Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Little Baby Edmonds' Bucket List 2014

Well...I love Pinterest. I got an idea to do a Bucket List by asking guests at the showers one thing they think we should do with little baby Edmonds BEFORE she turns one. I have had the idea to create a book on snapfish or shutterfly that has a page for each activity. Then, just upload the pictures and have it ready to go by her first birthday! It is definitely going to be an undertaking. I will also post a picture when she checks something off her Bucket List.

I finally sat down, went through the cards and compiled the list. John and I added a few as well.

Here is the board... and then here is the list. (I will try to keep up and scratch them out when we complete them--no promises)

-Little Baby Edmond's Bucket List 2014-
go to the park
mommy & me class
columbus zoo visit
pittsburgh zoo visit
read, read, read
ice cream at dairy queen
ride a carousel
shop at toys r us
go sled riding
take monthly pictures
visit another state
say "grandma"
feed the ducks
start a tradition
go for a walk
paint my nails
have a tea party
listen to music
get my handprints
rocking chair snuggles
get pictures with gg, gp, and papa
go on a date with daddy
get my ears pierced
go to church
have a picnic
go swimming
visit santa
watch baseball (go braves)
play dress-up

That is a list of 33. We can do it! I am determined. <3

Thank you to everyone who added to the list. I appreciate all the wonderful ideas and am excited for the adventures that are to come. :)

-Alexis (& John)-

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