Thursday, January 2, 2014


Day Four brought a sense of exhaustion, relief, and sadness. We were going home. We checked out, checked our bags and headed (for the third attempt) to the Natural History Museum. We headed out early, so we got there and only had to wait in line for about 20 minutes.
*A few learning experiences: 1. You do not HAVE to pay the full $25 admission. It is a suggestion. We gave $10 each. You could even go for free if you want. (but you can't get advance tickets for a lower price) 2. They have a coat check. For $2.00, I was happy to rid myself of my hot coat in the crowded museum. 3. Map out a plan. We went in blindly, and had to sit down for lunch and figure out what we wanted to see.
Here are a few pictures from our visit.
The animals are amazing to see. I must say... we have many of these animals (alive) at the Columbus Zoo. It was funny to see people really excited about an Okapi.. and I have seen them... in person!

This is the Origami Tree that was a feature at the museum

Close up of the origami animals

We took a LOT of Gemstone/Mineral pictures for Hudson. He loves them and would never have left that room. 

With our (Hudson and I's) birthday gemstone, Amethyst. He loved the pictures!

Life-Size Blue Whale (and John)

Elephants on Parade

Courtney and Dum-Dum

So many bones... so little time. 

We left the museum exhausted. We were ready to head home. We checked the bus schedule and figured we could rush and get the 3:30 bus to Allentown. We got on the subway, headed to get our bags and then head to Port Authority Bus Terminal. Well.. it took about 25 minutes to get our bags... ugh... we now had to repeat our day one adventures and RUN to the terminal. Whew! We did so good the entire trip to make sure Courtney was always between us. Well... we both sprinted (and I exaggerate because I can't sprint preggo) and I turned around and didn't see her. Really? 5 minutes left in our trip and I lost her! Gesh! Then... she popped up around a food cart. haha. We ran to the bus terminal and got there with about 10 minutes to spare. We got on the bus, headed back. It was seamless. 

When we got back to Allentown to my dad and Barb's house, we were hungry. We all went out to a Brew House in Allentown. It had really good food and it was nice to sit and talk to dad and Barb about the trip. When we got back to the house... we all were exhausted. We went to bed. 

You wore us out NYC. Nice work!

bus ride home
Dinner at brew works with dad and barb in allentown


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