Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Polar Vortex is Pregnancy's Best Friend!

This past week has proven to be cold. Colder than normal for sure. This baby is bound to be born in the freezing cold and snow. It is ok. I have embraced it. I am constantly warm. Not blazing hot, but warm. I am not one who needs to wear excessive clothes and I still can't wear socks.

After the new year, I returned backed to nannying! It was nice to get started back into somewhat of a routine. The excitement form Christmas hadn't worn off. It was so much fun to see and play with all the fun gifts! Hudson was beyond excited about his arrowhead necklaces. I wasn't feeling very good that day. So... when I got home, I rested and just relaxed for the rest of the night.

I was feeling much better on Friday and boy was it cold! It snowed a bit and we all decided to stay inside. John joined me for the day to play and hang out. Stella learned to take a selfie on John's phone. Well.. once she learned, she took about 200 pictures on his phone. They are beyond hilarious! After work that day, we rushed home, cleaned up the house and then headed to meet Alissa and Mia at the mall for a little dinner and we quickly walked around the mall for a few minutes before we headed back to the Dorsey house to watch the OSU game. Well.. lets just say that Janie and Jack is an amazing store. The clothes that they have are so adorable! I wanted to buy the whole store... too poor of course. hehe.

The game. Oh the game. OSU didn't look very good. But... it was still an interesting game to watch. Stella and Mia played with babies and Mia and Kennedy played with the kitchen set. During halftime... Alex, Karmon, and John did a few pushups. I watched as the kids joined in. I thought I got a picture and I can't find it! If I do, I will be sure to post because it was fun to watch them all try push-ups, planks, etc. We got home LATE! The game didn't end until after midnight. I waited until John got home and then went to bed. I was glad I got to sleep in the next day before my shower!!

The next morning, sleeping is is just what we did. We slept until about 9 and then started to get ready for the day. Alissa and I went to Culver's for lunch. It was her first time. We both enjoyed cheese curds. Yumm. I recommend them to anyone reading. Mia made friends with a couple that was sitting near to us. She ate an entire corn dog! I have never seen her eat so much. haha. After lunch it was SHOWER time! Tiffany (my sister-in-law) did an amazing job! It was perfect. The theme was "Bundle Up Baby". I will post pictures of the amazing work in another post. Shout to Karmon, too, for the location! <3
The One and Only- Tiffany!

Well... I have been so patient about not shopping for things until after my second baby shower. I was BEYOND excited to take all the money and gift cards from the shower and buy all the rest of the things we still needed! So, when we got home from the shower, we checked all of the registries, made a master list, gathered our coupons, and headed out! We started at Buy Buy Baby at Easton and got our monitor, the base for the carseat for John's car, and a few more small odds and ends. Then... it was off to Babies R Us at Polaris. When you 'close out' a registry you get 15% off anything left on your registry. Well, John and I had an idea of what we had left because we had made a list. So... we get it all in the cart, head to the front and she says we need to have an EXACT match. So... we had to go back through the entire store and find the EXACT matches. So annoying. We did. We ended up getting a lot of little random things that we hadn't gotten yet. Bottle Brush. Mattress cover. Sheets. Stroller Organizer. Swaddle Blankets. Let's just say... it all adds up. Whew. We got in the car and John was in complete shock at how much we had spent in the past two stores. He was starting to panic. I, on the other hand, was not phased by the spending because I know it was things we NEEDED and we were using gifts of money given to us for the exact reason. It took a bit of talking into, but we did go to Target too! I wanted to get it all done. haha. That is how my brain works. My mom got us a changing pad (double at the shower) so we took it back and got the Diaper Genie. Thanks mom! We tried to find a good fan for the nursery at Target, but it wasn't there. We did get the mattress. That was a big weight lifted off of my shoulders. It really completes the room. (sounds dumb, but made it pretty real) As John and I were walking through the aisles looking at clearance Christmas decor, random food aisles, the mattress was a pretty big hinderance. He couldn't see very well... and BAM!!!! John ran right into one of the poles that are randomly placed in the middle of an aisle. Holy Crap! I literally almost peed my pants! It was hilarious. We immediately decided we were done. We checked out, and headed home. Whew! We unloaded at home... and then I, of course, was ready to unwrap, unpack, etc. It was like a ton of birthday gifts at once! So... we did. We got a lot of enjoyment of playing with the monitor and seeing how well it worked. I am impressed! We figured we should finally go to sleep... another late night. 

Sunday was a nice day that started with returning to church. So glad I got to see everyone and the kids program is off to a great start this past weekend. I am working hard to get it all organized, printed, and ready to go for all the amazing volunteer teachers. It is my next goal of completion.... After church, I literally came home, went upstairs, put on sweatpants, and CRASHED. I slept for four solid hours. It was awesome. 

Monday was supposed to be the first day back to school. Well... a polar vortex (haha) decided to hit Ohio and the temperatures were so low (negative 30 windchill) school was cancelled. Benefit of being married to a teacher, he came to help. He brought board games to play. Hilarious. We played chicken foot (dominoes), Chairs (a stacking game) and Sorry! 
Sorry! is a funny game to watch kids figure out. No one likes to lose...especially to your siblings. The entire game John kept saying, "This is a game of crushing people, no whining or crying!" There was a bit a whining, and the game never got completed, but it was fun to watch unfold. 

After work, we headed to get our first glimpse of Little Baby Edmonds. We were blessed by the Dorsey family with a 3D ultrasound. We went to Ultrasona (in the negative 34 wind chill). It was an amazing experience to see her face. I wrote another post with pictures and a video. Check it out! She is very cheeky already. ;) 

Today, no school again. We worked on a few things of homework. Played games again. Relaxed. And headed to the doctor after work. I took the pictures and information from the ultrasound to give the doctor a heads up. Well.. she didn't seem to believe that the baby is really 19 inches long. She did, however, have the same reaction as the nurse when we showed them the pictures... "WOW, look at those CHEEKS!" She then said that next appointment she gets to check my current cervix situation and then the next appointment she will do another ultrasound to double check this baby's weight and size. So... we will know in about 3 weeks. 

On a side note: I am doing a GREAT job on weight gain and I am really proud of myself. Then, we went to the store, and I bought "Lemon Doodle" a frozen lemon yogurt with snickerdoodle pieces and a cheesecake swirl. hehe. :)

Stay warm and indulge in a bit of ice cream! 


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