Thursday, January 2, 2014


The first day in NYC started with a bus ride from Allentown to NYC. We took the Beiber Bus Line and it only cost us $46.00 round trip. Definitely worth the money because we didn't have to drive into the city and/or park. Parking was $52.00 a day at the hotel. So... we took the bus.
Courtney was ready to go! Ticket in hand! 

Big smiles! We were ready to enjoy NYC before little baby Edmonds joins us!

Bus Terminal--seems legit.. hehe
Waiting to board the bus... the little room was packed. We got on... some did not. Whew!
Ready to be in NYC! (Court had to sit with some random kid... hehe)

 Just the Freedom Tower from New Jersey. We were headed into the Lincoln Tunnel. Check out the football field that is ON TOP of the Lincoln Tunnel! So cool!

Once our bus made it through the tunnel and into the Port Authority Bus Terminal, John was ready to rock and roll. He was hyped up! I was hyped, but not full of energy. So... needless to say... we RAN to the hotel. It was a few blocks. But a block in NYC can be pretty far. Poor Courtney had to keep up too. We got to the hotel, checked in (early), checked our bags, then headed out to explore a bit before we could get in our room. 
That is Johnny Speed Racer in the front bobbing and weaving to get to the hotel. Courtney stayed close. I struggled to keep up! haha. 

On our explorations, we came across Bryant Park! It was right by our hotel. How fun! It had an ice skating rink, a ton of little shops that looked like phone booths on steroids. They were full of eclectic items. Courtney and I were hungry. We had a delicious grilled cheese sandwich. (it was $8.00) It was good... but probably worth about $2.00 in ingredients. hehe. Worth it at the time. We headed back to the hotel, and we were sent to the 25th floor! It didn't have a view of the street, but it was a cool view of the surrounding buildings. The hotel was great. We were able to get a room with two double beds. (it was reserved for a king... dodged a bullet there). The decor was very modern and the room was comfortable. It did have a sliding door (barn door) for the bathroom. Needless to say... the entire room could hear your bathroom happenings. The shower was a bit strange in that it had a half wall of glass. So, when the shower was on, it potentially flooded the bathroom. So... you had to strategize your shower. hehe. 

After we unpacked, we decided we would just walk around and take in some sights! The hotel was a few blocks from Times Square. Perfect. We grabbed a subway and headed to Chelsea Market first to potentially grab some good dinner. Chelsea Market (and the rest of NYC) was jam packed. Everything had a huge wait. Chelsea Market was warm. Very warm. The food options were interesting, and the flea market was really cool. It had original designs from artists and designers. No maternity section. haha. Here are a few pics of the interesting architecture and art of Chelsea Market. 
!Courtney's First Subway Ride!

Just the elevator... so cool!

Christmas Decorations. Exposed Brick. Exposed vents/ceilings. Amazing. 

Meat Case.

Christmas tree made from paper! Potential project?

SO MANY LIGHTS! absolutely breathtaking :) 

Courtney and John by the archways. Not as cool up close, but amazing to see the amount of lights!

Outside Chelsea Market
We were starting to get hungry. So we headed to Times Square. We didn't find anything to eat in Times Square that didn't have a two hour wait. So we kept walking. We did get tickets and ride the ferris wheel in Toys 'R' Us. It was PACKED in Times Square (why would you ever take your child into Times Square in a stroller?) We rode the Ferris Wheel and then we kept walking. Funny Ferris Wheel Story: As we approached our turn to board the ferris wheel, the kind woman... said to me, "Because you are pregnant, you need to sit on your own side." OUCH!! John and Courtney thought it was funny. Me, not so much. 
Toys 'R' Us Ferris Wheel

John and Courtney SHARING a side!

Chillin' by my pregnant self... (well other than little baby Edmonds)

After we battled the crowds in Times Square, we decided to keep walking. So... we kept walking and ended up at Rockefeller Center! We got to see the ice skaters, the tree, the shops, and we finally found some food to eat! We ate at Potbelly. I was too hungry to try something new and adventurous. It was impossible to find a seat to eat at. But... I circled like a vulture and took a table as soon as someone stood up. haha. Pregnancy will make you focus and conquer! Here are a few pictures from the Rockefeller adventures. We were starting to wear down (rightfully so... we hadn't stopped walking, also known as chasing John through NYC)
Big Christmas Lights

Big Christmas Ornaments

Rocking the new coat and baby bump! 

Radio City Music Hall (I dreamt of being a Rockette. I am the right height, can dance, and can kick...)

Courtney at the base of the tree. (76 Stories High this year)

The Edmonds

So big and beautiful in person. Hard to even fathom how big it is by looking at the picture! 

By this point, we were EXHAUSTED. We didn't really have a grasp of which way was North and South yet, and we went into the nearest Subway to figure a way back to the hotel. It was about 9:00pm and we were all hurting. The soles of my feet were on FIRE (word to the wise.. don't only pack boots) Courtney's knee was hurting... and John has a back issue that causes pain in his legs, and it was kicking in. He was limping, Courtney was hanging in, and I was ready to just cut my feet off. So... we get on the subway, assume we are headed the right way... WRONG! So we get off, wait for the correct train and we wait... and wait... and wait. I almost LAID down on the nasty subway floor. (because the station we were in was under construction with no seating) After about 20 minutes of painful waiting, we almost gave up and then it came. The train came. Whew! We got off on 42nd Bryant Park and were SOOOOO happy when we came up from the train and our hotel was right across the street. What a relief. We went to the room, I sat in a warm bath to help my feet, then we went to sleep. It was a bit toasty that first night, but I tried to ignore it. (On a side note... I forgot my shorts to sleep in, pants were too hot, so I had to suck it up and sleep in my underwear. So strange for me. Sorry Courtney!) 

DAY two... you have a lot to prove. We accomplished a LOT in just a few 7 hours.

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