Thursday, January 2, 2014


Happy New Year's Eve!
We started the day with a BIG breakfast made by dad and Barb. Yumm! Eggs, deer breakfast sausage, and my favorite... crepes with apple butter. (when we were in NYC, we ate granola bars for breakfast that we brought with us to alleviate cost) We enjoyed the wonderful breakfast... then realized we were already behind schedule for the drive home. Yikes. We packed up and headed out!

Special shout out to dad and Barb for letting us sleep at their house, providing us with food, snacks, and  a delicious breakfast. We appreciate it! <3

On our way home we decided to stop at our friend's new house. (Tiffany and Gary) Well... we put in their address and the route was completely different. We ran into some snow, slow drivers, and the strangest road (not really a highway, but not a town road) We finally made it to their house and it is amazing. I love how up to date and unique it is. The fireplace/built-ins are something I am very jealous of! Bailey (their Cane Corso--bought after Adi) was funny when she played with John. She psyched him out for sure! hehe. Go get him, B!

We had a few more stops before we got home. We dropped Courtney off to her boyfriend (thanks for meeting us, Ethan) then we headed to Alissa and Clayton's to gather our Christmas belongings in order to head home.

By the time we got home at around 8pm, we were so excited to see our puppy girls. They were excited to see us too! They are so great to come home to! It would be weird without them. Special shout out to Jamie for watching the puppy girls and taking great care of them! They love their Aunt Jamie... <3

Let the celebrating begin...


Nevermind. I would rather sleep. I was just in NYC. I don't need to watch it. So.. we were in bed by 9:30.

Goodnight 2013.

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