Thursday, January 2, 2014


Bring it on DAY TWO!

**I failed to mention that during Day One... John wore a hole in the butt of his pants! That is what he gets for RUNNING us through NYC for 7 solid hours... we need to shop for a new pair, ASAP**

So.. day two started with the agenda to start at the Empire State building. We headed that way and stopped at Macy's to check out the windows and of course go inside really quick. The windows were very fun this year with a lot of animation and a beautiful icy theme.
 Courtney with one of the windows!
 This window, if you stood where this kid is, and waived your hands.. the sky background changed and the snow blew around. It was really fun!
Cool decoration in Macy's

I really enjoyed this font. 

After our adventures in Macy's we headed toward the Empire State Building. After we saw that the line was about two ENTIRE blocks long... we just headed across the street and took pictures. 

Empire State of Mind

John found the Levi Store and went to find some jeans. We went straight to the clearance section and found a pair for $9.90. They fit! So... He went to check out and they were on sale even more! $4.95!! Score! (He is laughing in this picture because I said I was going to blog about him wearing a hole in his pants from walking too fast!)

After our Empire State Building fail, we headed North to see Natalie and Mike (& Lucy). Natalie has been my friend since kindergarten. She is in NYC for medical school and is almost done! I am so proud of all of her hard work and dedication. She is a friend I can always count on. I consider her family. And I consider her family my family. We got to Nat and Mike's apartment (I almost died walking the four flights of stairs--whew!) and the apartment was perfect. Had a cute upstairs with a living, dining, and kitchen and then you walk down a set of spiral stairs to the bed and bathroom. It was the definition of NYC apartment. After visiting for a few and catching my breath... we headed out to grab some brunch. That is what New Yorkers do... brunch.
With my favorite New York puppy... Lucy! 

After lunch with my best friend, Natalie. <3
We decided that even though Natalie lives across the street from the Natural History Museum, it was a beautiful day and we shouldn't spend it inside. So... slight change of plans... we headed to the South to Battery Park, the Statue of Liberty, and the World Trade Center Site. So to the train we went.

We got to Battery Park and I had to pee. Little baby Edmonds was on my bladder. Full force. I took one look at the bathroom and decided I could hold it. It was disgusting. The same as the Empire State Building, the line to get on the ferry to go to the island with the Statue of Liberty was at least a 3 hour wait. No thanks. So... we took pictures from afar. After we took pictures, we headed toward Freedom Tower and walked through Wall Street. (We saw the bull, but it was packed) *I finally asked someone, in a Duane Reade "Where do New Yorkers PEE?" She said in restaurants.* So... TGIFridays it was.
Courtney with Lady Liberty

Lady Liberty

It was a bit windy...

Freedom Tower viewed from Battery Park

Just being artsy. How cute is this old man and the seagull... Amazing. 

Courtney being artistic with the eagle and the Freedom Tower

This is just outside of the WTC site. This is Freedom Tower and the boxy building in front of it is the ground level of the museum that isn't open yet. I can't wait to go back to just see the museum. The new building itself is amazing. 

We knew we wanted to see the WTC site. The reverence and stillness of the area is still astounding. It was almost silent! The line was huge, and we knew we needed passes, so we decided to brave it the next day. We did see a cool video in the visitor center. Watch it below.

We had reservations at a restaurant that my step-sister made reservations for us on our honeymoon 5 years ago. We HAD to get back. We took a cab 5 years ago... this year... we decided we would try the subway. To our surprise, we made it there in record time... 2 hours before our reservation. Cafe Cluny is amazing and they have this salad that we have drooled about for our entire marriage. They were able to seat us immediately. So... we took advantage and enjoyed a frivolous, delicious, and indulgent meal. Courtney got a steak and fries. I got a burger and fries (and the infamous $14.00 salad) and John got the steak, fries, and salad too! It was so good. I could eat there daily. It was nice to reminisce a bit, and think about how far we have come in 5 years. After a delicious dinner, that I could only eat 3 bites of my burger... thank you baby, we headed back to the hotel to get to bed early. We are pros at the subway now... haha... and I decided that I would give my leftover burger to anyone who was in need of it. On the subway, a man asked for anything we could give. I gave him my burger, and he was really excited. I am glad. 
The infamous salad. (warm frisee, lardons, croutons, poached egg, and some sort of dressing) This was his goal in NYC! He was beyond excited to eat it! <3

<3 Five Years Later <3



We returned to the hotel... it was warm. (it was nice outside too...) We opened the windows, put the air on 60, and hoped it would cool down. No such luck. I finally woke John up at 11:30 and said that I was too hot and couldn't sleep. I felt like I was going to pass out. I couldn't regulate my body temperature. It was super frustrating, because I just wanted to sleep! John got cold washcloths and put them on me. It helped. I slept. (Courtney was passed out and didn't hear any of this! Impressive.) I am so glad he is so helpful... even after I wake him up from a deep sleep. I was a serious mess... I was at a loss and he helped. 5 years ago we celebrated our marriage in NYC, and this trip I knew that this was going to be the father to our little girl. He is going to be beyond amazing. We are blessed.

Day Three... I hope you can compete. My feet are still sore, but ready to ROCK!

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