So... we went over to visit him and GG to give them their Christmas gift, birthday gift, and catch up. They love to see a good baby bump.

*GG is always worried about how I have been feeling. She asked again.. I said I was doing good! She said "You only have 8 more weeks to go!" I replied, "I know! It is so close! I can't wait" She responds..."You are going to be HUGE!". Ouch. haha. I was feeling pretty good on my size... haha. <3*

We are blessed again by adding another family member to the Edmonds' clan. Tiffany and Peter (John's brother) are also expecting!! Their little one will be born in late June/early July. So exciting. GP is pulling for a boy!
Opening their maternity picture for Christmas. 

John showing them the nursery on the computer! They loved it! It was so fun to watch them ooh and aah about the details. Hard work pays off!

Happy 97th Birthday GP!

John gave GP an Olentangy baseball hat for his birthday. He loved it. I asked him if he wanted me to hold it while he walked back to his room.. he said, "No, I'll just wear it!" hehe.

GG and GP are so fun to visit. They are full of love, stories, and more love. I had GG feel little baby Edmonds. (Of course I couldn't get her to kick... classic). John showed them pictures on the computer of the nursery. They said it looked nice and even noticed their old table that we re-painted and used in the room. GP is really excited to meet this little lady. I can't wait to take her to see them. Have them hold her and love on her like they love on us! 97 years is a long time to live. I am so glad I got to meet him, and be part of his 97 years. He is an amazing man, full of insight, wisdom, and he has a funny wit to him.

When we got home, we opened up the car seat! John's parents and Aunt Mary Lou and Uncle Bob got us the car seat we have been waiting for! It is perfect. It looks great! I am so excited to use it!!! It looks awesome in the stroller frame too.
so sleek. so light. so safe.

This is the stroller we got online for $75 before we were even pregnant. I just loved the look of the frame and the convenience of it. It is a Maxi-Cosi Foray. It has a seat that snaps in when little baby Edmonds gets bigger and it will hold a large toddler. I think the seat we got looks perfect in it! I am beyond excited! It is so close! <3

Off to bed early. Back to nannying tomorrow. I have missed them. I can't wait to see them and hear all about their Christmas and play with all the new toys! I also can't wait to show Hudson the pictures we took for him of the gems at the museum!

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