Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Oh the Joys of Pregnancy...

Well.. this past week had some wonderful moments and a few.... not so wonderful.

I try not to complain about things because I know that pregnancy isn't always wonderful... but it is still a miracle and blessing. Thursday started an interesting 4 days. (if you get any way queasy or disgusted by medical things, stop reading!)

**After HOURS of research on the following topic and finding out it is pretty rare and hard to find information about, I decided to share my experience. Feel free to skip over.**

On Thursday I got a strange bump (pea size) in my private area. Well... it wasn't painful, so I called Natalie... my friend in medical school. She said to take a warm bath. (check!) Well, Friday came and it was worse. It was bigger. It was starting to hurt. lovely. (I was not amused and very annoyed!) So.. I called the OBGYN. She called and said the earliest she could get me in was Tuesday. Well... I was already scheduled to be there Tuesday, so I just had to suck it up in a sense. She told me two Sitz baths a day. 20 minutes each. She said it was probably a glad or duct that was clogged. (gross) Saturday came around and it was officially PAINFUL and the size of a grape. It was red, but no 'head' on it. ((The doctor said it would get a head like a zit and probably pop... double disgusting!)) So... I sucked it up. It had kept me up all Friday night and I got about 3 hours of sleep. (google at 2am can scare the crap out of you. I figured out it was a Skene gland that was abscessed and the doctor was going to have to cut it out and pack it with gauze. I started weeping in fear. John re-assured me I would be ok. Whew!)  I was in trouble. Sunday rolled around and it was excruciating. I even stopped at Walgreens on the WAY to church and bought Dermoplast in hopes it would help numb the pain. People at church were concerned... I think they thought I was literally giving birth. I had to walk funny and it was hard to sit. So painful. After church, we headed home and I took a long nap. I was running on 6-7 hours sleep for two days. I slept for a while, woke up and am excited to share that it popped! I peed, saw a little bit of blood (sorry, gross again), double checked where the blood was coming from and started jumping up and down because the pain was GONE! As if it were magic. Completely gone. It was so strange how quickly it was pain free. I continued with my Sitz baths and talked to the doctor about it on Tuesday.

Moving along...
Saturday I got to have lunch with my friends, Michelle and Courtney. It is just nice to sit down, get served food (that you don't have to cook or clean up) and talk. While we were hanging out, John went shopping for some deals at Dick's. He got his car cleaned and then, when he picked me back up... we headed to a few stores to get a few little things, take some things back, etc. Michelle joined us at Hobby Lobby. I found the PERFECT fabric for little baby Edmonds' tent. I can't wait to get it and use it in her newborn pictures! I found her Easter basket too! I am excited to decorate and celebrate holidays with her. It is going to be so fun to start new traditions and share the ones we have already started. When we got home, John brought in all the goods, and he 'hid' a GELSHINE kit in the Easter basket. WHOA!!! I was so excited. I have wanted it for a while and he snuck to Sephora and got it for me. He told me he has been saving all his tutoring money so he could get it for me. :) What a blessing he is. He said it was a "birthday, Valentine's day, and 'thank you for carrying our baby'" gift! Woo Hoo! I was a little skeptical because I am new to having nails. Alissa did a gel manicure on me before my first baby shower, but now I can do it myself. I followed the directions and new the importance of making sure to keep it off the side skin (because it creates a 'flap' that will peel off). I worked hard! haha. Super focused and I may have had a flashlight in my mouth so I could see better. Don't judge! They turned out great... even my off hand. It was easy to do... and I think it will get easier the more I practice!

I was super excited for church on Sunday because it was the new rotation for the older group of kids met with me to talk about the previous week's sermon and service projects! It was so nice to hear their ideas for service projects and how they want to help those around us. It is a small group of 3 girls, but they are determined and energetic. Makes it easy.

MLK Jr. Day came around and it was a pretty low key day with all the kids. They didn't fight, were relaxed and Karmon took them to Lazer Craze for some fun while Stella napped. John came over and Stella woke up a little bit later... well, sort of. She fell back asleep when her best friend John got her out of bed. <3 sweet girl. They both fell asleep on the couch... but I couldn't get a good picture.
disregard the creepy smile. haha. (and Yes, she dressed herself)

Yesterday, I had my doctor's appointment. I was kind of nervous because of two reasons: 1. The whole gland thing/still scared of cutting it out. 2. First internal check for little baby Edmonds. The day was very low key because everyone was at school except Stella. She was worn out for some reason... and may have fallen asleep in her high chair eating her lunch. I woke her up, sent her to the potty, and then into her bed. I patted her back for about 3 minutes and she was back asleep. The big girl bed is a HIT!

So.. doctor's appointment. I went in with a new insurance card. I had to call and fill out the paperwork again for the OBGYN office in case of any changes. So... I am on the phone and get called back. Ooops. Sorry sweet nurse who I like so much. She let me finish the call and sent me to the bathroom to give my sample. Then the scale. I have gained another 1.5 lbs. Not bad at all! I am up to 22.5 lbs. total. She then took me to the room, and asked if I had anything specific. I told her about the issue and how I wanted the doctor to check it. And... mentioned how she said she was going to do my internal/StrepB test too. So... that is what went down! For the record, the stupid paper blanket they give you is a WASTE. I mean... I tear it every stinking time. And... really, what is it covering? You are going to look in my business... so I am covering my legs? pointless. She and I talked about the gland issue, I told her I googled it and think it was the Skene gland. She said that seemed accurate. On to the good stuff.... She checked it all out and it was COMPLETELY gone! I was really excited to know that it has healed and there isn't anything left. Then it was time to do the internal exam. I was a bit nervous that it was going to start my labor... as I have heard stories. So... she does her thing... and she immediately says loudly... "WHOA, her head is really low!" I was not expecting that reaction. I knew she was low because of the 3D ultrasound, but her reaction blew my mind. She said there is nothing else going on down there. So no dilation and no effacement. We talked about her potential size and scheduled an extra ultrasound for Monday to check to see how big this little one is so far. I can't wait to see her again! 

As for the check up, it wasn't too uncomfortable. I think I was just more in shock of the reaction from the doctor. It was interesting how baby reacted. When she was checking me, little lady was kicking me SO hard. She continued all night, and I really feel like she is frustrated with her lack of room. She kicks me so hard in the right rib. Yeesh. I can't complain. I still love to feel it. It is fun to watch my belly move. 

At this point, this little girl could join our family at any point. We are 95% ready. Still need to pack that hospital bag... ooops. I did get the paper from the doctor about what to do when labor starts with her number. The opening line, "Congratulations, you are 35 weeks pregnant!" (She is allowed to stay until 40... trust me). ((I would also not be opposed to a March baby---spread out the birthdays a bit))

I will post pictures on Monday of the Ultrasound of little baby Edmonds. I am excited to see what the doctor has to say about her current size. :) 


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